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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Revealed! - The World's First Production 3D-Printed Headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Aug 9, 2013.
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  1. torta

    Hm, that sounds fine to me. The only thing is the price ... I guess you pay a lot to get good sound with good isolation.
  2. reddog
    Hello hope everyone is doing great, my uncle just surprised me and gave me a set of gold lion tubes for my Schiit Audio Lyr 2. I had recently introduced him to the fantastic world or personal audio, and he showed his appreciation by giving me the tubes. The gold lion's are simply fantastic. The tubes help make the bass in my alpha dogs seem more pronounced. The sound stage seems to have more refined depth as well as transparent. For instance Led Zepplin's "Brom-Y-Aur-Stomp" and Frank Zappa's Sofa #2, the bass seems more pronounced and the overall sound seems richer, with a bit more texture. The istruments and their placement upon the soundstage seem more holographic. The overall sound out of the alpha dogs seemed so detailed, so rich in texture and tone it sent chills down my back. I have not enjoyed music so much, sence I was jumped by hooligans, when I was a kid.. I feel the gold lions help compliment the amazing synergy of the Lyr2 and the Alpha Dogs. I hope this Christmas, I will have enough cash to get the the telefunken E88CC tubes.
    Thanks for your time
    Andrew "Reddog" Jones
  3. swspiers
    Reddog, I take it you like the Alpha's...
  4. reddog
    yes I liked the alpha dogs with the stock tubes but with the gold lions, I absolutely love my alpha dogs now.
  5. swspiers

    I'm a total solid state guy, using a Burson Soloist.  The Alpha's are pretty much an endgame for me at this point.  Every time I feel like getting something new or different, about 10 minutes with them pretty much ends that thought.  Gives me time to focus on music!
  6. reddog
    I hope to get schiit audio's Mjolnir or the Ragnarok, early next, I think tubes are cool but solid state is better. With a good s.s. amp ,I need not worry about the expense of tubes, and all I need do is kick back and enjoy the alpha dogs.
  7. Mullet
    Reddog - You might already be aware, but the LYR is a hybrid amp so it has a bit of SS circuitry going on. Typically the tubes provide the voltage gain and the SS circuitry provides the current gain. It's not like a typical OTL (output transformer-less) based tube amp. There are also tube amps that have output transformers that do well with lower impedance headphones like the ADs. I own a variety of amps both SS and hybrid and soon a 6DJ8 based amp with output transformers. They all have their pluses and minuses, but I wouldn't call one better over the other... just different. In general, I prefer a hybrid amp because you can shape the sound a bit. You can have a SS sound based on the tube. With SS you get what you get. So I'd rather have a transparent SS amp that doesn't color the sound at all. Then it comes down to your DAC or source.
  8. reddog
    Thanks, I knew the lyr was a hybrid and I love the sound. I would like to get a true solid state amp so I need not worry about the tubes being tampered with by my pesky cat. Also I will get the telefunken tubes sometime, because so many people say they really make the lyr sound great.
  9. DaemonSire
    Reddog, you may want to check out the new Garage1217 Polaris SS amp.  Garage1217 has a series of hybrid tube amps (Ember, Sunlight, Horizon, Starlight) and the Polaris is their first SS.  The flexibility that you get from their amps is like nothing else out there - you can change output impedance, gain, plus a number of other things.
    The Polaris is still in pre-order I think so you should start to see reviews coming in soon.  But the rest of their other amps get pretty rave reviews around here.  Jeremy is an amazing guy to deal with too.
    Personally, if I was shopping for a SS amp, this would be on my short list.
  10. reddog
    Thank for the advice, I shall add the Polaris to my short list of possible SS amps. And yes the garage does produce some great stuff and if my wallet was thicker, I would like to give other great amps / dacs a home. Er this hobby is truly great but it be rough on the wallet lol. But who needs a life as long as one can get caught up.in the moment with a good audiophile rig.
  11. Kamakahah
    Plus, you can save a few bucks if you don't mind soldering the kits they offer.
    I was pretty set on an Ember but the kit price for the Polaris with its features is going to take some serious willpower to pass up. If it lives up to the rest of their products, like I'm sure it will, it'll be hard to beat.
  12. torta
    Is there any obvious sibilance with AD? I am trying to get a feel for sound signature, and I have read some impression that it is very bright headphone? I have fidelio X1 for reference and have listened to Hifiman 400 not long ago.
  13. reddog
    I have not found my alpha dogs to be sibilant or to be overly bright. Although if a person does find the AD's to be sibilant, then one can put dogy treats ( felt pads) into the cups to stop it.
  14. torta

    Hm, thanks. How much difference dots and felt pads make? Is it obvious or just subtle. I am rather crude audiophile ... I don't hear any difference in cables.
  15. tehsprayer
    I am the same way, I noticed VERY little differences.
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