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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. illram
    Define "vastly expanded"? You can't beat the Smyth A16. But it's $4,000...
    Try turning crystalizer on, setting a flat EQ, and set surround to 100. If crystalizer does not do it for you try a slight boost between 2k and 8k in EQ. But always keep surround at max.

    I have never tried the A40's as headphones but I imagine even "cheap" good cans would be an improvement in staging and imaging. E.g. PC37X, HE-4XX, HD598. The AD700X is usually well regarded in the FPS positional audio department, maybe also try that again with the G6 vs. the mixamp.
  2. Xspearo
    Hi, I had the same issue with setting the surround options so high on certain headphones things would sound so far and spacious that it made it hard to hear footsteps especially with something like the AD700X that already has a big sound stage, So I dialed mine back to like 10 or even 5. For eq I came across these(down below) but i dailed back on some but every headphone/headset will be different you just have to tweak it to your likely. Also in modern warfare make sure the audio settings in game is on "studio reference" or the one that has flat EQ line.

    This is website where I found eq:

    Equalizer Settings:
    31: -4dB
    62: -3dB
    125: 2dB
    250: 4dB
    500: 6dB
    1k: 5dB
    2k: 10dB
    4k: 10dB
    8k: 9dB
    16k: 9dB
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
  3. xxxkinel
    Johnny tran
    Could you please tell us what settings you was using with your astro mixam pro tr
    Like what presets you was using
    Atm i cant seem to find a good preset
    Especially when kill streaks are out i cant hear no footsteps at all
    All advise welcome if you can help with a good preset for mixamp pro tr with call of duty modern warfare 2019
    also if any one knows what frequency footsteps are in hz
  4. Johnnytran
    Thank you. I switched to a flat EQ on the G6 and have set the boost high sound setting in modern warfare. I found this one to be the best for me but I think once I start tweaking EQ settings I should have the flat EQ setting in game so I know what exactly is being altered. At the moment I can hear footsteps but they're much softer than with the Mixamp TR. I don't think I ever had anyone get close to me without me hearing them, even when I was in a gunfight. Last night playing with the G6 I had two occasions while during a shootout someone was able to sprint within meters of me and kill me without me hearing them.


    Keeping a flat EQ but boosting the 2 and 4Hz by 2-3dB sounds ok but still not at the level of the mixamp. Maybe the mixamp’s EQ settings are more advanced? I’ve had a look in there and don’t really know how to copy it as it’s a different layout

    Thank you for these settings. I will give them a go tonight with the various in-game sound settings, hopefully I find something which works for me :)


    This EQ doesn’t work on this game, it sounded very odd, I can’t explain it but the footsteps were very inaudible

    Hello, I don't have the exact settings on hand but if you google zalia's astro presets you'll be able to find a lot of different ones. The one I was using was his specific modern warfare one. Hope it works for you :)
    The sounds of killstreaks are too loud in that game, i'm not sure there's any preset that can lower their volume while still being able to hear footsteps.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2019
  5. Xspearo
    Not sure if your PC settings, are you in 7.1?
    Make sure you also go into sound control panel on your PC and you go through configuration setting and it's in 7.1 and all speakers have a check mark. Also in sound control panel go to properties, advance and its 32 bit, 96 hz.
    In sound blaster me personally I have all effects off but surround and that's on 10 but each person and headphones/headset is different. Dolby is left on normal.

    Another thing you can do is clip game play of a situation and loop it to keep playing while you mess with EQ at the same time.

    upload_2019-11-21_9-30-19.png upload_2019-11-21_9-30-56.png

    This is what I kind of have but still tweaking it. I see a lot of people say about 1k to 8k is roughly where footsteps are. Let me know if/what you come up with.
  6. xxxkinel
    Johnny tran
    I have the zalias mw tournament i got it a few days ago
    Do you remember what ingame sound eq settings you was using with it eg
    Studio refrence home thearte dynamic thearte boost high boost low booste
    Also did you have dolby headphones turned on \ off on mixamp
    Soorry for all the questions
    thank you for your help
  7. Johnnytran
    I had something similar to yours but ended up dropping those ranges to 2-4dB. I use the boost high setting in-game so things sounded a little too harsh. When using the "studio reference" flat eq test in-game, footsteps sounded very soft. I will edit this post with what I have tonight when I get home.
    That's a great idea about looping the clip. What I did when testing was jump into a private game and blindly run around the map while I fiddled around with the EQ. I couldn't see where I was going because I use the same monitor for PC and gaming! I might just record a 10 minute clip of me running around on the PS4 and have it play in the background while I mess around with the EQ tonight.


    Here's what I think sounds ok with the boost high settings in-game. I've also tried dropping the 31-62Hz to -12dB which *may* have made footsteps more audible.


    I use the boost high setting in-game with dolby on. I think the boost low makes footsteps louder but also explosions etc get deeper and you won't be able to hear people moving around if there's too much going on
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2019
  8. SierraMadre
    You probably should avoid using the dragonfly with an amp. Better to use it by itself or not at all.
    If you are intent on getting an amp then either use your motherboard dac, get a separate dac with dedicated line-out to go with the new amp, or get an all-in-one dac/amp. If you use the dragon-fly with a separate amp you will be double amping which isn’t such a good idea unless you are very careful with your equipment and settings.

    Read this for further explanation


    If I were you, I’d just get a Creative Sound Blaster G6 or Sound blaster X3 and see how you find them They both have Line-out (and optical out) so you can add an amp later if you want to but they are both good stand-alone dac/amp combos in their own right with more than enough juice to power the K712 Pro. I use the K7XX (which is quite similar to the K712 Pro) with the G6 and at other times with the X3 and they work very well together.
  9. xxxkinel
    Thank you Johnny tran for your help
  10. greyforest
    hi all
    Looking for some suggestions here

    Currently using ae-5 optical out to feed external dac and amp with play mix to digital out

    Tried möbius and was very impressed by wavesnx virtual surroundings, however the windows version of wavesnx takes 10% of the cpu load all the time(i9 9900k)

    So is there any other solutions(Hardware dsp) that have better virtual surroundings than wavesnx ? I tried hesuvi don’t think its as good as wavesnx
  11. SierraMadre
    Sennheiser GSX1000, SXFI AMP and SXFI X3 are probably your best options. Whether they are as good as / better than Waves will be down to personal preference.
  12. Thenewbie76
    I need some help. Should I get the GSX1000 or soundblaster g6? I plan on using it as a dac for my PC with the JDS Labs atom as a amplifier. Its for my uni setup nxt yr ( I know its a long time ). However blackfriday is right around the corner. I am more inclined towards the g6 because Amirm from audiosciencereview gave the DAC part of the G6 a quite good rating whereas he has not reviewed the GSX1000.
  13. greyforest
    thanks for your advice, i am very interested in sxfi however the service is not available in my region, the x3 sold here does not include sxfi features.
  14. ronfifer
    Question: Sound blaster G6 or E5 for competitive FPS gaming with AKG K702, AD900x, and HE-4XX? Price is not an issue, they're are equally priced here, no mic will be used.

    In terms of imaging and positional accuracy, do they both implement the same VSS engine and features like SBX Pro Studio? Both have same output power? Is there a difference other than bluetooth?

    Should i be looking at any newer Soundblaster products with SXFI, binaural technologies?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2019
  15. AudioManNewb
    Yea so far the sxfi has had the best VSS. Do you think the 400i and the SXFI amp would be a good pairing for FPS CODMW to be exact gaming/music?

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