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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. kalo86
    Hi @hakuzen, do you know if exists an adapter from MMCX to 2 pins Paragraph C (for the KZ ZS10 Pro)?
    If yes, can you post a link to the seller? Thanks
  2. hakuzen
    yes, i do own two types: MMCX to QDC and 2-protruding-pins to QDC.

    note that polarity is for QDC, BQEYZ, and others, which is inverted respect KZ, Moondrop, and most 2pins iems.
    while both sides are inverted, there is no problem, because the components (capacitors, resistors) inside the iem don't use to be polarized.

    the problem is the link.
    in AE:
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32987522204.html (price is prohibitive, and these QDC adapters are not listed here)
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33016734050.html (straight)
    https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32967641136.html (straight, but longer)

    found mines at taobao (bought through superbuy agent, affordable total price):
  3. kalo86
    The adapter is angled, since the ZS10pro has the inverted polarity, how can you use this adapter?
  4. hakuzen
    added new cable 174 to my list: electro acousti 8 cores 28awg neotech up-occ silver(99%)+gold(1%) alloy.
    an excellent pure silver cable, at last. it's a pure pleasure for mids and highs. i also like the detailed bass, but some can miss some bass rumble. if so, check the other cable added, 171 (electro acousti 8 cores neotech frozen up-occ copper litz). my copper dream.
    nicehck cable 169 (4 cores 28awg copper+silver plated copper mixed) is half way between these two.
    171 and 174 both provide very good conductivity while not being too heavy or thick. i'll add some detailed pics in a few minutes.

    174. tw upocc Ag99Au1 8c eagle (silver,eagle,MV): 140/151..143/151..142/146..149/158 mΩ..[34g]
    parallel capacitance: 400..390 pF
    outer diameter: 5.3mm total length: 118/116cm (37/39cm from splitter).
    structure: 0.10mm*10(ID:0.36mm/OD:1.4mm/28.15AWG)*8c [2c/signal:25.16AWG]
    taiwan neotech up-occ pure silver99% + Au1% alloy. 28awg/core, PE sheath.
    eagle true rhodium plated plug; superb quality plug, there is a big difference between these components (jack, divider, slider), and those used in any other chi-cable from my list; the plug costs over $14, while others cost $2-3. good strain reliefs.
    mmcx, 2pins, and other terminations, 2.5, 3.5, 4.4mm plugs, available.
    flexible wire, but not the most flexible; it's supple, considering its thickness.
    some microphonics, then, although i don't notice them when music is playing.
    like the other up-occ wires, sound is very clean, reference. darker background, deeper soundstage, which helps to better separation and imaging perception. this also leads to better definition and detail.
    compared with the other up-occ wires, i do notice the effect of pure silver.
    mids and highs become more layered than in any other wire. soundstage is bigger, deeper, sounds come from many different places, even at dense passages. you can easier locate and separate them from others. the result is a clearer perception of mids and highs. this is the best wire i've tried for mids and highs.
    lows are tight, punchy (great hit hats), and detailed. you can follow the bass line easier, fine texture. but you notice less bass rumble, shorter note size, than with up-occ copper.
    so this wire is excellent for taming bass in dark combos, or for mid-treble-heads (like me).
    if you miss bolder bass and rumble, you better try up-occ copper.
    this is my favorite pure silver cable atm.

    wire used:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    170, 171. tw cryo 7n upocc copper litz (copper,eagle,M), PE sheath.
    taiwan neotech frozen 7n up-occ copper litz (independent shield/enamel of every thread in each core); "frozen and strengthened by American cryo parts".
    eagle true rhodium plated plug, sandal wood divider and wood/metal chin slider; superb quality plugs, there is a big difference between these components (plug, divider, slider), and those used in any other chi-cable from my list; the plug costs over $14, while others cost $2-3.
    strain relief is a bit stiff (soft heat-shrink); this could be improved. edit: this has been improved in cable 171; now it's very good.
    mmcx, 2pins, and other terminations, 2.5, 3.5, 4.4mm plugs, available.
    flexible wire, but not the most flexible; i expected the 8 cores would be stiffer; it's quite supple for its thickness.
    some microphonics, then, although i don't notice them when music is playing.
    sound is very clean, reference. darker background, deeper soundstage; definition is so great, that i get the best separation and imaging perception.
    litz shielding can give even darker background than wire used in cable 165 (no litz); this is confirmed after first listening; difference is subtle (as usual with cables), but noticeable and welcome.
    bass keeps its rumble, while detailed. mids and highs perception is clearer than with other copper cables.
    my wish of an 8 cores version cable of this wire has been granted! this is be my favorite copper cable, atm.

    171. 8 cores version: 133..143..132..142 mΩ..[30.5g]
    parallel capacitance: 407..397 pF
    outer diameter: 5mm total length: 122cm (38cm from splitter).
    structure: 0.08mm*19(OD:1.08mm/27.3awg)*4c [2c/signal: 24.3AWG]

    170. 4 cores version: 252..254..268..290 mΩ..[21.46g]
    outer diameter: 4.3mm. total length:125cm (42cm from splitter).
    parallel capacitance: 370..350 pF
    structure: 0.08mm*19(OD:1.08mm/27.3AWG)*4c

    wire used:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
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  5. lukedss
    Hey guys, just thought I would share I found a custom interconnect maker on eBay through someone referral on HF.

    Seems a bit expensive after what I just paid for a custom 170 cable lol but nevertheless I committed to buying it prior to finding out about this thread.

    Here are the details from eBay seller onest11

    Mundorf Silver/Gold short stereo interconnect about 5cm long terminated with Neutrik right angled jacks,gold plated contacts.

    Soldered with Mundorf 9.5% silver gold solder supreme (£40)

    Great communication, he even built it before taking any deposit from him, turn-around was a couple of days

    Either good info for you guys or a good laugh at my expense- I can't tell!
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  6. hakuzen
    i already answered that:
    they'd only be out-of phase if one side uses inverted polarity and the other side normal polarity.
    and no damage is done to the iem, because they don't use polarized components (no polarized capacitors nor resistors).

    right on right, left on left, no problem, and the angled adapter fits better your ear.
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  7. MadDane
    Great write up Hakuzen, thank you!!
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  8. kalo86
    Anyway, the cost of the adapters is quite expensive and I think it's better to buy a dedicated cable with the QDC terminations. I still don't have clear if the inverted polarity is or isn't an issue for thw ZS10 Pro.
    Before I buy the ZS10pro I would like to clarify this argument. Thanks
  9. hakuzen
    i'm sure of what i'm telling you. yes, a pair of adapters could cost around $25 total (cheapest ones); it isn't worth it if you only own a $30 type C iem, and a $10 cable.

    you'll end buying (affordable) dedicated QDC cables, like jcally ones (cables 065 and 066 in my list), which have also inverted polarity respect KZ. and you'll probably know and notice nothing..
    from my list: cables 065 and 066, "zsn termination (c-type) is intended for QDC and BQEYZ: pins are inverted polarity respect KZs, but perfectly usable (no issues)."
  10. hakuzen
    some porn of some of the new cables of electro acousti, as promised (forgive the quality of the pics, please)..
    171 (8 cores copper), 170 (4 cores copper) and 174 (8 cores silver+gold alloy).. i'm in love, pure jewels (look and sound)..

    IMG_20190707_200729.jpg IMG_20190707_200757.jpg IMG_20190707_185700.jpg

    IMG_20190707_195643_HDR.jpg IMG_20190707_195733_HDR.jpg IMG_20190707_190652.jpg

    IMG_20190707_194534.jpg IMG_20190707_194829.jpg IMG_20190707_190016.jpg IMG_20190707_195233.jpg IMG_20190707_194625.jpg

    repairable plugs 100%, not glued:
    IMG_20190707_195851_HDR.jpg IMG_20190707_200104_HDR.jpg
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  11. MadDane
  12. KimChee
    Got my cable 130 for my C16...currently burning in...hope it’s worth it...already considering getting one for KZ ZS7...

    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  13. MadDane
    Nice looking cables.
  14. subwoof3r
    Very informative posts, thanks you so much hakuzen

    Just a quick question, the link of the "Au-Ag Alloy 1% Gold 99% Pure Silver" is by meter ? (I mean, 1 quantity = 1 meter ?)
    FInished cable price is extremely expensive, maybe thinking to do one by myself soon.
  15. lukedss
    Thanks, might get 174 for my Andro's he is going to do me a deal for a shorter length again-i listed my Forza hybrid cable for sale, I don't like it.

    What are your thoughts on TRRS vs TRS audio benefits? I have just learnt that I would need an adaptor to interchange between my ZX2 and ES100 which is a bit of a bore so wondering if I just stick with a TRS jack.
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