1. T

    Aftermarket Headphone Cables

    Hello! I don't know much about aftermarket cables for headphones (or IEMs for that matter, but let's focus on headphones for now), I've just heard some brand names such as Periapt and Oidio. What brand do you guys think make the best aftermarket cables? Note: I'm not interested in the...
  2. TFZ Coco Bluetooth Cable

    TFZ Coco Bluetooth Cable

    TFZ COCO Ultra-Clear 2pin 0.78mm APT-X HiFi Bluetooth 5.1 Earphone Cable Description COCO Ultra HD series supports APTX and ATTX- HD audio codec formats COCO distortion as low as one-thousandth which driven by Qualcomm QCC3034 chip. COCO ultra-clear Bluetooth interchangeable cable equipped...
  3. PLUSSOUND COPPER+ Cable Geometry Lineup

    PLUSSOUND COPPER+ Cable Geometry Lineup

    Plussound is the kind of company that does not joke around when it comes to cables. The company has 10 years now, and they've been designing many cables during their lifetime, with Copper+ being designed as an improvement over the Echo+ cable, with improved layout, OD thickness, Strand count and...
  4. lumzi23

    Which cable for Hifiman Deva Pro?

    Hello, I want to get a Hifiman Deva Pro but I am unsure about the cable. Would a standard cable like this work? On the Hifiman page (you have to scroll down a bit), it says it can accommodate a dual-sided unbalanced 3.5mm cable and a single-sided 3.5mm balanced cable. In the same place, it...
  5. T

    Campfire Andromeda S Dap and Cable recommendations

    Hello People!!! New to this forum and also the world of iems and it seems i’ve jumped headfirst into the hobbie by making my second iem purchase a used andromeda s!!! ( first iem was legacy 5 ) I’ve been trying to find a thread about this but haven’t had much luck yet so I was hoping one of...
  6. Chimmy9278

    Alternatives to alo audio litz cable?

    Hello and thanks for dropping by. I find myself able to hear the difference between a linsoul HC-08 and a alo audio regular litz cable. Both 4.4mm termination and same DAP. (Yes, I know it is a $80 difference, but it is what I have to compare.) The $100 price range is a sweet spot, as it has...
  7. D

    Sennheiser HD 600 Fix - London Headphone Fix?

    Hello! I got a pair of HD600 from a neighbour which is not working right now. He mentioned that it is because of the connection, cable. Is there anyone here that fix headphones in London? I am trying to understand if it worths the effort :) What do you guys think? Cheers!
  8. H

    Advice needed on DAC to amp cable thickness

    I want to connect a DAC to a hifi amp across the room with cable, 3.5mm jack to RCA, of 6 metres length. What is the minimum cross-sectional area of the wires to ensure good signal strength? Does it need to be shielded? And I want to plug in my headphones to the same amp again with a 6 metre...
  9. Penon Storm

    Penon Storm

    PENON Storm TOTL flagship IEM cable Gold, silver, copper, palladium mixed 4 shares, 199 cores per share Type-6 Litz configuration Gold-plated copper plug Gold-plated copper + carbon fiber plug accessories
  10. O

    I need a mod for the AKG K371 terrible microphonics.

    I am experiencing terrible microphonics with the AKG K371. When I wear a shirt the cable rubs against the collar too much. I think I need something like a right angled mini XLR male to mini XLR female connector, some other jig which turns the cable slighlty forward away from my collars. I've...
  11. Dèng

    BLON BL-A8 Prometheus IEM Available on Linsoul

    Greetings everyone! Your "Oppoty" and "Driams" are here - BLON BL-A8 Prometheus~ A latest creation by BLON with a new look and a better looking cable! The Silver model (image above) is now available for purchase on Linsoul's website here. As for the other colour (image below), we will be...
  12. X

    Thread where experienced hifi people can post helpful comments for balanced headphone cables

    Thread where experienced hifi people can post helpful comments about balanced cables/single ended cables for what not to do to avoid damaging your amp
  13. B

    Does Threaded Metal Shell Connector Reduce Noise ?

    Dear Guys Hope We All in Good Condition :). #Consumer 4-Pole TRRS 3.5mm Audio Extension Cable with Microphone Support, I would like to buy some audio component. I want to extend my cheap in-Ear consumer with microphone support. Then I should buy an Audio Extension along with microphone...
  14. I

    Maintenance of cables?

    New here, hello! :D I bought Nicehck Blackwheat cables for my IEMs. Long story short, it's unlike the Nicehck 16-core "eagle" cable (that actually sold me to the Nicehck brand cables) that's tightly braided. It starts to unravel; some parts loosen up and as someone who bought the cables for...
  15. Mediahound

    Is EMI/RF interference really a thing?

    Audiphile cable and power conditioner makers often market that their products help reject EMI and RF interference. Is it really something we need to worry about for audio? Aside from audio, I'm also wondering about any health affects from EMF from say a small in-wall breaker box in the same...
  16. amankrokx

    Help - Soundmagic E10C lost bass after reinstalling casing.

    Hi ! I am using these Soundmagic E10C for a while now, until yesterday while walking the wires got struck in door knob and got pulled really hard that the left side speaker came out of the casing (yes, the earphones didn't left my ears 😆). The solder joints were perfectly intact that I even...
  17. Nostalgia Audio Olorin

    Nostalgia Audio Olorin

    Nostalgia Audio Olorin 2-Braided Coaxial Pure Silver cable Core: 6N OCC Silver cable Shielding: Silver plated PCUHD Copper Insulation: PVC Solder: Audio Note 6% Silver Superb switching plug with 3.5mm TRS, 2.5mm TRRS, 4.4mm 5-pole Handcrafted in Japan
  18. S

    (Found answer) Are there other Lightning to Type-C audio cables besides Fiio's?

    Edit: I was able to find the answer! See my post a couple comments down for some information if you're interested :) Hello, I'm a little confused trying to distinguish between all the different cables out there on the market. I know Fiio has their own cable that can actually transfer audio...
  19. Satin Audio Zeus

    Satin Audio Zeus

    The brand-new Satin Audio Zeus cable is a tribute to the King of all other Gods of Mount Olympus. Resembling the ancient Greek Mythology, the Zeus is the most outstanding cable in the Olympus Series. It features the finest materials and designs ever been applied on the cables, which are the...
  20. Eletech Socrates

    Eletech Socrates

    Built upon Eletech’s wealth of R&D experience & expertise, the “Socrates” was born from the relentless pursuit of purity and extremities of a mono material - Copper. Unsurpassed within it’s class, the “Socrates” breaks down the predisposed stereotypes of Copper and manifests in a reference...
  21. Brise Audio STR7-SE

    Brise Audio STR7-SE

    ◆STR7-Std earphone re-cable STR 7 - Std adopted the new cable STR 7 newly developed with the ideal as a portable cable. It is a standard grade of the cable STR 7 series aiming at balancing handling and sound quality. The basic cable design is the same as the higher grade earphone cable...
  22. Kotori Audio Silicon

    Kotori Audio Silicon

    Silicon keeps the low-range light and bass quick, shifting the emphasis to the mids and treble. The mid and high-range are brought forward with a tinge of sweetness, moving female vocals and instruments such as guitars and pianos into the spotlight. Overall, the cable gives the treble a...
  23. Kotori Audio Tungsten

    Kotori Audio Tungsten

    Tungsten exerts power, reinforcing the low-range with deeper and more impactful bass. Its dark tonality thickens the mid-region and creates a cool, laid-back sound expression. Tungsten pairs well with bright-sounding earphones, taming sibilant sounds and bringing the focus down to the lower...
  24. A

    Looking for short IEM cables

    Hi, My casual listening setup atm is a pair of custom Alclair RevX's playing from a Fiio BTR3K. This bluetooth receiver is connected to Spotify on my phone. This is not the thread for a Spotify/bluetooth discussion, I'm happy with how things sound. I keep the Fiio in my pocket, and run the...
  25. Penon

    2020 Penon Audio Black Friday Big Sale is coming

    To all Head-Fi members, the team at Penon Audio has come up with awesome Black Friday deals up to 65% off ! Irresisitible deals for 100+ products. For this Black Friday sale, we will be featuring products from the likes of DUNU, ISN Audio, TFZ, Tansio Mirai, Magaosi, Anew, LZ HiFi, ikko and...