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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. andrewwardell
    I've just had a pack of turn JLab Cloudfoams turn up. The smallest tips are smaller than the stock ones and the fit is excellent for me, going for the bigger ones ruins the fit but the smallest pair still allow for deep insertion and preserve most of not all of what I'm hearing with the Spiral Dots.

    They might be worth your consideration .
  2. srnaidu
    A bit of noob here...

    I'm curious if anybody has experience with pairing the Massdrop Plus with the FIIO X5iii? How's the sound? Does it have that notorious background hiss?
  3. mwillis
    Since the X5iii has an output impedance of <1Ω you should not noticed much background hiss, if any. It seems like that's the sweet spot for these IEMs, although it's hard to say for sure since I've used them with a source with an output impedance of <1.1Ω (FiiO E17K) and noticed a very faint but easily-noticeable hiss, so your mileage may vary.
  4. kukkurovaca
    Yeah, low output impedance does not necessarily mean no hiss, and the Plus definitely like to pick up hiss if there is any. Dunno about the case of the X5iii though.
  5. 36aMAN
    Hey guys, i like the sound out of my hd6xx how does the Massdrop plus compare to my HD6XX in terms of sound signature?
  6. -rowan-
    Not answering your question directly but if it helps anyone at all, I'd just like to say that it's pretty quiet with the X3ii. Only the faintest hiss, and only if you're actually listening out for it.
  7. damart81
    Definitely a hiss on my MBP, what is everyone's experience with the IEMatch?
  8. kukkurovaca
    IEMatch works great both for hiss andd for impedance issues, but I wish it was a sturdier product. Should be fine for use with a laptop, but use care if it's going to be plugged into something in your pocket.
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  9. andrewwardell
    I agree with kukkurovaca, it would be nice if it were better built. Plus I found it wouldn’t plug securely into my V20, which is my daily driver for music, so I kiiinda needed it to work there. I’ve managed to get along without it on the phone (remembered the attenuation settings and turned them on) but I still recommend the IEMatch for computers or mixers (the other two types of device I usually plug into).
  10. casper3127
    From my experience, a total MUST if you want to use your MD+ with a smartphone with a -so to say- not a very low ZOut and definitely a step ahead when using iems (including my other iems the DK3001s) with an iDAC. The only negative point is that depending what kind of attenuation you're on to, you might need a powerful smartphone no to be limited with the volume it's capable to give off.
    The iEMatch, together with my two pairs of iems and the iDAC//iUSB Power, has been a clear improvement, making the lower frequencies sound tighter, more controlled, cleaner. Even the Dunus (great sounding iems) have improved their sound signature when plugged to a rather big/stationary equipment.
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  11. damart81
    Good to know, looks like I am going to have to try it out. Are your volume levels normal? I don't have to turn it up too high at all on my phone (iPhone x).
  12. andrewwardell
    I thought Apple’s supplied Lightning adapter had a pretty low output impedance to begin with, I think the IEMatch would only serve to widen the dynamic range there. I use my MD+ with an iPad Air 2, without the IEMatch in line I can only turn it up to 4/16 before the volume is too loud, with the IEMatch on ‘High’ that goes up to ~8/16 and when I set it to ‘Ultra’ I can push the iPad up to 12/16. That’s using the built-in headphone jack, though.

    Another avenue you could look down is Null Audio’s Capri DAC cable, they do lightning to 2-pin if you don’t mind sacrificing the ability to use the Plus with anything else:)
  13. casper3127
    Our volumen levels are definitely normal since the EU "cares" that all electronic devices sold in Europe, have their volume tops límited. On my Xiaomi Mi Max 2, I have to crank it up to the límit through the iEMatch to have, let's say, around 85dB. Worth the addition though having the iEMatch with me.

    Hope It helps...
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  14. Focux
    Opus 1S good with this? my MD+ is enroute :)
  15. greekgroover
    So I have been following this thread for quite some time and I finally have something to share :)


    As I found no information regarding this and it might be useful to others, it took them 3 weeks to reach Austria and I payed 53€ import tax/VAT and 10€ because the postal service took them to customs.

    I really love the sound so far and I feel my ears still need some time to get used to them but they fit much better than my old fenders. One additional piece of advice, as you can see in the picture I ordered the VE SPC cable with the L-shaped connectors and the have the groove on the wrong side - so left right is wrong.

    I will try to create a new groove on the other side of the connector over the weekend. If someone is interested let me know and I will update you.
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2018
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