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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. rutter
  2. ANOpax
    Isn’t the stock cable made of copper?
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    I've cleaned up this thread removing conversations of blind testing, burn in, placebo, etc. and of course the name calling. Please redirect all conversations of blind testing, burn in, and placebo to the Sound Science section. And if the trend of this thread continues to be toxic (as some have put it), I'm more than happy to lock it.
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  4. gazzington
    Apologies toxic was probably the wrong word from me but from a quick read through the thread it looked to getting quite hostile
  5. szore
  6. jbr1971
    I bought these 2 hybrid copper/silver cables from Penon Audio. They sound great, & did not break the bank:



    I do not see a straight copper cable available from Ourart, but there is a straight copper ISN available.

    I really enjoy both cables. I use the ISN with my desktop rig, and the Ourart with my portable. I find they really cover the full frequency spectrum nice and evenly for my ears (as opposed to the stock cables).
  7. pstickne
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  8. gazzington
    So how do these sound in comparison to tin audio P1 and isine20?
  9. 518013
    I have a pair coming in, hopefully these are as good as people on here are saying they are.
    Also have the P1 coming, so will do a quick comparisons. :)
  10. szore
    You're going to love them, darling...
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  11. Tragic
    You’ll enjoy them for sure. The P1’s are decent and it’ll be interesting to hear your thoughts. They’re nothing like the CL2’s though.
  12. 518013
    I'll be reporting back as soon as I have them. Pretty excited to give them a go :)
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  13. Doctordoom16
    Just bought a second pair of cl2 as they were 453 on Amazon
    Listening to new pair compared to my old pair w several hundred hours on and I will say it is a night and day comparison. Can't say that burning them in is the cause, too controversial, so just noting that a brand new pair compared to my 4 most old pair sound very different. Some of the criticism of the cl2 are justified on the new pair, but the old pair do not have any of those spikes that others note.
    Using a Sony 4.4 Kimber cable , copper w my Hiby r6pro.
    I will say the cl2 makes bad recordings sound unlistenable. But good quality material sound out of this world.
    Demoed the Solaris and decided the cl2 were preferred for me.
    Mostly classic rock, female neo r&b like Angie Stone, all sound amazing to me.
    The biggest treat is the way the cl2 handles bass. It is so fast and precise, my UE 18pro+ 3rd gen and fearless s8f pale in comparison.
    I'll now have CL2's for a lifetime.
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  14. szore
    It's called burn in. You need to break in a new shoe, why not a speaker?
  15. Doctordoom16
    I know it's called burn in. And believe in burn in. But for the sake of not offending anyone I left it as some mystery of nature! Lol
    I think I read in earlier posts the moderator was going to shut down the post if we spoke of burnin.
    Anyway. Love my CL2.
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