1. extrabigmehdi

    Want to test Yuin PK2, should I get DIY version ?

    Hi I can find at aliexpress either the original YUIN PK2 (well, that's what the seller claim) at 40$, or a DIY version with a much nicer cable at 20$ (nice torsaded flexible cable). The cost of delivery is included. I hesitate because lot of people complain than the build quality of YUIN PK2...
  2. hakuzen

    Resistance of cables; pics, comments, and links

    Links to sections: - cables below 400mΩ measurements, comments, and links, part 1, comments, and links, part 2, comments, and links, part 3, comments, and links, part 4, comments, and links, part 5 -...
  3. Dsnuts

    Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

    I figured since there is a forum for boutique higher end cable thread I would start this thread to have a forum for cheaper, affordable, great functioning, sounding cables that don't cost a kidney. Please post about your cable finds that people can actually afford. All areas of the webz is...
  4. cenix

    Problems with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress

    Hello, I want to share my bad experience with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress so far. I hope that this could prove useful to others who might want to order products from the store, and I want to receive advice on how to continue my current dispute with them. It began with the ordering...