High End Audio in the Sarasota FL Area.
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Feb 2, 2022
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I’m making this post as a review and to help get the word out about a store called SunCoast Audio located in Sarasota FL. I wanted to get into high end audio for the first time and I didn’t know where to start but I did know one thing I was very interested in the Meze company. I looked up Meze dealers in my area and SunCoast Audio was the nearest location. I gave them a call about trying out the Meze Elites and they said no problem at all. When I walked in they gave me a friendly greeting and already had the Elites ready to demo, after the demo I knew I was going to buy my first high end audio headphones from how lively all my music sounded through the Elites. I had many questions and concerns since I‘m quite new in this realm, but an employee there named Mike answered everything I may have been concerned with and even with a sense of enjoyment (in the end he was just happy to see a younger person still be interested in high end audio so it was truly genuine). My decision ended up being the Meze Lirics with a DragonFly Cobalt because I realized that I wanted a more OTG set up (don’t get me wrong if you’re looking for an amazing pair of open back headphones that you can wear for hours on end I highly suggest the Meze Elites), after letting Mike know what I wanted he immediately offered me a deal on both the Lirics and Cobalt even though I was a first time customer. That gesture really sealed the deal for me and now two weeks after ordering I’m enjoying my Lirics and Cobalt to their fullest extent. In summary anyone in the area that is looking for any high end audio (they have anything from headphones to turn tables to big home speakers and all the accessories you would need) I highly recommend SunCoast Audio.

-John H.

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