1. D

    Topping E30 + Sundara or AKG K712 Pro question

    Hi! Sorry if this has been asked before. I tried searching the forum, but couldn’t find an answer. I’ve bought a Topping E30, and I’m planning to use it to power either some K712 pros or Sundaras. (I’m leaning mostly towards the K712). From what I’ve read the E30 supplies about 2 vrms. Would...
  2. T

    Powering Dangles independently

    I’m relatively new to these forums, and am not sure that this hasn’t been discussed before, but I recently stumbled upon a simple and inexpensive tweak that can vastly improve the sound of remote DAC/Amp like the Lotoo PAW S2 that I use with my iPhone to stream Qobuz. I used an inexpensive...
  3. tlite


    Just auditioning my first decent headphones. Audeze LCD-1 Sennheiser HD6XX Grado SR80 Hifiman 560 v4 From the perpective of Phone --> Dragonfly Red vs. Phone --> Dragonfly Red --> Magni... ALL of them sound better with the Magni. Is more power always good? YAY, POWER.
  4. A

    Most powerful portable bal dac/amp

    Hi, I am looking around for a portable dac/amp with balanced output to drive demanding headphones like Arya and HD800S. So far my research points to the new Xduoo XD05 Bal which gives 1w at 32ohm with a 4.4mm. Any other recommendation out there for consideration?
  5. Mediahound

    Is EMI/RF interference really a thing?

    Audiphile cable and power conditioner makers often market that their products help reject EMI and RF interference. Is it really something we need to worry about for audio? Aside from audio, I'm also wondering about any health affects from EMF from say a small in-wall breaker box in the same...
  6. Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Plixir Elite BAC 400

    Elite BAC 400 The PLiXiR Elite BAC 400 power conditioner is the best mains AC power conditioning product for your desktop Hi-fi system. Designed around our concept of Pure Tone*, it naturally cleans up the incoming AC mains supply and improves current delivery to your system. It uses a custom...
  7. Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    Audio Analogue PureLine AAdac

    AAdac The new AAdac is the latest product of PureAA line. Just like the AAcento and AAphono, it is a product that perfectly fits in the Audio Analogue philosophy: its simple design, its remarkable sound performances and its great care for the finish and for the materials and parts selection...
  8. chrisdrop

    Crazy Power & Noise Saga

    For ~4 months, I have been trying to get to the bottom of a painful noise problem in my setup(s). It has been a very persistent and difficult to nail down issue. (Or I am a few sandwiches short of a picnic and quite slow). With hindsight, I do feel like I should have found it easier/ sooner...
  9. A

    Sennheiser HD 650 vs Beyerdynamic DT 880 & 990 vs Sennheiser HD 599

    Hi, I'm using the Sennheiser PC 360 headset with the Creative Sound BlasterX G6. I use the headset for gaming and music (70 - 80s pop music, classical music and some marches etc.). I'm thinking of replacing the headset with one of the following models: - Sennheiser HD 650 - Beyerdynamic DT 880...
  10. HamsterJ

    US compatible power cables purchased in Japan

    Hi. I'll move within some weeks to the US for work, while I'm now living in Japan. I have quite a few Type B cables for my hifi equipments: did anybody bother to re-use same cables in both countries, or do you recommend to purchase new ones in the US? I'm talking good quality cables from...
  11. N

    Grado SR80e Power Handling

    Hello! I'm hoping someone can help me with my question. I have a USB powered DAC with a built-in amplifier - model Signstek HIFI USB. This DAC has a PCM2704 chip (great sound BTW!) and according to its datasheet, the output power is 12mW with 32ohm load - also 1.8Vpp with 10k load. I'm assuming...
  12. DelsFan

    Question(s) about a Dedicated Mains Power Supply for my Rig

    Last week I had my electrician come by to (finally) install a dedicated circuit for my headphone system. He was working me in, and when he got here he had a “better” idea for routing the cable, and of course he was in a hurry. Which was fine: I’m just glad he came. I thought we would run the...
  13. tiddlywinks

    New model Cowon - Plenue D2

    24bit/192kHz high-definition soundI Dual DAC : High-quality Balanced Out : Native DSD : The latest high-quality DAC SNR CS43131 130dB, early THD + N 0.0004%, balance output 4.0 V r m sI Premium Sound DAC FilterI 45 hours of music playback JetEffect BBE 5 & +I...
  14. J

    Help! Why do some earbuds feel harsh and aggressive, like there's more power in them?

    For the last 15 years I've been very happily using a pair of Sennheiser MX400 earbuds. They always felt gentle and comfortable, no matter how loud I had the volume. They recently broke and I've been looking for a replacement, but the two I've tried so far (the VE Monk Plus and Sennheiser MX365)...
  15. Obieworld

    UPS Battery and Power strip

    Hi guys, Need a gentle advice here, Living in Africa, it's useless to say that our electricity source is not the best in the world… a lot of flux distortions, blackouts, etc.… Therefore, I invested a time ago in power strip and cables, here is my quick power setup : Wall - Wireworld Aurora 7...
  16. N

    Would the Monoprice USB/DAC be able to power the HE-400i.

    Question is the title. Would it be able to power them or should I get something like the TA-01 and a golden lion tube?
  17. sonicx2218

    Do I need a preamp for my XLR dynamic microphone?

    UPDATE: Solved the problem! Ignore! Can't find where the delete thread button is. Got the AKG D5 mic the other day, and as an XLR noob, have only been met with problems. First it wasn't producing any sound at all - then I got a phantom power device even though it's a dynamic just to see. And...
  18. iFi AC iPurifier

    iFi AC iPurifier

    Let no noise go unsilenced If you think of mains power as the ‘gasoline’ fuelling your audio system, the AC iPurifier is the product that ensures that it’s getting a clean, super premium blend to deliver the best possible audio fidelity. The AC iPurifier is the latest in iFi audio’s stable...
  19. GivenTheOkiDoke

    Question about Voltage

    Normaly when buying an amp there is a selection that will ask if I need 120v power supply or 220v power supply. On the amps I do own they are all 120v according to the power bricks but is there any benefit to selecting 220v? Aletrnativly are there any issues or dangers from selecting 220v over...
  20. Basshead Paul

    How do I figure out, mathematically, if an amp will fully power specific headphones?

    I apologize for the newbie question, but I'm having trouble finding a simple, straightforward answer to this. What information do I need? And what do I do with that information? I want to make sure the desktop amp I buy will *fully* power my headphones. I don't want it to just be "good enough"...
  21. Zenrap518

    Is the Massdrop O2/ODAC good?

    Some time ago, i bought PSB M4U 1's which sound great, but i was looking to get a bit more out of them. I did some research saw the O2/ODAC on Massdrop. Would this be good for low-impedance headphones like the PSB's and in the future, something like the Sennheiser HD650's? And also, on Massdrop...
  22. W

    Using Schiit Fulla 2 with Samsung Galaxy S7 (NOT edge)

    Hi head-fi, I'm looking at buying my first DAC and have seen good reviews of the Fulla 2. I'm pretty much sold on it, apart from the fact that I need to know if my Galaxy S7 will be able to power it WITHOUT external power (ie, I connect only two cables to the full: data+power, and headphones)...