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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. blueangel2323
    Isolation depends on the loudness of your music, the shape of your ears/head/jawline, whether you wear glasses, etc. so that might account for some of the disagreement about the M500's isolation.
  2. dweaver
    Being an on ear, glasses shouldn't come into play. But headsize and ear shape will have an impact as will volume levels. For me I base isolation on how much noise I can hear at lower volumes. Using my standard I find the M500 just OK in this area especially compared to active noise cancelling technology.
  3. DannyBai
    I received the UE900 tips today and it seems for me, the best tip choice.  They retain the same sound and fit comfortably.  I can use the medium tips and I get deeper insertion and if I use the large tips, it's basically fits the same as the large stock tips but with better comfort.  
  4. ericp10
  5. robm321
    I find the M500s to isolate about as much as your average on ear which isn't much but better than open cans. The only isolation that is decent for on ear is the DT1350, but they need to clamp so hard, that the isolation comes at a price. 
    The memory foam does tend to muffle enough of the outside noise on the M500 that its not all that distracting. IEMs are needed for any serious isolation. 
  6. dweaver
    My UE900 Tips started to come,off in my ear but they are the best tip for seal and comfort. I will probably switch back to them and see if I can make a lip on the stem to help hold them in place.
  7. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Was the music playing? [​IMG] Sorry, next to the other headphones I've listed the M500s and Aviators had the least noise isolation. To clarify, they do NOT leak and are quite good at that, but next to the noise cancelling headphones or the Momentums, they're just not as strong at noise isolation. If they isolated as well as my Momentums, I'd rank them first overall. 
    FWIW, yes I did have fit issues with the UE9000s (too small) but it more a lack of comfort of the headband and I have zero fit issues with the M500s (thus my top score for comfort). [​IMG]
  8. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Good point...except for the DT1350s...they put my ears in a three point bend and hurt like heck after 15 minutes. 
    Good points all around and match mine very closely. As it turns out my ears no longer want to work with IEMs...after an hour or so they get clogged like I have an ear infection. So I think I'm done with IEMs. But that said, the QC15s are better on a plane for noise isolation as the noise cancellation is that darn good!
  9. dweaver
    Started to wonder if the tip issue I was experiencing was just natural oils on the stem and tip so used some grease cutting dish soap on the tips and carefully washed the stem of the IEM with a damp cloth.

    time will tell but it seems more secure and the seal in ear is also more secure so I guess washing the tips will be a regular exercise.
  10. productred
    I'm using Monster Supertips (foam) with my M200 and the fit is much better than the stock tips, though comfort and fit still leaves a lot to be desired. I choose the Monster tip only cos it is the only tips in my arsenal that can be slipped on, can grip the sound tub well (without falling off in my ear) and is reasonably isolating.
    Welcome other tips suggestions besides Monster and UEs
  11. rdsu
    Do you know if KEF are thinking of doing an Full Open Headphone?
  12. mcook1970
    I have ordered the comply foam tips, which are compatible with the M200s...
    I will provide a further update once I have worn them in
  13. nv88
    The M500 seems a great choice for those, like me, needing a closed headphone the doesn't isolate completely to use at the office.  So far so good.
  14. nv88
    Does anyone have suggestions for a replacement cable for the M500?  I would like something about 1 foot longer with a 3.5mm straight plug.
  15. LFC_SL
    I know the B&W P5 has a braided replacement cable that is straight plug but only 1.2 metres
    Sennheiser HD200 replacement cable is 3 metres and straight plug
    I have no knowledge of the US market. Maybe have a custom order put in with a maker if you cannot find one
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