Problems with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress
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Jan 9, 2014

I want to share my bad experience with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress so far. I hope that this could prove useful to others who might want to order products from the store, and I want to receive advice on how to continue my current dispute with them.

It began with the ordering of a pair of GR07 BE 2018 with detachable cables. I chose this store because it has good ratings and they are one of the few stores who sell these 2018 editions. On the same day after receiving the IEMs, it turned out that the cable is defective, the right side would only emit sound when turned at certain angles (MMCX cable). I reported this to the store on that same day and the employee friendly asked me to confirm whether the cable or the headphones themselves were faulty. After confirmation it turned out conclusively to be the cable. Following this, I told them of the tests I did and the confirmation of the broken cables, after which she suddenly asked me to make a video of the issue. This is where their distrust of my issue starts.

The following day, she replied to me and this time saying that they have to report the problem to the factory. Internally, I was thinking that this is clearly a dead on arrival issue, so shouldn't I get a new replacement right away? Trying to get this over with as soon as possible, I made a video of the problem and sent it to their email, as requested, hoping that this would be the end of it. Around the same time I was making the video, I received a message from them telling me that the following 3 things could happen, which would depend on the Vsonic factory:

1. They might accept and trust the video, after which I would receive a "new cable".
2. They might reject the video and have me send back the cable (I guess that it would be on my costs) to verify it themselves.
3. They might give me a discount on the cable they are selling on their shop. Which would mean that I had to pay a part myself.

I told them that options 2 and 3 were absolutely unacceptable, because I would have to incur extra costs for an issue I didn't cause and that I would only accept option 1, or I would simply start a dispute process on AliExpress and try to get my refund. Following this on the next day, she told me that I needed to wait a couple days to receive an answer from the factory, because it was the weekend already. The Monday following the weekend, she came back to me and told me that the factory agreed to send me a "new cable". I found this weird and due to my suspicions (why she had to ask the factory while she is selling those cables herself) told her that I wanted to be sure that I received a new cable instead of used ones, because I paid for a new product.

After waiting for 1 more week because she needed to receive the cables, she made a couple pictures of the cable and assured me that these were "new". Moreover, she suddenly asked me to destroy/cut the defective cables because of distrust (she doesn't want me to potentially receive 2 working cables). I told her that I couldn't do that because if I cut the cables, I would forego my buyer protection at AliExpress. After a bit of back and forth, we agreed that once I received the "new cable" and confirmed that it is fine, I would then cut the defective cables or they were allowed to stop providing me warranty for the following year.

Having dealt with them for exactly 2 weeks at this point, she finally sent the replacement cable. Fast forward to when I received the package today, which is 3 weeks after shipment, I discovered that I received a used cable which is full of marks and imprints. Furthermore, the replacement MMCX cable is fairly loose compared to the defective one, when attached to the headphones. Basically, I am sure that I received a used cable and had been lied to.

After reporting it to the store, of course she denied that the cable is used before and that I could go for a refund if unsatisfied. So, this is where I need advice from those who have dealt with the store or disputes on AliExpress before! First, If I were to accept her proposal and go for the refund, do I pay for the return shipping, or is it normal that stores on AliExpress pay for it entirely or at least partly? Secondly, when I open the dispute window, I get the options "refund only" and "return goods". Which one is according to you the easiest to deal with and why?

Anyway, if you have read all of this, I hope that this story has been useful to you in terms of whether you want to do business with them and what you can expect from them if you need to make use of the aftersales services from this store.



They replied and said that they are unwilling to even partially compensate for the return shipping. So, I have opened a dispute for "refund only" and try to get €16 back (half of the costs of a new cable).

- The seller suddenly replied that they are willing to pay for the shipping costs, 2 days before AliExpress would make their final decision on the dispute. But it's less than half and they never told me how I would receive it. Hence, I couldn't trust what they said and decided to wait for AliExpress's decision.

- After having provided additional proof for my case, AliExpress has ruled that I am credible and decided to refund me €10.40 (10% of purchase amount). I am glad that they were fair in their assessment.
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