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    Hda5230 + MezeAudio Rai penta custom cable
  2. rev92

    The Battle Of The Flagships 2022 by Ear Fidelity

    Hi folks! After a year of gathering, listening, comparing, shooting photos, writing the actual flagships comparison 2022 is live! I've decided on the name "The Battle Of The Flagships" as a bow before David Mahler, the creator of the legendary thread here on Head-Fi. I've read it so...
  3. K

    High End Audio in the Sarasota FL Area.

    I’m making this post as a review and to help get the word out about a store called SunCoast Audio located in Sarasota FL. I wanted to get into high end audio for the first time and I didn’t know where to start but I did know one thing I was very interested in the Meze company. I looked up Meze...
  4. MezeTeam

    Meze Audio LIRIC - The portable isodynamic hybrid array headphone

    Boys and girls of Head-Fi, gather around for yet another exciting launch! We are so happy to announce the release of LIRIC, Meze Audio’s first high-end closed-back planar headphone that is re-engineered for portable use. “In our folklore, lyricism is found in the smallest of details, from odes...
  5. Meze Elite

    Meze Elite

    Isodynamic hybrid array planar-magnetic driver from Rinaro $4000US
  6. TSAVWayne

    ELITE - The New Flagship From Meze Is Now Available To Demo

    From TSAV. The New Flagship Headphone From Meze, The "ELITE" Is Now Available To Demo In Our Headphone Bar. For more details, go here.
  7. MoonAudio

    New Meze ELITE Headphones - Just Arrived!

    Meze Elite Headphones $4000 Buy Now Better Than the Best Meze Headphone It's a difficult thing today to improve upon something that is already perceived as perfect or near-perfect. The necessity to always improve and innovate with new technology can frequently come up short and lead to...
  8. MezeTeam

    MEZE AUDIO ELITE - The New Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone - official thread

    Dear audiophile friends, It is with great happiness and pride that we present you ELITE - a new Meze flavor that is here to enchant your senses! Developed with experienced audiophiles and exigent music lovers in mind, ELITE opens the path for creating a powerful, lifelike sound experience...
  9. smodtactical

    Empyrean elite

    Figure we might as well start its own thread. Friends of mine should be hearing it this month. More info/pics:
  10. 5

    Sony MDR1AM2 VS Meze 99 Classics

    I have around $300 to spend on new headphones, but I can't decide between the Sony MDR1AM2 headphones or the Meze 99 Classics headphones. Which one is better in terms of sound quality, build quality, and comfort (I have a "bigger" head). For sound quality, I prefer a warmer-sounding headphone...
  11. M

    DAC / Amp for Meze Empyrean

    Hi there, so I have Empys coming next week and thinking if my actual setup will pairs well. As a DAC I currently have RME ADI 2 FS hooked to SMSL SP200 and Topping A90. Based on posts here in various threads I bought Bryston BHA-1 (used for a really nice price). As my knowledge goes Bryston...
  12. gaming

    Meze 99 Classic or Master & Dynamic MH40 Wired? or Focal Elegia?

    Hello, is there anyone who could please help me with some advice? Which is a better headphone and for which reasons? The Meze 99 Classic or the Master & Dynamic MH40 Wired? Are there any music genres they're particularly good for? And any they're bad for? Also, how much better is the Focal...
  13. MezeTeam

    40% at Meze Audio's Black Friday!

    What a complicated year 2020 has been. Let's simplify it! We, at Meze Audio, want everyone to have a shot of this wonderful hobby that brings us all together thanks to the common language of music. That is why we want to give you all the opportunity to purchase our entry-level IEM at an even...
  14. erik701

    Thought: When we can expect new flagship model by Abyss, Audeze, Focal, Sennheiser....?

    I was thinking about major brands in the full-size headphone industry and their release schedule, or how long till we can expect a new flagship to be introduced by those brands. I put together below metrics, which indicates how often those brands are releasing new model, of new flagship model...
  15. D

    Questions regarding Meze's Rai Solo Wire Free UPM design

    Hi All, I asked this in the Rai Solo thread but get no response so I bring it here: Does the "Wire Free UPM design" actually stand out from the IEM crowd? Do other manufacturers/products (+Penta) suffer from the gluing of wires to the diaphragm issue? Is there any other design (than conductive...
  16. T

    Meze Empyrean dead driver after 1 year

    Meze Empyrean dead driver, after 1 year, in the middle of a listening sessions the left driver died out of the blue. Cables, another source tried, nope. :( Have had to send back the factory to Romania. Now I am waiting and hoping...Very disappointing from a high priced product. Anybody here with...
  17. ic3m4n2005

    New headset for competitive fps!?!?

    Hi guys, my situation developed like this, a long time ago (probably 15 to 20 years) i bought an Audio Technica A900 for gaming (cs 1.6 and 1st person shooters in general) since i didn't like the overpriced gaming headsets that constantly broke and wanted to hear music as well. For a microphone...
  18. MezeTeam

    Win a Pair of Meze Audio RAI PENTA

    Meze Audio Rai Penta has received Editor's Choice award from HiFi+ magazine. This is the first-ever Editor's Choice award in HiFi+ and is featured on the magazine's 21st anniversary issue (Issue 182). To celebrate this special recognition, Meze Audio has organised a competition to win a pair...
  19. Meze Audio Rai Solo

    Meze Audio Rai Solo

    HIGHLIGHTS: Unified Pistonic Motion Technology Exclusive Driver Vibration Reduction System Metal Injection Moulding Body Machined Nozzle Anatomic Fit Hidden Power Designed and developed in Baia Mare, Romania TECHNICAL SPECS: Driver: 9.2mm UPM dynamic driver Diaphragm thickness: 9µm Impedance...
  20. MoonAudio

    NEW - Meze Audio Empyrean - Black Copper

    $2,999.00 Just Announced - Meze Empyrean in "Black Copper." Arriving next week at Moon Audio Check out the new color scheme here: Read our review of the Empyrean to see why it's "the ultimate endgame."...
  21. P

    What am I doing wrong? Meze Empyrean setup

    Hello! I’ve been a long-time lurker of these forums, having learned so much (and spent so much!) over the years. I recently picked up the Meze Empyrean, and I have a few options for a DAC and amp setup, none of which seem to fulfill what is supposed to be an incredible experience. The clarity...
  22. MoonAudio

    Get a Close-Up of Meze Rai Solo IEMs

    Meze Audio Rai Solo IEMs $299 Preorder Now Based on the popular Rai Penta design, the Meze Rai Solo features a single driver design for premium audio at a lower price. The dynamic driver of the Rai Solo features a wire-free Unified Pistonic Motion design, allowing for symmetrical pistonic...
  23. MoonAudio

    Rai Penta IEMs by Meze Audio

    Meze Audio Rai Penta IEMs $1,099 Shop Now With 5 drivers harmoniously completing each other and ingeniously modeled ergonomic housing, the Rai Penta is all about detail, organic tonality and seamless fit. RAI In-Ear Monitors are designed to deliver comfort and prolonged listening...
  24. MezeTeam

    [World Tour] Reviewers Wanted for Meze Audio Rai Penta, a flagship 5-way IEM

    The Rai Penta is our flagship 5-way IEM with Penta Hybrid Driver Technology. It is composed of Two Dual-BA and one Dynamic Drive, housed in a full metal CNC sculpted chassis with precision milled individual sound bores and pressure equalization system (PES) to control airflow and regulate...
  25. Meze Audio Rai Penta

    Meze Audio Rai Penta

    RAI PENTA, suggested retail price US$1,099 With 5 drivers harmoniously completing each other and ingeniously modeled ergonomic housing, the Rai Penta is all about detail, organic tonality and seamless fit. “Rai Penta is the culmination of 3 years of researching the most ergonomic shape and...