Want to test Yuin PK2, should I get DIY version ?

What do you choose ?

  • Original Yuin PK2 at 40$

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  • DIY Yuin PK2 with nice cable at 20$

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May 27, 2009
Hi I can find at aliexpress either the original YUIN PK2 (well, that's what the seller claim) at 40$,
or a DIY version with a much nicer cable at 20$ (nice torsaded flexible cable). The cost of delivery is included.

I hesitate because lot of people complain than the build quality of YUIN PK2 is weak, so I rather pay less and have a better build quality. But it might sound different to the original PK2.

What do you think ?
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I'm not voting, but most likely - the re-cabled version will sound different. Only you can determine if "different" is OK, better, or worse.

So, more money - no gamble, less-money - you're gambling whether you will like it.
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Cabling ...

And don't assume that cables make no difference. It can be an arguable point with full size headphones. However, with tiny earbuds and even tinier cabling, just a different length can be enough to significantly change the impedance. It's why the re-cabled one will be different, no matter what.

If you now state the shells are different - be even more careful. Some of those shells are acoustically vented. However, just because the vents are in the molding - it doesn't mean they cut them out. You can find many earbuds whose shells are the same as the Sennheiser MX400 and MX500, but the vents have not been cut out as they were on the Sennheisers.

My original statement still stands: buy the genuine Yuins if that's what you want, or save money by taking a gamble.

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