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DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Discussions' started by wje, Aug 10, 2013.
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  1. wje
    I thought this might work a bit better.  Sadly, the DIY Cable Gallery thread is becoming less of a gallery thread and sadly, more of a Q&A thread
    Let's use this thread for the Questions and Answers thread for information regarding DIY cables, connectors, using an ohm meter, paracord, etc. and all those types of questions and comments.
    Meanwhile, the following thread  will hopefully head back in the direction it was intended for -- to be a gallery for members to show their fine crafting of DIY cables that provide many of us with great inspiration for this fine hobby.
    Thanks !!
    Links and Information for Cable and Connectors:
    Wiring and Connector Supplies - Redcohttp://www.redco.com/
    Wiring and Connector Supplies - Digikey: http://www.digikey.com
    Wiring and Connector Supplies - Have Inc.: http://store.haveinc.com/
    Connector Supplies - Mouser Electronics: http://www.mouser.com
    Wiring and Connector Supplies - Parts Express: http://www.parts-express.com
    Wiring and Connector Supplies - Parts Connexion: http://www.partsconnexion.com 
    HifiMan SMC Connectors - Ebay: http://www.ebay.com (Search for "SMC Connectors"  You will see a vendor from Hong Kong selling the connectors for $1.50, each.  Shipping is $1.80.  Remember to purchase 2 to get a pair.  You can buy in quantity and the shipping rate doesn't change.  Prices as of August 11, 2013.
    Senneheiser Cable Connectors (to ear cups): http://www.lunashops.com (Search for "Acrolink Sennheiser"  These are about $9.00 a pair and usually arrive in the U.S. in approximately 3 weeks, or slightly less time.
    Links for Paracord Suppliers:
    Paracord Supplier - Supply Captain: http://www.supplycaptain.com
    Instructions / How-To Guides:
    Braiding Tips: http://www.seekyee.com/Slings/howtos.htm
  2. funch
  3. Kamakahah
    Sounds like a plan. I'll make sure to direct questions here, including my own.

    I'll start this off with one.

    I've made quite a few cables and interconnects now. I'm making a few new ones for some other members. One wants an interconnect with clear or transparent tubing. I've been thinking over what would be the better option.

    The only things I could think of were clear heatshrink tubing but not shrinking it or finding some tubing like teflon or what is used in fish tanks. It just has to be flexible enough.

    Any ideas?
  4. Zashoomin
    Well I do have an idea but its not a cheap one.  So I know that sites like partsconnexion sells clear teflon tubing for bare wire.  If you can get a high enough gauge of that than that would work.  Otherwise I think you might be able to find some clear techflex.  Not sure if that exists though.  
  5. wje
    Below, you'll find a diagram that I created over a year ago for building a balanced connector, as well as speaker taps for the HifiMan headphone.  The speaker taps are designed if one plans to use the headphone cable with a speaker amp.
  6. wje
    Reserved.  Will provide pictures and a guide using a good method for attaching the SMC connectors when building a HifiMan cable
    I should have this information posted within the next 48 hours.
    Images added.  I will type information or a narrative for each picture describing the step and the process.
  7. audiofreakie
    I got an amp from some one, doobooloo portable balanced amp, it used 2 trs 1/4".
    Can some one help me how to wiring headphone cable for TRS without XLR?
  8. wje
    Hi.  Are you sure the 1/4" plugs required are of the TRS flavor?  Possibly, the 1/4" plugs, since they are used in a balanced configuration could be just Tip / Ring variety with 2 conductors.  Or, if one really has to use 3 conductor plugs (TRS), then all one would really need to do is wire the Tip for (+) and the Ring and Sleeve - Both for (-).  I can't see any reason why the output on the amp would send a signal to 3 conductors for each channel.
    If you open the amp up, look at the wires that go to the 1/4" female plugs.  Check to see if it's either two or three wires that run to the plug.  That will give us here more information and provide a response on how to proceed.  Also, if I could ask, what manufacturer and model is the amp?
  9. dBel84
    I recall this amp from a few years ago - it used dual 1/4" plugs for the balanced output. 
    each TRS would represent one channel 
    tip - + signal 
    ring - -ve signal
    sleeve - ground connection. 
    ( as noted above by WJE )
    Amp was based on dual TPA6120 (??) chips , one per channel providing balanced operation in a fairly small form factor. 
  10. dBel84
    Not sure if anyone has a list / link to providers of reasonably priced but good quality components for building cables - this might be a useful addition for the opening post ?
    for example - REDCO stocks some great wire and connectors , VT4C offers a few more esoterics .....
    there are plenty more but a list with specific relevance to cables would be quite cool. 
  11. wje
    Noted and a list has been started in the first post.  Thank you !!!
    If others have vendors that they've worked with in the past and have had good experiences, please feel free to PM me that information.  I'll ensure it gets added to the first post.  Thanks !!
  12. PXSS
  13. audiofreakie
    @wje, yups, its used TRS, because this amp can used as unbalanced. This amp is DIY project, as @dBel84 explain. I just confuse which one is a signal tips or ring.
    But now problem solved.
    Thankyou for the explanation @wje & @dBel84.
    BTW this thread is very helpfull.
  14. ben_r_
    Awesome! Bout time someone started this thread! Here is another little pic people might find helpful:
  15. wje
    Regarding the Sennheiser plugs, very good!  Also, when I usually build such a cable with those connectors, I use a small toothpick and apply a small drop of paint on the shrinkwrap on the "inside" side.  This allows for one to easily determine which direction the plugs should be inserted for the L and the R.
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