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Nov 8, 2017
Mar 14, 2008
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Attorney (employment law and commercial litigation)

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Headphoneus Supremus

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Nov 8, 2017
  • About

    Attorney (employment law and commercial litigation)
    My family, computers and related gadgetry, food, espresso, DIY, gaming and fiction
    Headphone Inventory:
    -Sennheiser HD800 (reterminated to 4pin xlr with Neutrik NC4MXX)
    -Fostex TH-X00
    -Sennheiser HD650
    -Audio Technica ATH-ES10
    -Westone 4
    -Beyerdynamic DT 880 (250 ohm) (reterminated with Neutrik NP3X-B)
    -Sennheiser IE8
    -Martin Logan Mikros 90
    -Fostex T50RP (diymods)
    -Koss KSC75

    -Alpha Dogs
    -Etymotic Er-6i
    -Yuin PK3
    -NuForce NE7M
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    -diy Bottlehead Mainline (with RTI teflon coupling caps)
    -diy Wire Se Se
    -Rawson Firstwatt F3 Clone
    -diy Bottlehead Crack (with Maxhawk bias selector board, Speedball, TKD 2511 pot, 100uf Obbligato coupling caps, Choke, 2.2uf Axon bypass cap, and running an Amperex e80cc PQ and GEC 6as7g)
    -diy O2 with AGDR booster board (v.3.0) and dual LME49990 adaptor in gain stage.
    -diy Mini^3

    -Woo Audio WA3 (running 2x Amperex 7308 PQ's and Tung Sol 5998/7236)
    Source Inventory:
    -Keces 131 DAC
    -Pico DAC
    -Arcam DV78
    -Blue Circle Thingee
    -Xmos Asynch USB converter w/ PSU
    -iPad4 -> CCK
    -iPhone 6+ -> CCK
    -Topping tp30 with Pyramid PS
    -Synology ds211j
    -Fire TV/Apple TV
    Cable Inventory:
    -Various diy'd cables/interconnects
    -Venus Audio (Cardas) Hd800 4pin XLR
    -Bottlehead Power Cable
    -BJC-LC1 stereo audio
    -Belden 1505F high flex digital coax
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman PST8D
    Belkin PF60
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Omega Super 7 MK2 Monitors (driven by F3 clone)
    Klipsch Legend KLF-20's (diy modded with Crites x-overs and ti tweeters)
    Marantz SR6003
    Wharfedale PI-10's
    Klipsch KLF-C5
    Martin Logan Encore TL
    Music Preferences:
    Folk, Indie, Choral/Classical, HipHop, Bluegrass, Jazz, Pop, Blues
    Canon 5d mkii; Rancilio Silva; Mazzer Mini
    My archived feedback: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/317533/skeptic


    Yggy -> Bottlehead Mainline (with RTI teflon caps) -> HD800 (with resonator and cork mods), among other gear
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