vsonic gr07
  1. Deltron 3030

    IEM's similar or better than GR07? Under $150?

    It seems the vsonic gr07's aren't in stock anywhere. My pair had one of the drivers die (I can hear it rattle around in side the housing...). I like the sound signature and strengths of this iem so I'd like something similar. Any suggestions?
  2. Eargasmman

    iBasso IT01 vs VSonic GR07 vs Shure SE 215

    Which one has a better build? Which one would be better for the genres I listen to? ( hip-hop/rap, EDM, and podcasts).
  3. cenix

    Problems with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress

    Hello, I want to share my bad experience with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress so far. I hope that this could prove useful to others who might want to order products from the store, and I want to receive advice on how to continue my current dispute with them. It began with the ordering...
  4. ohsigmachi

    VSonic GR07 37th Anniversary Special Edition Impressions

    I know the GR07 already has a (lengthy) impressions thread, but since there are so many different variations, this one in particular almost never gets mentioned. I feel like since it supposedly has a completely different driver than the rest of the GR07 line it should get it's own thread. I was...
  5. T

    Help me decide which of these IEMs to buy, buying today.

    Hey folks, here's my selection so far : Shure se215 TFZ Exclusive King vsonic gr07 Kzs6 I have 100$ to spend, I'm looking for High quality > Isolation > Comfort. What should I buy?