1. Ezequiel Casas

    Headphone Calibration: From a Harman Curve to a Flat Curve

    Hi. First of all I want to clarify that I am not an expert user. Simply this PDF is based on research and homemade experiments based on common sense. I tried to use a friendly language for everyone, leaving aside technicalities. This process is valid for all headphones of the AutoEQ project. I...
  2. leftyman

    LCD-2 Classic to LCD-4? Are they similar enough?

    Hi, I owned LCD-2 Classic before and I really really liked how deep they sounded in addition to their warm and laid back sound signature especially together with Audeze Reveal preset. I also tried LCD-X for 2 weeks but they were too forward for what I look for and I sent them back. If LCD-2...
  3. N

    Pairing: Denon AMP with the right Headphones

    Hello all, I am using a Denon PMA 720ae amp with some AKG K52 headphones right now. I am looking to upgrade and get some good headphones now I have the right space to sit and listen. I listen to an eclectic mix but love detail, I want all the twinkles to shine and love hearing the stuff I get...
  4. T

    Looking for headphones purely for music listening.

    I'm planning to get a pair of headphones just for listening to music. These are the genres that I usually listen to: Hip-Hop, R&B, EDM, Pop, Rock, and Orchestral music(like TSFH). I'm planning to use THX AAA 789 as a AMP with Topping D50 as a DAC. My current budget is about 2300$. I used the...
  5. Mason.

    I'm looking for some new closed back headphones

    looking for some new headphones since mine broke (ws1100is) my budget is $400 (CAD). id be willing to try open backs, but i just prefer closed backs. only thing i will not get is on ear I listen to edm, mostly drum and bass and dubstep, i'm using mdr1a but im borrowing them from someone until i...