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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. nv88
    Thanks.  The 3.5 right angle is not as easy to unplug from desktop amps as I think straight would be.  I also feel like i've got a piece of fettuccine draped over me.  :)
    Since I'm carrying the headphones to work and back each day I think I'm plugging and unplugging the cable a lot to put it in the case.
  2. DannyBai
    Remember the headphone end is 2.5mm and has to be small enough to fit inside that hole. Might not be so easy to find another cable that works.
  3. nv88

  4. ericp10
    I'm able to fit my M500 in its case with cable attached. You have to look at it and angle the cable just right, but it can be done.
  5. AnakChan Moderator
    Looking at the M500 2.5mm plug, it's a TRRS. I'm inclined to think that this headphone is easily balance-able without having to drill the cups & solder to the driver directly?
  6. Lorspeaker
    any manufacturer wanting to lauch new iem/headfones....
    should send them to u guys for practical assessment
    b4 final production....u guys are the REAL MCCOYs!!!
  7. LFC_SL
    The M500 cable is like spaghetti or a flat elastic band. Less cumbersome and lower profile. Nevertheless there are better choices for home use. As I said in PM to another member, each of my collection have their place and are not used in the same way
  8. Amilcar
    I have a set of KEF iQ speakers and I love them.[​IMG]
    I want to buy the kef M500 to use with my Galaxy S3.
    I’m wondering if it is better to use an Amplifier for the M500, like FiiO E11.[​IMG]
  9. fnkcow
    Are they much better than Auvio tips? Apart from isolation improvements. And does the Auvio tips mess with the sound abit?
  10. DannyBai
    I didn't really notice the Auvio tips to mess with sound.  The bore looks the same as the stock tips.  Only problem is that the Auvio tips seem to go further into the ear canal even using the large size.  I normally use mediium and both the UE900 and Auvio medium tips work but it just doesn't feel right going further in.  The large tips of the UE sort of acts like the stock tips on fit and placement on where it sits.  It's just more comfortable over the Auvio tips also.  It's a softer and thicker silicon. 
    fnkcow likes this.
  11. BestEarCN
    How do they compare to k267? is there a big difference between those? coz I just bought the k267 about a month ago, the soundstage of those is not really that satisfying to me. I feels "Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet" is already happening to me XD
  12. blueangel2323
    ^That's the Tiesto, right? Which should be on the bassy side. The KEF500 is much more neutral. You won't get the big bass but you'll gain better sound quality overall.
  13. BestEarCN
    I dont think tiesto is bassy, on the studio setting(least bass) it already less or equal bass than sony mdr-1r in my memory, you saying KEF500 will have less bass than k267 on studio setting?
  14. DannyBai
    The Tiesto's weren't overly bassy by any means. Had really good bass even at stage setting. I would say the M500's are around studio to club setting.
  15. BestEarCN
    Interesting, I had a hard time choosing  between studio and club, I always wished I could choose between them, M500 has better soundstage though?
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