1. Capri87

    Dac for Swans M200MKIII

    Hi all, I'm getting this speaker soon and would like to know what dac is the best pairing for it? I'm more into portable gears and just started to get interested in PC audio..My budget will be around $300? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Stuff Jones

    Looking to "compactify" my home audio setup

    Right now I'm running PC (FLAC) to Music Streamer II to Yamaha Ax-596 to BW-602 speakers. However I'm thinking of getting a more portable setup, skipping the amp all together and going with smaller active speakers. I might sell that stuff, buy a Fiio X5 (DAC feature) when it becomes available...
  3. techboy

    Swan H5 V/S Swan M200MKIII V/S Aktimate Mini+

    Hi   I would like to know which of the three is better/good at (what) and how to compare them. Nobody sells any of these in my state, so I can't audition. There isn't any money back guarantee with Aktimates in my country either. So I can only rely on people who have actually heard both the...
  4. Foamybrian

    Low Desk Speakers Stands For Swan M200MKIIIs

    So for the past year and a half, I've been using the Auralex mopads to support a pair of Swan M200MKIII speakers on my computer desk. The profile was perfect, just enough added height to bring the tweeters to ear level and the base was large enough to accommodate the Swans.   So why would I...
  5. shiner980

    Where do I try out all Audioengine A5's, Swan M200, M-Audio BX5a

    I've been listening to my computer audio from headphones/IEM's (nothing fancy, just HD555's and MTPG's) and I'd like to actually get a pair of speakers for my computer. I'm a college student so I'm not exactly swimming in cash, but I'd like to have something nice to listen to my music with...
  6. Balistyx

    How to set volume for PC -> Icon HDP -> Swan M200MKIII setup?

    I've read posts stating that the source volume (PC) should be at 100% while controlling the volume at the DAC.   But what if you have another volume setting at the speakers?  Should the DAC (HDP) be at 100% too while I control the volume at the speakers (M200MKIIIs)?  Or should I control the...
  7. ace ventura

    Looking for better options for my Swan M200MKIII's

    I have the Swan M200MKIIIs and I have them hooked up to a 8in HSU sub currently with a Y cable from the audio output on my computer. The only way I have found to match the sub with the speakers is to turn the volume up on the Swans to max and then adjust the sub volume to balance them out, now...
  8. Diciembre

    Swan m200MkIII's on floor stands?

    I'm interested in getting some floor stands for my m200MkIII's (mostly due to space issues), but I can't help thinking about a review on 6moons that mentioned that they benefit from the low-end boundary support of a desktop. Can anyone comment?
  9. normanc

    Swan M50W/M200 vs Homebrew?

    Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my personal listening setup (right now I have a Logitech z5500 with JBL N24s replacing the fronts and a set of Altec Lansing MX5021).  I'm thinking of a maximum budget of $300.   Here are my choices: Swans M50w (2.1 setup, 3" drivers and a 6.5" "sub")...
  10. iso

    What DAC to pair w/ Swans M200MKIII for PC?

    Hi  I'm a newb and don't really know much about audio stuff.    I would like to buy a DAC for less than $300, new or used.   #1 priority is performance/quality to $$$. I would like something that gives me the most bang for my buck. Something that is surprisingly good for the money :)...
  11. ronrad

    Powered Speakers for computer office setup, low volume listening (Adam a5x, swan m200mkiii?)

    Looking for some speakers to hook up to my desktop / computer setup.  I have great headphones, but sometimes I need some speakers for it.   It's my home office, and I tend to work / listen at night when my girls our in bed / asleep, so I need to keep the volume relatively low, so I'm looking...
  12. aphinity

    DacMagic 100 + Swan M200MkIII = good compact computer audio setup? other recommends?

      Hi all,   Thinking about upgrading my desktop audio components here as I'm currently using an Emagic EMI 2|6 audio interface and Bose companion 2 speakers.   I'm tight on space here so there's a premium on size.   Looks like the DacMagic 100 + Swan M200MkIII would run about...
  13. Kirosia

    Swan M200 treble and bass dial position

    What's the neutral setting? 7 or 12 o'clock?
  14. ddcpitt

    Emotiva Pro Airmotiv 4/5 vs Swan M200MkIII

    I tried searching through the forums, but haven't had much luck finding a solid comparison between these two speakers.  I feel like I'm going to end up with one of these two, I was just hoping for some direct comparisons between them both from users who have experience with both of them.  Of...
  15. mbritt

    Free Swans M200 Multimedia Speakers - Need Repair

    I have a set of Swans M200 computer speakers free to anyone who wants them.   I really liked these speakers but in a recent power surge during a storm they developed a hum.  I assume it's in the power supply or the internal amp.  The minimum repair price here in LA was $200 so I decided not to...
  16. sysfail

    Swan M10 vs M200 MKII vs H4

    I am looking at these 2 Swan speakers, mostly the M10 and the M200 MKII. Is the M200 MKII worth the price difference from the M10, or is the M10 the better bang for the buck compared to the M200 MKII? How does the M200 MKII compare with the H4? The H4 are slightly more, are they a lot better...
  17. prebuss

    Microlab FC-330 vs Microlab M-200 vs Logitech Z523

    Hi there,   Can't make up my mind, which of these speakers would you recommend? 2.1   Currently found 3 of them: Microlab FC-330 Microlab M-200 Logitech Z523   Or should I buy different ones? Feel free to suggest anything from 30 to 60 pounds. (System: 2.1). :)   Thank you...
  18. Nobbygon

    Total upgrade!!! Swan M200MKiii subwoofer options ~$400

    Hi, I'm currently upgrading my computer audio system and require some advise. I'm running my swan mk200's through an asus xonar essence stx for gaming and music in a 10' x 10' room and want to throw a subwoofer in the mix. I'm currently looking at an audioengine s8, however I've read some...
  19. headfier123

    Swan M200MKiii vs Dali Lektor?

    Can anyone help me judge the two so as to choose between them? Although Dali with amp would cost almost double that os Swans, how much increase in SQ would be noticeable in a small room (say 10' by 10')?
  20. Enkaydian

    Swan m200mkIII Users, can you help me before making a purchase....

    I have been wanting to upgrade my speakers corsair sp2500 for a while, I read really good reviews for these speakers, i know they do not have floor shaking bass and that is not what im looking for since a live in an apartment, but what i do want is really good sound, my other options are save a...
  21. wodiesan

    Swans M200MKIII on PC

    Hi all. I just had a question about setting up a pair of Swans I have incoming tomorrow. I bought a Omega Claro Halo recently, and I also own a pair of Sennheiser Hd598, and an Astro Mixamp 5.8   Once the Swans arrive, how should I set everything up? Should I keep the Sennheisers plugged...
  22. Enkaydian

    If anyone is interested, Swan looks like they are updating their line of m200 speakers seen at ces 2013, 3",4",6."

    * M230 - 3" mid driver * M240 - 4" mid driver * M260 - 6.5" mid driver     ALSO Hivi Swans GT-1000 Ultimate High End Gaming Speaker     Just thought id let people know since it is tough finding info about swan speakers...
  23. bzdsftw

    Swan M200mk2 vs M200mk3

    Hello. I know this is a headphone site but I can't think of any other audio sites as informative as this. I'm going to try my luck asking a question about speakers here..  I'm wanting to buy a pair of Swan speakers. I'm wondering if the cost difference of nearly $300 Singapore dollars is worth...
  24. nikp

    Need help choosing good designed computer speakers!

    Hello!   I need help choosing new speakers for my computer. The thing is.. I am not looking for huge bulky speakers that take up a lot of space and the speakers will most likely be close to the wall so heating might be an issue. What are some decent speakers with good all around performance...
  25. JD1993

    Good ~$200 2.1 desktop speaker system?

    I am in desperate need of a 2.1 speakers system because I no longer have speakers on my computer. I'm looking for a nice pair at around $200. I'd prefer them not to be logitech because those were my last speakers and I didn't really like them. Any recommendations? Thanks.     EDIT: It has...