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  1. HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

    HiFiMan HE1000 V3 - now with Stealth Magnets

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    How to distinguish "stealth magnets" from her "stealth magnets" hifiman he 400 se?

    I recently purchased a hifiman he 400 se from Aliexpress at a very tasty price. I ordered a version with invisible magnets. But upon arrival of the headphones, they turned out to be not only without laser engraving "invisible magnets" on the headband, but also in another (not black) box. And...
  3. HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    HiFiMAN DEVA Pro

    As of Novemember 2021 There are 2 versions for sale The wired version - RRP likely to be $319 Wireless version - RRP $329 Wired version does not have Bluemini R2R Bluetooth Dac/Amp Module Wireless version has the following : Twin 3.5 mm TRS Sockets with cable supplied Stealth Magnets NSD - neo...
  4. HIFIMAN HE400se

    HIFIMAN HE400se