1. Wladimir

    Lavricables - Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello and welcome, since there was no established thread about Lavricables brand, I decided to start one, where owners can share their experience and people looking for aftermarket cables can find more information to decide on. So without further ado, let's kick this first post off with my...
  2. Genna

    [Sold] Lavricables Grand Silver 20 Core with Neutrik 4-pin XLR connector (2 meters, balanced, with 150h burn-in service)

    For sale in mint condition: Lavricables Grand Silver 20 Core with Rean mini XLR connectors to Neutrik 4-pin XLR connector Balanced, without a sleeve, with 150h burn-in service, used only 10h. Shipping...
  3. Genna

    [Sold] Lavricables Master Silver 12 Core with ViaBlue 6,3mm connector (2 meters, unbalanced, only 10h used)

    For sale in mint condition: Lavricables Master Silver 12 Core with ViaBlue 6,3mm connector Unbalanced, with black sleeve, used only 10h. Shipping is not included.
  4. nxxo


    Hi HeadFier, i put on the sale table today a pristine 9.9/10. Very little used, maybe 5h total, Lavricables Reference line Multistrand litz 2.5mm balanced 2 pin, 1.5m length, with transparent heatshrink and red sleeve. Price for a new 225$ USD without shipping. Thanks and feel free to ask...
  5. Sotiris

    FS Lavricables Reference Silver Cable mmcx 3.5mm

    Hi Anyone interested in trading/buying the next cable ? I use them only indoor at night before sleep. They are like new, pure silver. Regards
  6. mikewr

    [WTS] Lavricable (Ultimate Line) Silver Cable for Audioquest/Certain Hifiman --> 1.5m Length / 2.5mm Termination

    Length of cable is 1.5m so it's intended for portable use. Termination is 2.5mm TRRS balanced. Works with Audioquest and certain Hifiman's. Not sure of all the models it's compatible with so please do your research (I used it a lot with my old edition x v2 just fine). I rarely use this cable...
  7. gonzalo1004es

    HD600/650/660 Lavricables

    Hi! I'm selling my 1,5m. Lavricables Reference silver cable for Sennheiser HD600/650/660, with 6,3mm. plug, and in pristine condition. Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
  8. gonzalo1004es

    Quad ERA-1 (Focal, Hifiman,...) Lavricable

    Hi! I'm selling this 1,5m. long pure silver Lavricables, in like-new condition. I assume that it would work with any headphone using the same connector (3,5mm.), like some Focal, Hifiman or Denon headphones. Price includes shipping and paypal fees.
  9. shyamwanne

    SOLD: Lavricables Reference Silver Lightning to USB Cable for Portable HiFi

    Lavricables Reference Silver Lightning to USB Cable for Portable HiFi Like New Condition:) $70 new Huge upgrade!
  10. thebratts

    Sold; Lavricables ultimate XLR to 3.5mm (for Z1r, Z7 etc)

    Selling my Ultimate Silver Sony Z1R, ZX2, MDR-Z7 upgrade cable ( Length: 3.5 m, Silk sleeving: Black, Plug: Neutrik NC4MXXB). It's in perfect condition
  11. thebratts

    SOtm SmS-200 Network player with mbPS-d2S battery supply

    Selling my SOtM sMS-200 Mini Network Player including the mbPS-d2s battery power supply. Everything in perfect condition, boxes etc.. Working very well but not used enough to keep (focus on portable sources) I also include a USB cable from lavricables Ultimate Silver Dual USB A-B interconnect...
  12. Dvdlucena

    Silver cable Lavricable Granmaster Audeze

    Hello Head Fiers I'm selling this cable, it is mint, perfect condition It is compatible With all Audeze LCD headphones and others with mini XLR 20 cores pure silver. Sounds beautiful! Xlr balances terminated. Price 260 Shipping world- 20-40 dollars
  13. tompaz909

    SOLD - Balanced Lavricables Ultimate Pure Silver Cable

    For sale is a balanced Lavricables Ultimate Pure Silver cable (4ft) with dual 3.5mm headphone plugs and XLR4 connector. It's in unused condition since I sold my amp with xlr output prior to receiving this cable. Works with Audeze Sine, Sony MDR-Z7/Z1R and any other headphones with dual 3.5mm...
  14. AManAnd88Keys

    Lavricables silver 10 core reference interconnects (2 pairs available)

    Hello everybody, I would like to sell two pairs of the Lavricables 10 core silver reference interconnects. Both are 50cm in length and terminated with AECO silver RCA plugs. That means that all conducting material is silver.The AECO plugs have a very tight fit too - there's nothing cheap about...