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New model Cowon - Plenue D2

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by tiddlywinks, Jan 1, 2019.
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  1. tiddlywinks
    24bit/192kHz high-definition soundI Dual DAC : High-quality Balanced Out : Native DSD : The latest high-quality DAC SNR CS43131 130dB, early THD + N 0.0004%, balance output 4.0 V r m sI Premium Sound DAC FilterI 45 hours of music playback JetEffect BBE 5 & +I DSD(DFF,DSF,ISO)/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC/APE/MP3/WMA/OGGI Wide viewing angle touch display isometric edge designI 64GB memoryI Micro SD card slotI Matrix browser

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    Last edited: Jan 1, 2019
  2. tiddlywinks
    45 Hours Non-stop 45-hour music playback sound
    Low-power audio DAC with minimal battery consumption, combined with the high-performance battery with
    charging of D 2 is only one PLENUE as up to 45 hours, 30 hours of MP3-quality all day long you can enjoy the best possible sound
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  3. tiddlywinks
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  4. technobear
    Still limited to 128GB micro SD :frowning2:
  5. taffy2207
    Yeah I think they ****ed up on storage, personally. It was a common gripe in the original Plenue D thread. I'm looking to buy a new DAP because I want extra storage. Balanced out and extra storage capacity were the big drawbacks of the Plenue D, for me. Balanced out has been addressed but they need to up their game regarding storage.

    DSD I honestly couldn't care less about. It looks like the battery is replaceable judging from the bumph below, so that's a plus.

    All in all it comes down to how good it sounds, I guess. I may end up buying it if it sounds good, never say never. If it sounds significantly better than the original D I might forgive the storage thing.
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2019
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  6. taffy2207
    NOTICE from Cowon.com

    Hello, customer?
    Digital Pride Cowon.

    'PLENUE D2' with dual DAC and 2.5mm balanced output provides the best sound will be released on January 2 this year.

    'PLENUE D2' uses dual CS43131, a next-generation premium DAC with a high-resolution headphone amplifier, to construct a dual DAC to achieve perfect HD sound with no noise. With high-quality 2.5mm balanced output, DSD128 is native, allowing you to hear a clear sound as it goes from analog to digital. With a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 130dB, a harmonic distortion factor (THD + N) of 0.0004% and a balanced output of 4.0Vrms, the 5 digital filters provided for micro- You can enjoy sound tuning that exceeds the hearing limit even with the same original sound. JetEffect, a unique sound field technology from Cowon, is also included to provide the optimum music environment to satisfy various customer's preferences.

    'PLENUE D2' is an isometric edge design with a geometric golden ratio to the edge of a luxurious metal head, and a sensational design that adds a sophisticated polyhedron structure with sophisticated cutting. The small size inside the hand, the metal head which gives the point with gold and silver, harmonizes with the black body and gives a more refined and emotional feeling.
    In addition, all functions related to music playback, such as power, volume, playback and navigation, can be operated with the physical buttons, making it easy to operate even in your pocket.

    'PLENUE D2' is a combination of low-power circuit with low battery consumption and high performance battery. It can play continuously for 45 hours of MP3 standard and 30 hours of high quality standard. It also has a micro SD card slot that can expand to 128GB, You can save it. DSD format of DFF, DSF, ISO (SACD) files and various lossless sound sources are supported.

    'PLENUE D2' is the number of customers Dear dual DAC with which has been a popular product that connects to the reputation of 'PLENUE D' and high-quality balanced output, native DSD support previous large even your Dear than the width in the upgraded performance compared to music listening I am confident that I will bring pleasure.

    Thank you for your interest and support.
    Thank you.

    1) 'PLENUE D2' is available in two colors, Gold Black and Silver Black.
    2) 'PLENUE D2' celebrate the launch to proceed with the rich sweepstakes offering you a 100% registration provides a CU Mobile vouchers, LCD protective film to review all your purchases during the month.
    3) has established a listening exercise gratitude and customer events in the specified store from January 3 to 9 days. You will be able to listen and experience the product during the event, and you will receive a luxury leather case and a spare battery for free.
    * Please note that the launch event may be subject to change without notice due to manufacturer's circumstances.

    ■ Product price (including VAT)
    * D2 to 64GB of PLENUE: 359,000 won (Approx £254.19, USD $320.57)
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  7. technobear
    One of the selectable digital filters is 'NOS'. That's nice to see on a DAP. I use it on all my iFi pieces and my RME ADI2-DAC.

    That storage limit is the showstopper though. I'm enjoying my Shanling M0 (with 256GB) and following the FiiO M9 and Shanling M5s threads to see how they pan out.
  8. mysticstryk
    Looks like JetAudio has removed the original PD from Amazon. It was just there this morning in both colors. May be getting ready to release the new model in the US.
  9. HiFlight
    Even a Google search didn't show any significant info regarding purchase. I thought it was to have been released a day or so ago.
  10. tiddlywinks
    It is available through the Cowon Korean shop site - 359000 Won
  11. mysticstryk
    JetAudio (Cowons official US distributor) confirmed that the original is just out of stock, and they will have more in a couple of days. They also said they will have the new D2 in stock "soon".
  12. SciOC
    Whoa. 4.0 vrms balanced? That's an enormous step up in power which puts it into plenue L territory..... I have a plenue 2 on the way that outputs 2 vrms balanced, on sale from jet for $799.

    Might be sending that back.
  13. jmills8
    Wished this would sound as detailed as the PM2 and P2. Im using those along with Cayin N8 every week. I prefer these daps over all the A&K, Lotoo, Sony daps. The one thing I didnt like about the PD was rhe lack of details.
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  14. cloudscapes
    Once apon a time, Cowon used to think battery life was important.

    So far it's looking like a downgrade from my D1. Hope the UI is responsive at launch this time.
  15. mysticstryk
    The PD has such great battery life because it uses a very low powered amp. The fact that the PD2 can output quadruple the power as the PD and still manage 45 hours is outstanding. Puts the competition to shame, who struggle to make it over 10 hours on average.
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