How to distinguish "stealth magnets" from her "stealth magnets" hifiman he 400 se?
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Oct 17, 2022
I recently purchased a hifiman he 400 se from Aliexpress at a very tasty price.
I ordered a version with invisible magnets.

But upon arrival of the headphones, they turned out to be not only without
laser engraving "invisible magnets" on the headband
, but also in another (not black) box.
And if the box can be forgiven (another revision or deliberate cheapening, it does not matter)
that lack of engraving is very doubtful...


When contacting the seller with this, I received the answer:
Hi Max, the 2022 version of the invisible he400se does not use laser "invisible magnets" on the headband,
the new version of the invisible he400se uses a new yellow cardboard box, the standard he400se uses a regular
black cardboard box.

What if he's right? and is this really a feature of the new revision? You won't object after all... you can't Google that.
Strictly speaking, returning to the topic of the question...
How to distinguish the STEALTH version from the NON-STEALTH version in other ways
(by any means except for viewing the engraving on the headband) and is it possible?

It will help me a lot to get some of my money back or request the full age of my funds!
if the model was not the one I ordered not stealth magnets
Thanks in advance for your tips guys!

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