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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. fokta
    try to visit Ghentaudio... google it..
    Almost all my desktop setup use his cable...
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  2. lukedss
    Hey guys. Really helpful info, thank you. I want to buy a reccomended cable such as HifiHear or NickeHCK from A.E however I want 65cm cable length and these shops don't seem willing to customise them. What would your reccomendations be for this situation? (Apart from me doing it lol)

    Thanks! I feel relieved that I don't have to overspend to get cables

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  3. lukedss
    Thanks for sharing this, I checked out the 169 link and realized the prices is getting close to what I was planning to pay Forza for a custom length cable (his entry level one)Copper Series HPC Mk2,

    "4 strands of 26AWG cryo 7N UPOCC copper in Litz geometry"

    Is there much difference between his and 169? (Keep in mind I will have to pay someone to shorten the 169 length)

  4. hakuzen
    i don't own any Forza cable. i like their work, used materials, and prices. was interested in Claire HPC Mk2, but needed mmcx/2pins termination to be used with iems (then i use mmcx/2pins to 2.5/3.5mm adapter for headphones). asked for a quote and the price was increased too much (soldering 26awg 8 cores on tiny plugs is hard) for my wallet; asked if the wire is litz "geometry" or true litz (individually enameled strands into each core), and got no answer. i suspect it is not litz.
    that's why i went for nicehck and electro acousti in AE.

    the differences between 169 and HPC Mk2 are:
    - 169 is copper and silver plated copper (mixed into each core) frozen up-occ litz; HPC Mk2 is copper, frozen up-occ (it's not clear it is litz, i suspect it isn't, because i've only found 26awg up-occ silver plated litz wire and 28awg copper/spc/mixed litz wire, but not 26awg copper litz).
    choosing copper, silver plated copper, mixed, or silver wire depends of the source+phones you plan to use. i like 169 a lot, because it has the best of both materials, adding more spacious mids and highs (clearer perception), while keeping good bass boldness and rumble.
    if available, i prefer litz (darker background, deeper stage).
    - 169 is 4*28awg cores; HPC Mk2 is 8*26awg cores. so Mk2 is thicker and has less resistance (better).
    - 169 is only mmcx terminated. Mk2 allows various headphones terminations, and length customization, but if you need mmcx/2pins for iems, or custom options, get prepared for a considerable price increase.

    you are in the right path, don't waste time with other wires. try neotech frozen up-occ. wish i'd had found these before.
    so it depends of what are you looking for: copper/spc/mixed/silver; litz/no litz; critical impedance; terminations; customization.
    i'm in love with 169, and i'm searching for that kind of wire to build some interconnect cables now.

    another great option is electro acousti up-occ cables. in your case, you should consider it, because you can talk and agree for customization (the increase of price is much more affordable than forza's). components used are top quality, compared with most chinese manufacturers.
    if you look for copper litz, cables 170 and 171 in my list are the best copper ones i've found. 4/8 28awg cores. more terminations and customization (just chat with them) available. i'm going to post measurements and impressions of 171 (8 cores) right now. my best copper one.
    if you look for tighter but punchy and detailed bass, and more spacious and detailed mids and highs, you can ask for a custom cable using any up-occ wire from their stock (wide range).
    i've just received custom cables using neotech up-occ pure silver and gold (99% silver, 1% gold). after first AB, i'm impressed with sound stage, and mids/highs layering. amazing.
    ask them to build your custom length and terminations, choose the exact components (wire, plugs, splitter, slider), and you'll see the price is very competitive.

    i'm going to post pics, measurements, and first impressions of the cables i've received from them, in a few hours.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  5. lukedss
    Holy crap that's an incredible answer to my question!!! I'm going to read it over a few more times before I say anything else. Thank-you

  6. lukedss
    I have contacted 170 on AE regarding my customisation needs and when searching for 28AWG 7N cables I came across Audio Santin not sure if you are familiar with them but they already replied with a quote of $50 and $15 shipping. Have you heard of them?

    On a side note I think I won't even bothering with a splitter I have yet to use it and for a mobile setup the less the better I think
  7. hakuzen
    guess you mean Satin Audio.. i don't own any of their cables.
    they look nice and prices are affordable. you can search in this thread, because iirc someone tried their cables here.
    my problem is i've not tested any of their wires, although they look promising, while i've tested various neotech up-occ wires, hook solid copper teflon sheathed, litz multi-strand copper pvc +cotton braid sheathed, various frozen copper, spc+copper, silver+gold, multi-strand, litz and no litz, pe sheathed, and i can vouch for them. the sound (stage, cleanliness) i get with any of them is a quality jump over any other occ i've tried.
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
  8. hakuzen
    i was interested of some satin audio interconnect, but their webpage isn't able to specify any other length than 11cm, so i gave up, and bought neotech wire to diy my interconnects
  9. courierdriver
    Thanks to overseas cable manufacturers, the price of good quality cables has come down alot. It really helps make this hobby more affordable and inclusive for many of us.
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  10. lukedss
    Quick update-

    Audio Satin is great on email, prompt and his english is good -Audio Satin <satinaudiovn@gmail.com> (Eric) he has quoted me $50 and $15 shipping.

    Electro Acousti Store (170) on A.E has quoted me $43 but he seems to be using google translate to chat and the dialogue is not good so I am not currently confident about the necessary communication to do this successfully

    I would be interested in your thoughts of getting nylon sleeve, it would be an aesthetic decision as my Es100 is black and wondered because these won't be over the ear (iSine20) and shorter than regular cables I wonder if it won't make much of a difference to comfort?

    Thanks everyone for your input hope my experience is helpfull
  11. subwoof3r
    The store offered you 43$ for the 170 ? that is a great bargain.
    Two days ago I gently asked a free product in exchange of a full review for the 171 and I just received a "no", not even hello, etc, dialogue is extremely not so good, I confirm.
    All he does offered me is just a 10% off, which is still too high for a review. I declined and did not buyed 170 nor 171 then. Too bad for him and me.
    Stock prices are way too high.
    At the beginning of the store was opened on ali, it was 100% satisfaction but for now its less than 96% in just 4 months, which is not really good and may reserves some surprises I guess.
    Too bad that those cables are not sold in another well known store from ali :frowning2:
  12. lukedss
    Just to note $43 but I only want 65cm cable length which is why he said 30% off the retail price. Thanks for your input, I don't want to dismiss him because of his English but am mindful communication error risk for something custom like this.
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  13. hakuzen
    yes, the guys at electro acousti use ali translator.
    i also used google translator to message them in both Chinese and English, to ensure a proper communication.

    this way, we arranged 1 cable 171, two custom cables (174, not in my list yet), no ear guides, and some components. this was lot of info, and there were no issues.

    these new cables i've received from them are exquisitely crafted. it's not easy to solder 8 wires in a tiny true rhodium plated plug (not glued, they are 100% repairable). resistance measurements are even. strain reliefs have been improved.
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  14. lukedss
    I will order from them, per your recommendation.

    At least Erics info is on file here for someone else (perhaps yourself)

    Any thoughts on my nylon sleeving query?

    Thanks for reminding me about no ear guiders option as I will need to do that as well.
  15. hakuzen
    check this thread: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/diy-cable-questions-and-comments-thread.676402/
    they are lately commenting about cotton/nylon sleeves

    edit: yea, good to know we can have a fluent communication with Eric, from Satin Audio. i'll might try an extension cable from them this way. thanks!

    nice, you won't regret of it. i can vouch for these cables without a doubt.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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