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KEF M500/M200 Impressions Thread

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  1. LCfiner
    I was impressed by the M500 but got it as a curiosity - I don’t have room for an on ear portable headphone in my schedule. But I do use IEMs at work and outside a bit. So  I ordered the M200 yesterday. 
    I’m currently using the Sennheiser IE800 a lot. I don’t know if the M200 will “beat” it but if it’s close enough, it might be a “good enough” replacement. I like what I’m reading about a nice, full sound without having a bloated bass.
    I might not get them for 2 or 3 weeks, though (slow shipping, bah). Anyway, I’ll be reading more impressions in this thread while I wait. Looking forward to giving my own down the line.
  2. dweaver
    I look forward to hearing your impressions and how they compare to the IE800.
  3. ericp10
    That has not been my experience. 
  4. blueangel2323
    Looking forward to your comparisons. The price difference is huge, so if the M200 is anywhere near as good that would be amazing.
  5. denis

    Happy for you. So, the Senn IE-8 bi-flange is another possible tip solution if you like your sound with a little more bass.
  6. denis

    Lucky you! Enjoy!
  7. denis

    It's fit issues. Partly solved for me.
    Have a look to the posts before and you will know what members are pairing these IEMs with.
    If you are in a sonic nirvana, it is maybe better not to read anything on this forum. If not, sorry for your wallet...
  8. dweaver
    Nokia 920 with default player
    UE900 or generic large shallow tip.
    256Kb MP3 files.

    my home PC:
    Media Monkey
    Little Dot DAC 1
    RW Audio Amp1
    FLAC files
  9. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Here are more of my thoughts of the KEF M500s and where they rank in my summer long quest on finding great portable headphones:
  10. waynes world
    Very interesting. Thanks!
  11. denis

    I read a while ago your excellent comparison/review and your wow thinkings about the M500s. I probably would have ordered them if the isolation was a little better. Too bad...
    Regarding the same quality of sound offered by the M200s, it seems that Kef has entering the headphones market with 2 great products. It has to be noticed that their earphones are not also perfect for some (like me) in term of fit.
    Let's do hope that these issues (isolation for the M500s and fit for the M200s) will be upgraded in the future!
  12. Change is Good
    Let's do hope that these issues will be upgraded by the arrival of, hopefully, a full size portable KEF! [​IMG]
  13. denis

    With the same sound qualities than its 2 brothers and a MRSP of $400, it would be a very bad news for some headphone makers...
  14. Lorspeaker
    hmm isolation on the m500 was excellent when i tested it...
    totally cant hear the salesman 3 feet away trying to explain the features..
    it was a total shut out, to me this m500 would kill the NC market....i dun wear specs.
    i am puzzled y its rated a 2 in the charts...
    can someone else chim in on the isolation...
    or were my ears too sweaaaaty...?? lol
    edit: i am a suspecting the size of the head might affect the isolation...
    macedonia had issues with the fit of the ue9000 m which fits me fine. 
    the m500 is slightly loose on my head.  anyway...jus a guess.
  15. dweaver
    In regards to the M500 I agree with the 2 for isolation especially compared to noise cancelling headphones.

    The M200 also is not a great isolator 3.5 on a scale of 5 for me. But it is good enough for light rail transit.

    I also agree with most of MacedonianHero's scores on the M500. Using the stock tips the M200 has similar UPS and downs as the M500 in regards to fit and would actually have a lower comfort value. But sonically speaking I would give the M200 a 5 for bass, mids, and treble. If you address the tip issue (if you have one) by trying 3rd party tips the M200 then easily becomes one of the most comfortable IEM's as well, easily earning a 4.5 in my books, but the isolation never goes higher then a 3.5 in my opinion.
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