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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. KmanChu
    Bummer man...
  2. musicman59
    He was my favorite comedian of all times. Always admired the speed of his mind. 
  3. Wildcatsare1
    RIP Robin Williams, hopefully he is finally at peace.
  4. mrspeakers Contributor

    I went to the same high school he did about 10 years after he did.... Rumor had it he used to walk around with a briefcase chained to his wrist.
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  5. Lohb
    Would the Mad Dog Pro be better if you want more of a bass slanted can vs Alpha or can the Alpha deliver equally deep bass without bleeding in the mids ? I love the look of the AD cans, but sound sig first obviously.
  6. wahsmoh

    You answered it :)
  7. torta
    What about genres like reggae and hip-hop ... With bass port boosted? I quite enjoy this with fidelio X1 - what about AD?
  8. HarleyZH
    ZMF x Vibro [​IMG]
    The Philips X1 has more bass than even a ported Alpha Dog - but the Alpha Dog is tighter and better controlled/extends deeper. The philips is more of a fun can while the Alpha sound signature is more neutral/serious business. 
  9. Lohb
    Yes, there are extreme bass canon threads on this site (JVC etc), just looking for quality textured bass and lush mids.... treble there, but not grating/etched to add to the mini-collection.
  10. wahsmoh

    You have quite a collection there :)
  11. HarleyZH
    Always good to have a bit of variety around if you can afford it [​IMG]
    The Vibro is not a bass cannon. The Vibro is similar to the Alpha Dog - except made with wood, utilises the same 50rp driver and is lusher with slightly more bass and is a bit darker than the Alpha. I recommended it as an alternative to the Mad Dog Pro, worth looking at in case. They are just as good as the Alpha Dogs overall.
  12. reddog
    Yes may he find peace for his troubled soul.
  13. wahsmoh
    Nice, I always thought the ZMF x Vibro would be a different flavor but in the same ballpark. I would like to test one out next to the Alpha Dogs. Of course you can do that anytime you want to :]
  14. hans030390
    To an earlier question about glasses and the AD, I did not get a good seal or fit wearing glasses, and it was not very comfortable to begin with. This will vary from person to person and depend on what sort of glasses you wear. I don't doubt most others are fine, but there's a chance you won't be like me. (Oh noes, gotta take off my glasses! Woe is me.)
    You can always adjust the amount of bass via the port screw.
    My AD has noticeably more bass below 100Hz than my MD3.2 does. I can't speak for the MD Pro, though Tyll's latest measurements indicate the AD still has more bass below 100Hz, IIRC. I don't have publicly posted, updated measurements with my fixed AD or updated compensation curve, but it's definitely elevated quite a bit below 100Hz (perhaps upwards of 10dB or so, 5dB at least, I believe). I might need to adjust the venting amount.
    (BTW, Dan, channel balance is noticeably better after you took a look. Thanks! However, the treble response seems to have become less even now according to subjective tests and my measurements, though this is something I will need to investigate further before saying that definitively. Will report back...most likely an error on my part or something I'm forgetting, so not worth worrying about or anything.)
    I recently got to test out a B-stock ZMF x Vibro. Of course, bass amount varies on the port/venting configuration (I liked them best with one port open), but I found it to generally have a bit less or, at worst, no more bass than my AD (which, perhaps, may be more heavy on the bass than what other people receive, though it is in line with the tour unit I tested). Also take into consideration that Zach has since changed some tuning configurations on these headphones after receiving feedback from myself and others. The pair I tested had a large 10KHz spike but was relatively even in the response other than that, though a bit less even (still fairly neutral) in the mids and treble than the AD. I put some 2-ply toilet paper in front of the driver (seriously) and slipped some semi-thick open-cell foam under the pads (while they were on, so think of it as an insert), and this made a dramatic difference. With this particular headphone and these particular tweaks, what I heard subjectively and what I measured on my setup provided for an arguably more natural sounding headphone than the AD, albeit a touch warmer (despite less bass) and more lush, very slightly, than the AD. I thought the ZMF had better overall tonality and a more cohesive sound than the AD like this. It also sounded cleaner throughout the spectrum and had lower measured levels of harmonic distortion. Both are fairly neutral in the end.
    Zach will eventually send me a new, production ZMF x Vibro to test out, probably within a couple weeks, and I plan on doing a full comparison of the two, including an objective analysis with measurements (lengthy subjective tests always come first!).
  15. M-13
    That's pretty interesting stuff.
    You should do a Robin Williams Limited Ed. of the Alpha Dogs. [​IMG]
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