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Would the Monoprice USB/DAC be able to power the HE-400i.


Does the Monoprice USB Dac have enough power?

  1. xDuoo TA-01 with Golden Lion Tube

  2. Monoprice USB DAC(with ESS Sabre)

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  1. Newtothis142
    Question is the title. Would it be able to power them or should I get something like the TA-01 and a golden lion tube?
  2. trellus
    Monoprice doesn't list the power for the amp section, nor the output impedance, for this little DAC/amp. They do display it with one of their own planars, I think either the M1060C or M565C closed sets, but unless you really need that really small form factor, you might be better off with the TA-01.

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