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Do I need a preamp for my XLR dynamic microphone?

  1. sonicx2218
    UPDATE: Solved the problem! Ignore! Can't find where the delete thread button is.

    Got the AKG D5 mic the other day, and as an XLR noob, have only been met with problems. First it wasn't producing any sound at all - then I got a phantom power device even though it's a dynamic just to see. And then I switched the 1/4 stereo speaker adapter to mono to match the mics mono output...but nothing is working. I cannot get it to be audibly loud enough. My last ditch is buying a pre-amp, but I'm hearing back and forth about not needing pre-amps for dynamic mics so I'm unsure. Could anybody lay out exactly how I get this to work?

    Right now I have it mic, xlr cable, phantom power device, xlr cable to 1/4 mono out and that isn't producing much sound. If I turn my speakers on max, you can hear it a bit but I'm definitely not going to be doing that.

    Thanks for the help!! You guys have been a constant push in the right direction!
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2018

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