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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. illram
    It seems to be how they operate. Just in recent memory, the G5/E5 (confusingly overlapping products), their multiple versions of VSS (one of which is terrible), the release of the Super X-Fi dongle (they marketed it for phone users at first even though phones basically lack any 7.1 PCM surround content), the odd functional limitations of the X3 (no line out??) etc. etc.

    I love that Creative takes risk and pushes forward this little niche segment of gaming/media technology, and they do seem to manage to make good products most of the time despite this, but man their marketing and product line decisions are just really head scratching sometimes.
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  2. inseconds99
    Anyone have experience with the HD820's and the HD800s? If so how does the 820's perform in comparison to the 800s? Also has anyone attempted using modmic wireless with either of these headphones? Can you provide pictures and does that large reciever blocking air change anything sound signature wise with the 800s? Does it cause any rattling on glass with the 820s, or would you not even recommend mounting it on the glass?
  3. Oluf
    Thanks for the info. I just received my K702 today and just plugged them in. Gonna use them with just the onboard output first, then ill test them with a dac/amp later and see if there is any significant difference.
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  4. SierraMadre
    The X3 can apply SBX features to speaker line-out IIRC. It's just SXFI features that can't be applied.
  5. SierraMadre
    Dolby Access Atmos for Headphone and DTS Sound Unbound Headphone X customisation features available on regular Windows builds (as opposed to Insider builds)

    So, checked the Dolby Access app for the first time in a while and it appears the Dolby Atmos for headphone customisation options have made their way into the regular Windows OS builds.
    Now there are equaliser profiles (warm, balanced, detailed) that can be applied to several content presets (game, music, movies etc.), what appears to be the equivalent of a footsteps/scout mode in the game content tab (labelled "performance mode"), and finally, customisable 10 band EQ profiles for user-personalised custom presets.

    Atmos Game.png Atmos Custom.png

    Also tried installing the DTS sound unbound app. DTS Headphone X room effect / reverb has two settings (balanced and spacious) but no EQ presets or Equaliser.
    However, there is a headphone compensation feature which the Dolby Access app currently lacks. They have a decent amount of supported headphone profiles but there are also some glaring omissions. For example, no Sennheiser HD700, HD800 (original or S version) or 660.

    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
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  6. Yethal
    Imagine taking everything great about the HD800 and throwing it out of the window. That's pretty much how HD820 sounds
  7. inseconds99
    Hey Yethal,

    I know we’ve spoken before. Thank you for the update. Just got back into the headphone game and miss my HD650, HD700 and HD800’s for gaming. So I figured I’d start at the top and am looking to get the HD800 S at this point as I did some research and am moving away form the HD820’s.
  8. Yethal
    If you're looking for something high end that will perform beautifully in virtual surround try Audio-Technica ADX-5000.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  9. xxxkinel
    Hy there i just wanted to ask for advise on buying new pair of headphones or earphones
    It will be for my ps4 to play call of duty only
    I will be using it with a astro mixamp tr pro
    I am from england
    I would prefer to buy in a shop
    I only want them for hearing enemies footsteps to be able to pinpoint them only
    I dont care about other sounds in game
    Thank you
  10. SierraMadre
    Audio Technica AD700, AKG K702 or AKG Q701.
    If you want something with a built-in mic then Audio Technica ADG1X or Sennheiser GSP 500 or Sennheiser Game One.
    I’ll leave you to research the finer differences but the first 3 are very similar, bright and airy presentations which is probably what you’re looking for given that you only care about footsteps, while the last 2 have more bass. The ADG1X is a compromise between the two groups albeit one that leans more towards the first 3 than the final 2. Beyond that, you’re on your own unless someone else wants to elaborate in lieu.

    Whether you can get them in a shop local to you is up to your own research. Generally speaking, as far as bricks and mortar go, the first three you’re only likely to find them in specialist AV shops or the AV sections of department stores. The gaming oriented ones, that is the ADG1X and the Sennheisers, you could probably order at Currys or Argos.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  11. xxxkinel
    Thank you for your help sierra madre
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  12. WhiteHartMart
    Agree with the recommendations you already had, other than I'm not convinced the Mixamp Pro is up to the job of driving the AKGs. The previous version wasn't when I had 702s and 712s previously. They came alive when I changed to a Creative G6/X7.

    If you don't mind an Amazon purchase, an alternative would be the Sennheiser PC373D and then buy an additional cable for connecting to the Mixamp. Total cost will be about £40 cheaper than the Game Ones and its essential the same headset :)
  13. SierraMadre
    The below quote might have some relevance to WhiteHartMart’s comment. It is from an Amazon user review of the Mixamp Pro TR. Assuming the reviewer didn’t just have a faulty Mixamp, their recommendation would apply to the AKGs and the Audio Technica AD700X in case you went with them:

    “if you plan to use the mixamp with traditional (not a gaming headset with mic, like the astro A40 headset) ordinary, stereo headphones that are just used for listening to music, DON'T directly plug them into the headphone symbol port on the bottom of the mixamp! Instead, first make sure that you use the included Y adapter to split that port into two seperate 3.5mm female plugs (one for stereo headphones, one for microphone), or else you will have very low volume out and bad quality sound!!”

    That being said, the AKGs are known for being harder to drive than their 62 ohm impedance would suggest so WhiteHartMart may still be right. I would advise going with an online retailer like Amazon in this case just for no-quibble return-refund peace of mind; you can buy and try until you find headphones that you like.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2019
  14. themrmikemcd
    Possible dumb questions so I apologize in advance. Will using a Dac/amp for PS4 make the sound any better than it would from the controller, Not just louder sound, but the quality of sound.

    Say im using dt770s headphones with a dac/amp. Is it going to make the sound any clearer or will I be able to notice sounds I wouldn't notice from just plugging into the controller?

  15. Yethal
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