over ear headphones
  1. H

    Which one to enjoy classical music: orchestral and piano

    Hi there, I play piano since years. I moved to a flat and now use an electric piano (yamaha clavinova CLP-525). I am looking for a good pair of over ear headphones which fit to my e-piano per aux and give me a good experience when listening to piano/orchestral music with Spotify (iPhone 8). If...
  2. Nectar Sound Hive

    Nectar Sound Hive

    The Hives are an electrostatic headphone produced by the boutique manufacturer Nectar Sound.
  3. Rabco

    Help please. Haven’t bought new cans in years: <$400, over ear, wired, comfy w/eyeglasses

    Like some other posts I’ve read, the current market has a myriad of choices. My current headphones are years old Sennheiser 555’s. They were purchased partly because the Sony’s I had back then seemed harsh to me. I’m not interested in earbuds, in-ear, etc as my ear canal openings are no where...
  4. nuss75

    suggestion? good: mids, discants, soundstage, use:computer, phone. over ear, closed.

    Hi, I had a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 931 250 Ohm that I liked. They deteriorated at the end and did not produce as good sound as when I bought them. Now I'm looking to buy something similar but closed if it is possible. My budget is around 200$ or 200Euro. I would like to be able to drive them...
  5. A

    Need advice for greasy ear pads

    I've had my m50x for 2 years now. Although I clean the pads semi-regularly they are in terrible condition. They are incredibly greasy (they leave stains on whatever surface I leave them) and I cant even clean them properly. I've tried everything ranging from wet cloths to washing them in the...
  6. O

    Can a Sony MHC-GZR5D support 600 ohm headphones in its stereo mini jack?

    I want to purchase an Audiophile Headphone, but I am confused about the right impedance value that would be compatible with my Sony HCD-GZR5D Mini HiFi Component System. The Sony service manual says that Headphones of impedance 8 ohms or higher ( no upper limit mentioned) can be plugged. Can a...
  7. Sony MDR-ZX310 / MDR-ZX310AP

    Sony MDR-ZX310 / MDR-ZX310AP

    As per Sony's info, it has a 10 to 24000 Hertz frequency range and 30mm drivers. The cups are also foldable. They are the currently leading product of the ZX series (pertaining the MDR line, not to be confused with the Walkman one, starting with "NW"), all composed of their most inexpensive...
  8. K

    Help with buying new over-ears

    I posted this elsewhere but thought you guys could help more? ---- Advice on purchase please, entering audiophile territory, massive music lover but couldn't afford a good pair previously. Budget has opened up.. Budget - £800 flexible (UK) Source - Samsung S20 U Requirements for Isolation -...
  9. Avantree Aria Pro Aptx-HD Aptx-LL with Boom Mic

    Avantree Aria Pro Aptx-HD Aptx-LL with Boom Mic

    https://avantree.com/uk/as90p-hd-bluetooth-5-anc-headphones?___store=uk_sv&___from_store=default < Vendor Link Avantree Aria Pro Bluetooth 5.0 High Definition Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can provide you superior rich sound without distracting noises. Recommended: Works with ANY...
  10. Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    Dan Clark Audio AEON Flow RT Closed

    ÆON Flow RT, Closed is Dan Clark Audio's retuning of our classic award-winning AEON Flow headphone, delivering more bass for a more fun and lively listening experience. ÆONFlow RT is an all-metal yet ultralight design, for optimum sound quality, incredible reliability and a comfortable...
  11. Steve Guppy

    Customer service done right!

    Just wanna say how impressed i am with Custom Cans customer service. I contacted them about my cable, as being the clutz i can be, i managed to knock my player onto the carpet, and in turn, broke the 2.5mm termination. So i asked if i could return it for repair. They replied promptly, said that...
  12. SinisterDev

    Need advice on an alternative to Fidelio L2.

    Hello all. So, I've only recently gotten into the budget iem/headphone hobby. I actually haven't owned a pair of over-ear headphones in ages. Its long overdue. So originally i was considering trying the SHP9500. But then i started reading about the Fidelio X2HR and was considering spending the...
  13. R

    Looking for an over-ear pair with notable clarity and a non-flat response with deep bass

    Exactly what it says. My budget is 100 - 200 CAD and after trying out multiple headphone pairs, this is exactly what I'm looking for. Light weight is a plus :) Edit: closed back is preferred
  14. Shishigami Reishin

    Seeking for purchase help (Over-ear under 300€)

    Hello, I'm new in the magnificent world of audio and I'm posting on this forum to have advices from people with a much more advanced level than me. I have actually a WH-H900N and I love how it sounds with ANC on. I love that type of sounding and it was the very first "good" headphone I've ever...
  15. Mixcder E10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Mixcder E10 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

    Brand: Mixcder Model: E10 Speaker Diameter: 40mm Impedance: 32Ω S.P.L: 120dB THD: <3% Frequency Response: 20-20KHz Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth v5.0 Support Profile: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP Support Audio Codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Low Latency Weight: 304g Package Content: 1*headphone, 1*carrying...
  16. Mixcder E7 Active Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones (2019)

    Mixcder E7 Active Noise Cancelling Over Ear Headphones (2019)

    Brand: Mixcder Model: Mixcder E7 (2019 Edition) Speaker Unit: 40mm driver Impedance: 32Ω Sensitivity: 110dB±3dB (1K, 1mW) Battery: 500mAh Lithium battery (25 hours' playing time with ANC off, 22 hours with ANC on) Bluetooth: BT5.0 Supported Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP Bluetooth Audio Codecs...
  17. t0n1zz

    How good is taotronics headphones?

    Hello, i recently bumped into taotronics soundsurge 46 (tt-bh046) and suprised with the price and features and also some nice looks (definitely rip off from B&O) and i love those kind of design. it has ANC (separate control), wireless bluetooth (not sure 4.1 or 5.0) with multi devices, over the...
  18. J

    Looking for upgrade to Sony MDR-7506 headphones for FiiO M11

    So I have this brand spanking new M11. My old AKG 501 headphones don't really do the job. My Sony MDR-7506 headphones (which probably retailed for $130 a few years ago, and which I think I got on sale for about $79), sound pretty good. But after listening to my CD-ripped flac files for a bit...
  19. DatBlueDatsun240

    Samson SR850 two year review

    The Samson SR850's are a great budget headphone...or so I thought with in a month of lightly using them the left kept clicking in and out then the right one. So I had to cut the jack off and twist it to another and of some old jack. (I was desperate) I later sent them back for repair and the...
  20. URBANFUN Transound ONE

    URBANFUN Transound ONE

    WIDE RANGE OF COMPATIBILITY. URBANFUN Transound ONE is made to work with Android, Windows and iOS system. It works for most of the devices in the market. With low impedance, you can get astonishing output without complicated set up PROPRIETARY 45mm BERYLLIUM DIAPHRAGM DRIVERS. With this...
  21. BounceHouse420

    What would be the best over the ear headphones for me?

    I'm thinking of getting some over the ear headphones that have good bass and are comfortable and affordable. I do not have a headphone amp (my computer has an amplifier hooked up to it so it might be able to be hooked up to that with a cord) so that should be taken into consideration. I would...
  22. A

    Recommendations for Rock and metal headphones?

    TL;DR switchable bluetooth/wired over/on ear headphones for metalcore and rock as a bonus. are grado sr80's good for loud rooms like a food court? are audio technica m50x's and m40x's worth it? they have a bluetooth module i can buy but can i get something better? LONG VERSION Im new here. im...
  23. M

    What headphones for a mix of mobile beatmaking and everyday work?

    Hey guys, I’m new so let me introduce myself first: Johannes, 21, living in Munich, Germany, founding a startup among other things but also love making beats - working on a hip-hop album with others. And I’m searching for my dream pair of over-ear headphones (my ears don’t like sticking stuff...
  24. thegreatpeng

    Looking for portable closed-back over-ears with "thick and warm" sound

    Hello there I am looking for a pair of portable headphones to replace my IEMs for better comfort during long time listening, have come across the dt880, k7xx, msr7, shure 840, ath m50, but found them all having "thin & cold" and to some extent textured soundings, especially in term of female...
  25. Z

    Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless- Worth buying?

    I'm buying them because they are velour and wireless. These two words don't ever come together so i was just wondering if its still worth buying after all these years.