Lavricables Master (V3) Power Cable

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Now available in V3 – overall silver gauge is increased with 5n purity awg26 silver strands of different geometry.
True Hi-End masterpiece made out of 20 cores of 5N purity silver!
Built like a tank! Would perfectly fit Preamp, DAC, Streamer, CD player, AB class 100w integrated amp.
Will dramatically improve full potential of your setup by revealing pleasant transparency, wider soundstage and crystal clarity!

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Reviewer at hxosplus
Lavricables Master Power Cable
Pros: + Can improve clarity and transparency
+ Can enhance resolution and definition
+ Can help with dynamics
+ Extremely well made
+ High quality plugs
+ Soft and bends easily
+ Doesn't get tangled
Cons: - You must have a high quality audio system with great transparency
- Sonic enhancements are not guaranteed in all audio systems

Lavricables is a Latvia based company that was created back in 2012 as a hobby. To ensure the highest quality of their products they use pure silver which is the best conductor available nowadays. Silver is also known for its neutrality, resolution and soundstage openness. Moreover, braided solid core cable geometry allows to eliminate radio frequencies and electromagnetic interferences and with increased number of cores skin effect is also minimized on high frequencies. Currently they make cables for headphones and earphones, as well as interconnect, speaker and power cables. Most of their products are available in four lines: Reference, Ultimate, Master and Grand. You can read more at the Lavricables website.

Master Power Cable

The Lavricables Master power cable is now available in its third generation V3 where the overall silver gauge is increased while cores of bigger gauge and shape have been added in comparison to the previous generation V2. It is a carefully braided, 20 core pure silver mains cable with a complex geometry where 7 cores of 5N solid silver wire (4x AWG28 + 2x AWG26 + 1x AWG26 ribbon) are used for the active line and 7 cores (4x AWG28 + 2x AWG26 + 1x AWG26 ribbon) for the neutral in order to transfer AC voltage. Additionally 6 cores of silver plated copper of 0.3mm diameter are used for the earth line. 5N silver transmits electrical signals faster and with less distortion than ordinary OFC material while skin effect is noticeably reduced via the separated 20 cores.

The cable features an unshielded design that is supposed to bring more air and transparency. Lavricables incorporate woven teflon litz construction in order to achieve RFI and EMI rejection and provide low capacitance. High grade teflon insulation gives a predominant air dielectric and is regarded as the best insulator for bare cable, ensuring safety up to 300 AC of continuous voltage. Lavricables recommend the Master power cable for use in preamps, DACs, streamers and AB class integrated amplifiers.

Non Audio stuff

The Lavricables Master power cable is built like a tank. The outer sheathing is durable and wear resistant but at the same time the cable is very soft and bends easily without getting tangled or losing its shape. The cable is terminated with carbon, rhodium plated plugs that are of the highest quality and also look very gorgeous. The cable has heat shrink reliefs at the plug entry points for protection against bending. This is a luxurious and extremely well made cable that you could just buy for the premium looks and the supreme quality.

Cable talk

After reviewing various headphone cables by Lavricables, I became a fan of their transparency and I decided to use them as my exclusive aftermarket cables. This doesn't mean though that I blind trust all cables by Lavricables. In order to add a cable to my collection it must first pass all my subjective listening tests and convince me that it makes any difference to the better.

When it comes to audio cables, I am not a blindfolded believer but not also a denier. The audio hobby includes plenty of subjectivity, so I do perform my own subjective listening tests and if it happens to like something then I consider making it a part of the audio chain.

This is a purely subjective listening evaluation of the Lavricables master power cable without any scientific validation. It is not guaranteed that you are going to experience the same sonic findings with me and your mileage may vary depending on personal biases and your audio chain.


Audio stuff

The cable was tested for more than one month in various speakers and headphones systems. Some of the audio devices used were the FiiO R9, HIFIMAN Serenade, Auris HA2-SE+, Audiolab 9000N, Lab 12 Integre4 MK2, Hegel H190 and Denafrips Venus II.

From all the audio cables, I am the most skeptical when it comes to power cables and are the last link of the audio chain that I usually deal with. However, the truth is that I never use the stock black cables, instead I buy decent and budget friendly power cables from various brands.

The question to arise is if I heard anything better between using a black cable and the Lavricables Master power cable. I am going to be honest, I did notice a discreet sonic improvement in most of the setups that I have used, but the differences were rather subtle and not in a night and day fashion. Still, in a competent system, where you have everything else settled and carefully matched, the Lavricables Master power cable can be the icing on the cake.

The most notable improvement that the Lavricables Master power cable brings to an audio system is when it comes to transparency and clarity. You can certainly sense a blacker background that lets you effectively focus on the finest details or hear the faintest of the notes. The Lavricables Master power cable can make a high quality audio system sound more spacious with sharper imaging, clearer definition and improved layering. Using the Lavricables Master cable to power an integrated or a headphone amplifier can slightly enhance dynamics and help with transient speed. What the Master power cable did not do was to induce any kind of brightness or sharpness in the treble or derail the system from its frequency linearity. Last, but not least, what I also noticed was an increased sense of refinement, especially in the treble where the cable added some kind of silky smoothness.

The better the audio chain and the quality of the recording, the better were the beneficial effects of the cable. Someone must have an already transparent, revealing and high quality audio system in order to perceive the beneficial effects of the Lavricables Master power cable. The cable will not perform some kind of miraculous magic to transform a mediocre system into something better and it will certainly not act like a frequency filter or an equalizer. What it can do is to uplift the performance of a capable system by adding the final finishing touch.


Audio cables are always a controversial and highly subjective topic that I prefer not to touch so I usually avoid reviewing them. When it comes to the Lavricables Master power cable, I was just asked to offer my honestly subjective findings and thus I did after extensive testing. Some components of the audio chain did gain sonic benefits and I would happily exchange the stock cables for the Lavricables Master power cable. Whether it is going to do the same for your audio system, this is something left for you to find out.

The cable provided free of charge in order to evaluate it and share my honest and subjective opinion about its performance.

The price of the Lavricables Master power cable is €385.00 ex. VAT for 1.5m length and you can order it from Lavricables.
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