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Apr 12, 2015
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Return my trader feedbacks! WTF

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WTF, return my trader feedbacks! Apr 26, 2017

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    Return my trader feedbacks! WTF
    Music, hiking, gaming. Work.
    Music, movies, literature
    Headphone Inventory:
    Symphones V7 in C4 beta 3 cup, mogami cable, purchased the elements on amazon/ebay/other of my Grados and assembled by myself. This is the greatest sound from a Magnum/Grado/Alessandro series yet. Since it's my first independently DIYed headphone I will keep it.

    Other secondary cans:
    Elear. A very excellent sounding headphone from every aspect.
    Ether. Sounds laid back and polite. Very good for relaxing.
    Alessandro MS1i: I love them despite them being cheap.
    Beyer T90: Love it. Best sounding Beyer headphone to me.

    MrZ Tomahawk IEM (they don't sound as good as Tomahawk and the sibilance effect is even more obvious (comparing to the silver cased Tomahawk earbud)), but they are very good isolation, very good tonality. Proper amping will improve drastically.
    TFZ 5: good, lush mids and punchy bass. Treble is like hell.
    Grado iGi: Better than SE215 from Shure.
    TY G3: too bright.

    Earbuds (with ratings):
    100/10 Sunrise Dragon SWD2: This earbud is my favorite.
    10/10 Gramo one: Perfect perfect perfect perfect overall!!! The bass is just well done. Good soundstage. Good impedance for cell phones to match. Treble is not as good as Seahf 400 new. I would rate them 100/10 if they halve the price, which I think they should do.
    9.25/10 Yuin PK1: very great warm sounding, musical. A touch less refined in mids and treble than Gramo one and a higher impedance to challenge some DAPs and most cell phones.
    8/10 Sennheiser MX985: They are nearly the perfect ones, I would give them 10/10, but they don't sound as good as Gramo one, Seahf earbuds, and cost more than twice of the contenders, so they earned 6/10. But they are the original designs of many DIY's so to show some respect to Sennheiser's effort of "innovation", I'd give it 8. It's just not the choice when the contenders are out there despite the respect.
    9.0 VE Zen 2.0: sound overall great
    9.5/10 VE Zen 1.0: They sound just fine, but I'm not the biggest fan of it's tonality.
    8.5/10 Tingo TC200: they have almost the perfect bass and treble, but tuning definitely is not well done.
    8.25/10 MrZ Tomahawk: the earbud sounds great.
    6.75/10 VE monk original: just so so but considering it's 5 bucks, I'd say it earns a recommendation.
    6.25/10 VE monk +: not as good as VE monk, the V shape sound is sort of showing some lack of refinement in treble. The sound point-orientation is not good and not coming to the center of the ears. They are better than iphone earbuds though, with wider frequency and more detail.
    7.5/10 Sennheiser MX760: They deserve 8.5/10 if we don't consider the price.
    7/10 Tingo TG-38s: best value earbuds.
    6/10 iPhone earbuds: it's good.
    7.75/10 Fiio EM3: it's great.
    7.25/10 Yuin PK3: easy to recommend for everyone. Bass not good. Fit is perfect for most. Not too large.
    8/10 Mrice E100: it's great with sweet mids/highs and a great soundstage.
    8.25/10 Baldoor E100a: it's slightly darker than Mrice, and strange enough I prefer them to Mrice in most situations.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Solid state:

    LD1+ with Voskhods/Muses02 to pair with low end Grados. With Sylvania GB-408A to pair with Grado woodies.
    Red Wine Isabellina HPA LFP-V version.
    Source Inventory:

    Plenue D
    QLS QA360 Mod version (this DAP is the best sounding DAP I've heard. Better than some hyped AKs.)
    ZTE Axon 7 (holy, this cell phone has great sound module and sounds pretty sweet, for all my earbuds)
    Cable Inventory:
    Impact Audio Cables
    Labkables 7N OCC.
    Mimic cables
    Cardas Cross
    Cardas Clear
    Oyaide OCC
    Turbulent Labs
    Heir Magnus
    Moon audio Silver Dragon
    Moon audio Blue Dragon V3
    Other Audio Equipment:
    UE boom (very good balanced sound)
    Peachtree Deepblue2 (sounds very good, probably my best-value owned item, right up there with a Monk)
    Definitive Incline (my neighbors would hate me)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Did all kinds of modding on a previously owned Monoprice 8323, was fun
    Senn-grado, Symphones/Magnums, CMOY.
    iPod mod.
    Poo paper.
    Music Preferences:
    Pop and classic. Piano and guitar.
    Canon 5d Mark ii + a bunch of lenses
    Olympus X1
    iPhone 6
    Love music (who doesn't!!)


    WTF, return my trader feedbacks! Stupid new head-fi interface drop my trader feedbacks!!!! WTFFFF!!!!!
    Oh my gosh, look at her b**t!
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