1. Beat Audio Silversonic MKVI

    Beat Audio Silversonic MKVI

    Please welcome out sixth generation of our ever popular Silversonic cable. The MKV was quite popular with its cost-performance and silver appearance, but a few of our beloved customers were complaining about its rigidity. To them, I would always tell them to get other models that are much softer...
  2. P

    KZ ZS10 Pro Review - Can we post reviews here?

    Ordered the KZ ZS10 Pro last week, just got them today. Retail $50 - $60. Had some money left on a gift card and thought the specs looked good enough, so I figured I'd at least try them. For $60? Blew me away. They've got not one, not two, but five drivers in each IEM. That's one dynamic...
  3. S

    Cleer Next: A Review of Untapped Potential

    Cleer, a small US based company focused on designing slightly premium casual listening headphones while using Chinese OEM manufacturing, came out swinging at the Canjam 2017 tour. Their new flagship dynamic driver headphone was announced as taking aim at the HD800 in performance for a lower...
  4. Final  B Series

    Final B Series

    Final B series Each of the latest research results productized into an engineer driven new series. A new engineer driven product series that productizes each of the latest research results. Series concept and retail price are not bound in a hierarchy, productization is by order of development...
  5. Pinna-inna

    Utterly CRAZY review of 64 audio u12t

    Guys I just found this bizarre (to put it mildly) review of the 64 audio u12t on you tube. I don't know if the guy is mentally ill, or just plain odd, but the review is like nothing i have EVER seen before. It's an unboxing, and a genuine one, and he compares the u12ts to the campfire andromeda...
  6. R

    Help plz, need Help,

    Hello! I am just trying to buy a good earphones. My choice is sony h.ear in 2. I am searching for clarity and bass. Will it be good?will it meet my specs?
  7. Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ3 Headphone Amp

    Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL MZ3 Headphone Amp

  8. gaz2613

    Another D50 Review! :)

    I have decided to do a review of the Topping D50 after using it for a few months. More reviews coming soon!
  9. diegodesouza

    TIN HIFI P1 - Personal Experience

    There has been some hype about these going around ( or maybe it was just me, idk ). I came across Z Reviews on Youtube sometime back and every now and then i go and check his reviews. One of his reviews more precisely this one had me really excited about these, enough so, that I went on...
  10. mvvRAZ

    RAZ's review thread and TOTL IEM shootout

    RAZ’s review thread and multi-TOTL IEM comparison Add: this was meant to be a one off Summit-Fi comparison post but I've since decided to use this as a space for "IEM tryouts" where I'll be posting impressions, comparisons and reviews on all things audio. The "My preferences section has also...
  11. Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable

    Penon HiFi Balanced Adapter Cable Penon HiFI Balanced Adapter Cable for Earbud/IEM/DAP/AMP's Technical Details: 8 shares 19 cores Single crystal copper silver- plated cable Gold-plated Plug Aluminum alloy shell CNC cutting Cable length: about 8-9cm 8 kinds of adapters: 2.5mm Balanced...
  12. aminus

    Aminus hates everything (Or, Aminus rants and reviews stuff)

    This will be a little containment thread of sorts for myself to function as an outlet for me to talk about some things on a regular basis. Most of my reviews will be centered around portable gear, namely IEMs. DAP and cable reviews might come in the future. Index: Sony IER-Z1R review Deprecated...
  13. TFZ King II In-Ear Monitor

    TFZ King II In-Ear Monitor

    TFZ KING II Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor with 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable Description Overall, the prolonged hearing and soundstage atmosphere have improved. Basically speaking, the high frequency is more enduring. Improve high frequency sound dry and cold stimulation. Specification...
  14. MartussDer

    Beyerdynamic t5p 2nd vs Sony mdr z7 vs Fostex Thx00 Purpleheart

    Hi. This is my first post, and i decided to make a comparison between some of my closed back headphones. Here we have three of the most popular closed back headphones in a relatively low cost. I have had the t5p 2nd gen for about 4 months, Z7 for 1 year and thx00 for about 4 months. During...
  15. Baycode

    Vintage AKG Comparisons! Including: K400, K340, K240 Sextett

    From top left to right: AKG K7XX, K340, K240 Sextett (MP); bottom: K400 (EP). (PS: K7XX is here on the photos because it is rather more popular these days... So you can visually compare it to the vintage AKG's :wink:) Recently I have purchased an AKG K400 (EP version) headphone (full sized...
  16. project86

    Review: Unique Melody Maven and Mason V3 IEMs

    Unique Melody may not quite have the same widespread name-recognition as JH Audio or Ultimate Ears, but in my view they deserve a place at the table when talking about legendary OG custom IEM makers. It's been roughly a decade since I first tried their original Miracle, but I recall preferring...
  17. shigzeo

    Review: JVC HA-FW10000 - freaking awesome

    This is the text of the full review with photos which I have posted at ohm image and can be read here: ohmage to the JVC HA-FW10000. TL;DR: I want this earphone. I want it bad. NOTE: I'm a newbie to the new HF. I have no idea how to write a product review for the HA-FW10000. I looked for...
  18. SIMGOT EM1


  19. vinekly

    Grado Black Label

    I’ve been searching around and although I’ve seen some people talking about the Grado black label headphones I can’t find an actual review of either the black label 1 or 2. They look unique and apparently have uniquedrivers but they’re not cheap. I’m very curious about the sound but don’t wanna...
  20. F

    Reviewers you can not personally trust (a warning for eletronic music listeners)

    Hi all, On a journey of buying different things based on reviews here and there I have come to understand why I had such a differente and often dissapointing experience with gear. Most prominently reviews pouring gold over how good the treble detail, sparkle, percieved soundstage is. And then...
  21. Nolbert0

    Reviewing the DAP reviewing?

    I didn't know where to post this so if this is in the wrong place, could a Moderator please move it to the appropriate section. Ta I was just about to write up reviews for a couple DAPs I acquired over the summer (Hiby R3 and Shanling M0) but given the rocky start to both players, (in terms of...
  22. Coop

    Rose Technics Mini2 MkII review

    I bought the Rose Technics Mini2 MkII as a Christmas present to myself. On the 26th of December 2018, my wife finally allowed me to unpack them. They were purchased through Penon Audio. This is my little review. A little bit of background info on my choice of the Mini2: I wanted a set of small...
  23. -HaVoC-Tzu-

    My Inventory - Feel after to ask my opinions on these.

    Headphones: Bose QC 35 II AKG K702 Sony MDR MA900 SteelSeries Siberia 840 (donated) Sennheiser g600 (sold) HiFiMan 4XX (donated) Apple AirPods 1More Triple Driver- Over Ear Sennheiser PXC 550 Audio Technica M50 (donated) DT1990Pro (sold) Fostex TH-X00 Purplehearts Fostex TH900MK2 Sapphire Blue...
  24. mcconnel

    Sony WH1000XM3 and Fiio Q5

    NOTE: I sent the FiiO Q5 back immediately. It's simply not something I need. I have an iFI nano and if I wish to amp these and use a cable I will use that amp... so this review is for the headphones only. ADMIN: If you can remove the Fiio Q5 from the title and add the word "REVIEW" I will...
  25. Focux

    Astell & Kern Billie Jean review

    Dear folks, This is my first review on Head-Fi, pardon and kindly notify me if there are areas which need polishing. For the longest i have been using my iPhone X as my main source for music (well not really it was only launched less than a year back). Earlier today i finally got a microSD...