1. Thrown Rock

    Aliexpress 40/50/70mm Drivers

    There are quite a lot of choices for dynamic drivers on Aliexpress. Are there any drivers to avoid or go for? Looking to make a pair of custom headphones. Personally I want to go for a 50mm driver, but there seems to be 60mm or 70mm or in between so I'm not sure what to even look for. There's...
  2. G

    How to distinguish "stealth magnets" from her "stealth magnets" hifiman he 400 se?

    I recently purchased a hifiman he 400 se from Aliexpress at a very tasty price. I ordered a version with invisible magnets. But upon arrival of the headphones, they turned out to be not only without laser engraving "invisible magnets" on the headband, but also in another (not black) box. And...
  3. ScrofulousBinturong

    Official 11.11 Singles Day AliExpress sale thread for 2023

    I searched and didn't find a thread about the upcoming 11.11 sale on AliExpress. What's everyone planning to order? Share good deals if you find them!
  4. M


  5. admaciaszek

    50mm Driver Recommendations

    I have a 50mm headphone shell and am looking for some drivers off aliexpress my budget is $60-$120. Hoping to make closed-back headphones with a wide sound stage with v-shaped signature crispy treble and warm bass, without having awful vocals. Has anyone had a good experience picking up drivers...
  6. extrabigmehdi

    Want to test Yuin PK2, should I get DIY version ?

    Hi I can find at aliexpress either the original YUIN PK2 (well, that's what the seller claim) at 40$, or a DIY version with a much nicer cable at 20$ (nice torsaded flexible cable). The cost of delivery is included. I hesitate because lot of people complain than the build quality of YUIN PK2...
  7. hakuzen

    Resistance of cables; pics, comments, and links

    Links to sections: - cables below 400mΩ measurements, comments, and links, part 1, comments, and links, part 2, comments, and links, part 3, comments, and links, part 4, comments, and links, part 5...
  8. Dsnuts

    Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

    I figured since there is a forum for boutique higher end cable thread I would start this thread to have a forum for cheaper, affordable, great functioning, sounding cables that don't cost a kidney. Please post about your cable finds that people can actually afford. All areas of the webz is...
  9. cenix

    Problems with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress

    Hello, I want to share my bad experience with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress so far. I hope that this could prove useful to others who might want to order products from the store, and I want to receive advice on how to continue my current dispute with them. It began with the ordering...