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Massdrop PLUS Universal IEM

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  1. chicken beer
    You're probably right, if you truly have the $300 budget but not 800.
  2. Mochimomo
    Question: Would these be a side-grade to Ibasso IT03?
  3. chicken beer
    I personally find Campfire Audio IEMs, including the Andro housing ones, fit my ears very well even for hours of wearing and are not uncomfortable as they say. I was quite concerned when I made the purchase, and then I learnt that you never know until you try it.
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  4. zeromacro
    Thanks guys. All the earphones/cans I want are either discontinued or can't be ordered right away :frowning2:
  5. chicken beer
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
  6. zeromacro
    Why are you sorry lol. Not your fault
  7. chicken beer
    Definitely my fault. It’s all my fault...
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  8. boblauer
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  9. linux4ever
    iBasso Dx200 with AMP4 (4.4mm balanced) is awesome with Massdrop Plus Universal. I'm using it with PW Audio #5 cable.
  10. chicken beer
    Chord Dave sounds great too.
    I use black dragon car from moon audio
  11. chicken beer
  12. boblauer
    Good you've got the right frame of mind, it's your fault. JK
    mx19 and chicken beer like this.
  13. Panimation
    Just got my zx-300 to go with the MD+ :ksc75smile:. Got it during Easter Sale here in Australia for $692AU ($532USD)

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  14. dannyvstheworld
    I think you're spot on, the comfort level may be very different for different people, and you have to try to really know it.

    For me I don't really feel Andros uncomfortable, though not as comfortable as Westone IEMs, but probably on the same level as most other multi-BA IEMs. However with the Plus they almost make me forget I have earphones on, that's how comfortable they are to me.

    By the way the Andros also make me forget I have earphones on.. but for some other reasons, sonically I guess..
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  15. Colors
    Wish another drop would happen!
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