store experience
  1. K

    High End Audio in the Sarasota FL Area.

    I’m making this post as a review and to help get the word out about a store called SunCoast Audio located in Sarasota FL. I wanted to get into high end audio for the first time and I didn’t know where to start but I did know one thing I was very interested in the Meze company. I looked up Meze...
  2. A

    Where to BUY PAW GOLD TOUCH in USA

    Hey All I want to purchase an audio player. The one i want to buy is PAW GOLD TOUCH. I live in USA. The only place i can find is musicteck. Question: Does this is a good/safe website to purchase things? Do i have other options, expect (Ebay)? Thanks
  3. cenix

    Problems with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress

    Hello, I want to share my bad experience with the Vsonic official store on AliExpress so far. I hope that this could prove useful to others who might want to order products from the store, and I want to receive advice on how to continue my current dispute with them. It began with the ordering...