1. Lavricables Grand Silver Cable

    Lavricables Grand Silver Cable

    From the Manufacturer: • Carefully handmade cable consists of 4 cores of awg20 multistrand litz cryo treated 6N purity silver wire. • Soldered with Mundorf Supreme Silver 9.5% audio solder. • Graphene groups are placed in the center of wire in order to make vocals more precise and open. •...
  2. Lavricables Master Line V3

    Lavricables Master Line V3

  3. M

    M8, Hifiman Arya and A&K T9iE

    Ideally to be posted in the Shanling M8 thread. Hello to all, Before throwing out my question allow me to express my gratitude for the forum and these exchanges. It helped me in making my choices, and occasionally focus on listening rather than thinking about the music. :-) I went crazy on...
  4. Wladimir

    Lavricables - Impressions & Discussion Thread

    Hello and welcome, since there was no established thread about Lavricables brand, I decided to start one, where owners can share their experience and people looking for aftermarket cables can find more information to decide on. So without further ado, let's kick this first post off with my...