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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (11/19/2019: Audeze LCD-1 Added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
  1. Fegefeuer
    please format your post, it's hard to read.

    Since I mostly stopped reading at your home theater setup I recommend you to get the Dali Alteco C1. I have them (also using the X3400h) and they are really great. Using Dolby upmixer or Neural X by DTS you get a profit in every game or movie that doesn't support Atmos or DTS:X.
    Soundstage is bigger, taller, it's amazing what they do with the additional height speakers.

    Don't get an internal soundcard other than for DSP tech like SBX etc. (get a Sound Blaster Z and use the optical out to your DAC/AMP) Save your money for a Schiit Modi Multibit + Lyr 3, get a headphone like the HD800. I mean, money isn't your problem as you said.
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  2. mikerrr
    this is my custom 5.1 speaker

    Denon AVR-X3400H

    SVS PB-2000

    dali Zensor 3 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dali-5703120106687-Zensor-3-Black/dp/B00E0I7B14

    SURROUND: Dali Zensor 1

    : Dali Zensor Vokal

    my first question is how you find my 5,1 system>?? is it good??

    in my 5,1 system what you would change??

    do you find all these speakers very good??

    is it good my subwoofer??

    this 5,1 custom was recomemded from one my friend

    Dali Zensor Vokal

    Dali Zensor 1
    dali Zensor 3

    are all good??

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  3. Yethal
    I stopped bothering and just use the PC37X for all my gaming. Clears aren't the best choice for gaming due to narrow soundstage. I could go out and buy something more high end than the Senn headset but every time I think about the ModMic I get a vietnam flashback.
  4. HairyHook
    Do not post three/four consecutive times asking the same questions. This is not a chat, but a forum where we try to help each other. Format your posts like you were recommended previously.

    I can't answer your questions, no experience with your Hardware.
  5. mikerrr
    look i want to buy one new soundcard

    so which to buy Asus Strix Raid DLX and Asus Essence STX II 7.1 or Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 and which is the best?
    and what is the difference between them?
  6. CFGamescape
    I have the Unique Melody ME.1 and I tried gaming with them connected to a Creative Sound Blaster G5 sound card. The G5 drives them very well; in fact, I had to put the gain on L, and the ME.1's like power. Anyway, that is beside the point.

    The sound stage is what you'd expect from an open-back headphone, and the bass on the ME.1's is quite good, especially with the right tips. Because they're open-back IEMs, at least for me, I noticed that outside sound was a lot more pronounced than if I were using open-back headphones. It wasn't a problem, but just something I noticed.

    But the problem with gaming with IEMs is comfort. Not comfort in your ears per se, but because you have two cables dangling off your ears, draped down your chest, under your arms. With your typical headphone, the cable(s) is off to the side. And when you're gaming, specifically PC gaming at a desk, a lot of the movements I made with my hands and arms affected the ME.1 cable. Now, do note that I used an aftermarket cable that was significantly thicker than the stock one UM provides; however, I think the problem still would have existed. Perhaps a longer cable would have solved it?

    But, if you're tired of headphones, I think the ME.1, as far as sound quality is concerned, definitely would meet your criteria, especially given the headphones you've had in the past. I love the ME.1!
  7. pietcux
    I have the GSP600 on my GSX1000 and simply love it for what it is, a gaming headset. My Game One lives in my office now and is being used for Skype for business. I had 3 Skype conferences today for nearly 3.5 hours in total, the Sennheiser gaming headsets are super comfortable besides delivering great gaming sound performance. I also especially love how the mic jusy can be swiveled up and the mic is muted.
  8. pietcux
    I have the Xonar STX since 8 or 9 years. I still have working drivers for W10, so no problem here. I use it to listen to music and watching movies as dac/preamp for my Sennheiser HDVA600 amp. For music it is set to Stereo, for movies I use the Dolby Atmos pluin for Windows or sonic for Windows.
    For Gaming I use the Sennheiser GSX1000 with the GSP600.
  9. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I think with the Lyr 3 you have an option of have a dac built in, so you wouldn't need a Modi. Or am I wrong here? I checked Schiit yesterday after so many years and I noticed that they're doing optional dacs in some of their amps. I love that idea. The less gear, the better. If I was still heavy into headphone gaming,m I would definitely be happy with the Lyr 3, + perhaps a LISST tube for when a tube blows out or something.

    I really miss the sound of the Vali. It made me a believer of tube amps, though it had a considerably narrow soundstage compared to whatever ss amp I compared it to at the time. Might have been an Audio-GD Compass 2 or SA31.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2018
  10. Fegefeuer
    True, but those cards are inferior to the standalone device (which also have their own PSU) and I'd rather have the Modi to be always on (which is a must) than an dac/amp which produces much more heat and has a tube.
  11. mindbomb
    I do use spdif output from a soundcard, but I think a genuine challenge nowadays is finding somewhat low cost dacs with good spdif performance (most companies are now prioritizing usb). I think you are best off checking the second hand market for an old benchmark dac1 or cambridge audio dacmagic.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018
  12. mikerrr
    so which to buy Asus Strix Raid DLX and Asus Essence STX II 7.1 or Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 and which is the best?
    and what is the difference between them?

    this i am asking??

    which to buy?? for games music and movies??
  13. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I guess I prefer the convenience. Schiit says it's the same as the ones in the Modi multi-bit so I would assume they sound the exact same. The less gear I have, the better.
  14. Gladzilla
    What is the best mix amp in terms of floor noise and DH reproduction.
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    If by DH reproduction you mean any good virtual surround, I say the Creative X7. If you mean actual Dolby Headphone, then look for a second gen Mixamp that looks like the one on the first page. Probably hella cheap on Ebay if you're lucky.

    Second gen would not have any eq button on the face. Only power and DH button and volume knob.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2018

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