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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. illusaen
    I put JVC Spiral Dots (MS) on these and a Null Audio Brevity cable. However, I'm feeling like the cable has made the soundstage sound more closed off (basically, like just another pair of earphones while the stock cable sounded more 'echo-y', like at a concert). Is there anything I can do to change this/what am I doing wrong?
  2. kukkurovaca
    I've noticed some differences in soundstage with different sources and with using the IEMatch, so it may be that this is being partly affected by impedance. If the Null Audio cable happens to have a higher impedance than the stock cable, that could account for it. if that's the case, you'd probably need to try another cable.

    However, you would want to make sure you're doing an apples to apples comparison first. I.e., if you changed tips at the same time you changed cables, it could very easily be a difference in the tips that you're hearing rather than the cable. Ditto for any changes in what source you're using or what you're listening to, etc.
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  3. manukmanohar
    So, me and a couple of friends, had a small meet-up. The main focus was to try out the different IEM's, we had between ourselves: Massdrop Plus, Nicehck Hk6, Magaosi X3, KR06-06, CA Andromeda, Tinaudio T2, Magaosi K5, Rose BR5.

    I'll try to summarize what was the general consensus/my impressions (there were 3 of us), amongst the mid-fi IEMs, as that could be of interest to others in this thread (I hope this is not offtopic, as it would help others make a decision).

    Amongst the mid-range IEM's, Massdrop Plus impressed the most . Again, keep in mind that, with LG v20 which had a high OI, it was reported to be very bassy. But switching to GO2A/Earstudio ES100, made it overall the best sounding-IEM. Rose BR5, was very good, and had very good extension both in treble and bass, had bigger soundstage, and aggressive mids (which only I amongst the 3 found to result in grating vocals, leading to a bit artificiality in sound for me.) But again, others didn't have this observation. Rose BR5 served up lots of micro-details, but overall massdrop plus had a more cohesive sound. Although the soundstage width was not much, compared to HK6 or Rose BR5, it had surprisingly good depth. This coupled with the warmth in mids, plus good sub-bass made it the most preferred IEM amongst the 3 of us. (although one still preferred BR5 over Massdrop plus overall)

    Nicehck HK6 was reported to be pretty good. (I have complete 400+ hours burn in, by now, not sure if it has made a difference; I have got ML Spiral dots which fit me perfectly which has made a difference). Good vocal reproduction, and bass (in some tracks, the mid-bass still was a bit too much), very good soundstage, but lacking in extension a bit, was the comment. Overall, between HK6 and X3, it was a mixed opinion. The general consensus was that Magaosi X3 and K5 are quite similar. X3 had better extension in bass (making it slightly dark sounding, coupled with the smooth treble w/ rolloff, and more bass impact, while K5's lack of bass extension made the mids more prominent. However X3 definitely was faster as well.
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  4. mwillis
    Just received these a few weeks ago and need a little help in figuring out how best to drive them. Thus far I've been using a Fiio E17K with a source of both a laptop and phone with decent results, but I do get some very faint buzzing in the background through this. I ordered a Shanling M0 DAP today and also have a Topping NX4 DSD coming in as well to try with my laptop and Galaxy Note 8 and will most likely be returning whichever I don't prefer. Is there anything else I'd be better off trying? Is a DAP at this price point going to provide the same quality as my Note 8 would running through a DAC/amp combo? I'll be waiting at least a week or two for any of this to come in so I'm feeling a bit antsy, I just want a solid solution to enjoy these to their fullest while out and about as well as at home through my laptop.
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  5. Colors
    Cayin N5ii (DAP) + Massdrop Plus + stock or Ares II cable both sound amazing :)

    Nice weighty, warm and clear lows, clear (non-recessed) vocals and a bit of a tamed treble for a warm neutral kind of sound.
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2018
  6. kukkurovaca
    If you want to increase compatibility with a range of sources, as well as to deal with buzz/hiss issues, you could try the iFi IEMatch. Should help both with impedance issues and hiss. I've been using the Plus quite a bit lately with a 2.5mm IEMatch and Walnut F1. (Which is an amp that, unmodified, you would not normally want to use with sensitive IEMs.)
  7. andrewwardell
    I can vouch for the IEMatch too, it takes all the hiss out of my LG V20's headphone jack. Only catch in my situation is that the IEMatch doesn't securely connect to the V20. All the other IEMs I use connect with a solid, reassuring click where the IEMatch does not. I will be trying the EarBuddy to see if it solves that particular problem, but I can definitely vouch for the IEMatch solving all the problems it aims to solve.
  8. andrewwardell
    My MS Spiral Dots turned up! The fit is pretty-much perfect, but they still exhibit the same issue I usually have with silicon tips, a knocking sound in my left ear whenever my left foot hits the ground while walking, so I took the foam out of a small pair of Kombi tips and smooshed that into the Spiral dot. Problem solved!

    SQ is largely similar to the stock silicons, I can't say for sure if the dots are doing what they are advertised as doing but this setup is pretty decent!

    I have Jlab cloud foams coming (thought I'd give them a shot, plus waifu also needed some spare foamies) so I'll give those a try when they turn up.
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  9. kukkurovaca
    This is a good point. I find the IEMatch connects solidly with some things, but not others. it's particularly loose on my Onkyo DP-S1. I tried putting a little dual-lock on there (since there's already some on the DP-S1), but the limited surface area and the fact that it's curved limit the usefulness. (Regular velcro would probably do better in this application.)
  10. mwillis
    That sounds promising... I'm sure the <0.4Ω output impedance rating keeps the blacks pitch black? No doubt that it would but figured I'd ask since you have been enjoying the combo firsthand, getting rid of that ever-so-faint hissing is my priority #1 :)

    I also opted for the Null Audio Brevity cable and have been digging that so far. Now if I could just get rid of that damn hissing...
  11. shutterbox
    I now have the EDC3.
    What kinds of improvements can be heard when comparing it against the MD+?
  12. andrewwardell
    Something else I’ve discovered while using these with the V20, which will apply to any other LG phone with the Quad DAC onboard is that using those left and right volume attenuation knobs in the phone settings does actually decrease the volume (and by extension the noise floor.) Only by -6dB, but that does allow me to run the MD+ without any dongle in line without hearing the barrage of digital noise I was being presented with at the end of each song. It’s not quite pitch black but I’m finding the improvement to be significant.

    Someone else has also most likely already found this out but it’s pretty significant to me and it might help if you’re in a similar situation.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
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  13. MattTCG
    I'm having trouble with fit. I'm using the small foam tips that were included and those are the only ones that fit. I'm that the anatomy of my ear canals are most of the problem.Anyone else with small ears have a recommended tip? I'm thinking of trying the Comply 500.
  14. mwillis
    I also found the included foam tips rather large. Usually I'm medium all the way in foam tips but I used the smalls out of the set that were included. I had some spares of these laying around and the mediums were perfect for me, so I'm sure the smalls would work for you.

    EDIT: For what it's worth the MD+ soundport nozzle is ~6.2-6.5mm; I was looking at some SpinFits and decided to measure for myself. With this measurement I went ahead and ordered a pair of SpinFit CP155's, not that I'm unhappy with the sound I'm getting through my foam tips, I'd just like to see what all the fuss is about. I'll report back once I receive them from Amazon if anyone is interested.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2018
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  15. MattTCG
    ^^ Thanks for this!
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