1. Letshuoer Nebula cable

    Letshuoer Nebula cable

    Letshuoer have provided the Australian review tour group ( Audio Reviews Downunder, Facebook ) with an example of their new premium accessory cable for our honest assessment. Letshuoer’s website describes the construction of the nebula as having a balanced weave construction using Taiwanese 6N...
  2. Letshuoer x Z reviews Chimera cable

    Letshuoer x Z reviews Chimera cable

  3. RockLee

    What does it mean when a cable is Furukawa monocrystalline?

    I have heard this term in several places, but I don't know what it means.
  4. G

    MMCX cables for cable down iems?

    It's easy to find cables for around-the-ear iems, but I've been looking for cables designed for cable-down iems and I'm having a hard time finding many options. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. TaronL

    Introducing the Listenmore Etched Headphone Cable

    Both my brother and I have been in this business coming on 8+ years now and there's always been a recurring thought that has gone through our heads whenever a new headphone is announced. Why is it shipping with that stock cable? From being stiff, ugly, microphonic and a monotone colour to being...
  6. Vortex Cables Alida

    Vortex Cables Alida

    Vortex Cables: Alida The planning for 'Alida' began as early as 2018, with significant effort invested in the design, material selection, and conceptualization of the cable, incorporating the latest headphone cable technologies. After a year-long development process, the cable was officially...


    Missed out on our Black Friday Sale last month? Here's your last chance to save on all products storewide, including custom (wired and BT) cables, Allegro IEM, and our new accessory releases. Enter the code HOLIDAY23 in your shopping cart (prior to checkout) for 15% off. Sale starts this...
  8. Vortex Cables Lavinia

    Vortex Cables Lavinia

    Vortex Cables: Lavinia Through years of experience, the use of materials, and data integration, "Lavinia" will become the pinnacle and breakthrough point of the entire C.F.S. series, with a distinct tonal direction that sets it apart from other models. Specification C.F.S. Series – Lavinia...


    Our annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE starts on the 16th and we're offering a number of new accessories this holiday season: Burgundy Leather Storage Case By popular demand, we are pleased to offer a new burgundy color to the highly-regarded leather cases...
  10. Effect Audio X HiFiGo Griffin

    Effect Audio X HiFiGo Griffin

    Inspired by the mythical creature of flight and strength, Griffin embodies the essence of its namesake, elevating your audio experience to new heights. Griffin is custom created using a new Silver-plated Copper material that ensures the utmost accuracy in bass and treble reproduction, capturing...
  11. D

    Headphone has static noise when I turn on my audio setup

    My new headphones (he1000 stealth) suddenly happened to have loud static noise (static interference/hissing) at the moment when i turn on my audio setup. The static noise was still there even when not playing audio on my PC. So, I tried to use my fingers to bend over the stock cable, and the...


    We're going BIG this summer with these new releases Introducing Silver Plated Copper XL - our first large sized wire designed for IEMs and full-size headphones. This 18AWG wire features 36 wire bundles (compared to 6 groups in our signature 26AWG Type 6 design) with varied dampening center...
  13. MusicTeck

    Eletech Raphael and Elysian Diva is Back In Stock

    Eletech Raphael Eletech Raphael 'Raphael' solidifies Eletech’s experience with working with flagship copper and gold materials, configurations and streamlined into a highly performing mix that is housed within the new “Virtues Series”. Raphael offers a highly resolving sound signature with being...
  14. MusicTeck

    Eletech Raphael and Noble Audio Stage 3 Are Now Available at MusicTeck!!!

    >Eletech Raphael< 'Raphael' solidifies Eletech’s experience with working with flagship copper and gold materials, configurations and streamlined into a highly performing mix that is housed within the new “Virtues Series”. Raphael offers a highly resolving sound signature with being very...
  15. X

    Connect wired headphones to TV

    Hello, I'd like to connect my Focal Clear MGs to my TV, but I'm not sure what kind of hardware would be necessary for this. I would need wire to extend about 10ft. Should I purchase a DAC with an extra long USB, or have a DAC close to the TV and have the headphone cable be extra long? Here are...
  16. Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio Yatono Ultimate 8W

    Brise Audio YATONO 8wire Ultimate earphone cable YATONO 8wire-Ultimate earphone re-cable was developed as the highest sound quality model pursuing only sound quality. BriseAudio have put all of their current know-how into this cable, and it is the highest sound quality cable in the history of...
  17. Belaraza

    Difference between 2.5,3.5 and 4.4mm outputs?

    Hey there, Is there any real difference that is noticeable between 2.5 and 3.5mm? I mean the balanced output can get louder of course but Im not sure if there is a reason to give up the 3.5mm comfort just for something louder. When I tried a 2.5mm cable and audio matched I did not notice a...
  18. RamovniK

    Demograf DACs, AMPs, speakers impressions

    Guys, Hi! My name is Ruslan from Russia. Let's talk about russian diy master (so called - Demograf) who is Dmitriy Gubchenko and his astonishing mahines). For a start I would like to download some photos and talk more about his devices. Lets start with photos then i will tell some words - my own...
  19. Kinera Orlog

    Kinera Orlog

    This is the collaboration between Kinera and highly reputable Hi-fi acoustic cable company Effect Audio for our first high-end IEM upgrade cable. Exterior appearance custom designed by Kinera led artistic team, tuning concept and testing handled by Effect Audio professional acoustic engineers...
  20. GREQ

    Sony MDR-CD900ST Detachable Cable Mod - Photo-heavy

    I documented a detachable cable mod on the Sony MDR-CD900ST for @digitalreferee The goals for this mod: • Looks good • Minimal destruction • Single-sided stereo socket • Reterminate original cable with 3.5mm plug End of reterminated cable mod is not included because there are enough...
  21. Lavricables Grand Silver Cable

    Lavricables Grand Silver Cable

    From the Manufacturer: • Carefully handmade cable consists of 4 cores of awg20 multistrand litz cryo treated 6N purity silver wire. • Soldered with Mundorf Supreme Silver 9.5% audio solder. • Graphene groups are placed in the center of wire in order to make vocals more precise and open. •...
  22. ISN AUDIO H2


    ISN Audio H2 2 Shares 6N+ OCC & Silver-plated OCC Hybrid HiFi Earphone IEM Replacement Cable with 3 Detachable Plugs Specification Brand: ISN Audio Model: H2 Cable material: 6N+ OCC & silver-plated OCC hybrid Cable Cores: 2 shares 72 cores, the wire core is 0.08 Accessory material: Aluminum...
  23. HAKUGEI Skyrim Litz 6N Pure Silver Shielding Coaxial 7N OCC Upgrade Cable

    HAKUGEI Skyrim Litz 6N Pure Silver Shielding Coaxial 7N OCC Upgrade Cable

  24. Salvation Sariel Graphene 6N Single Crystal Silver Upgrade Cable

    Salvation Sariel Graphene 6N Single Crystal Silver Upgrade Cable



    Our annual Black Friday Event starts this week and it’s the biggest one yet! Two new products will be available to order just in time for the holidays: ALLEGRO In-Ear Monitor(!!!) You’ve read correctly. After years of research and development, we are so...