M8, Hifiman Arya and A&K T9iE
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Apr 27, 2021
Ideally to be posted in the Shanling M8 thread.

Hello to all,

Before throwing out my question allow me to express my gratitude for the forum and these exchanges. It helped me in making my choices, and occasionally focus on listening rather than thinking about the music. :)

I went crazy on very high-end systems for close to two decades, got tired of my craziness; listening was no longer at the center of it all. I went decent systems ( I know that is very relative ) for a while and have now jumped into the world of ‘portable’. A friend of mine is an importer of high-end gear to blessed there too. I went M8, Hifiman Arya and Lavricables ‘Grand’ in 4.4. balanced, 1TB SD extreme pro ( great but transfer time drove me mad, inclusive of .m3u files ruining large transfers systematically ). Everything is burned in now and I must admit: stunned, so much enjoyment!

Where I need your opinions: I had the opportunity to buy a new boxed pair of A&K T9iE iem’s for 400€. Quite a bit of money yet a bargain vs retail price ( about 1200 ). Any experience with them, ideally with the M8, before I start using them? They would / will be my ‘on the go’ solution whereas the Arya’s are just too big. Considering changing the plug to a 4.4. balanced one, assuming the ‘standard’ silver cables are at par with a great transparent cable solution. Anyway, luxury problems. :)

Fab day to all,


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