1. murraycherry

    Be Aware of RHA Audio

    Hi, I would like to share my experience with RHA Audio. Be Aware of RHA Audio, DO NOT buy anything from them. RHA provide 3 years warranty for CL2. My CL2 purchased in Jan 2019. The MMCX connector fell off from my CL2 since the glue fell off recently. I requested RHA to repair it, but they...
  2. R

    (SOLD) RHA MA750 Wireless

    Selling my RHA MA750 Wireless earphones in good condition. Comes with original box, eartips and carry pouch - however the USB-C charging cable is missing as I've lost it. You can use any generic USB-C cable. I have the original purchase invoice if you need it. Price includes PayPal and shipping...
  3. Jazic

    RHA CL2

    I'm selling a my pair of RHA CL2's that are in gently used condition. All accessories are untouched because I used my own cable and tips. Cables and ear tips are as they were received in original packaging except for the medium tips that came installed which had to be removed but are still...
  4. steviewonderbread

    [FS] RHA MA750i IEMs newest version (SOLD)

    Selling a pair of great-condition MA750i earphones that were purchased directly from RHA a couple of months ago. I don't use them enough to justify keeping. Comes with all original packaging and accessories except for 1 double-flange pair out of the 10 pairs of tips. They have a sleek stainless...
  5. RHA True Connect

    RHA True Connect

    RHA TRUECONNECT - A premium truly wireless in-ear earphone
  6. cowboy14

    RHA T-2O i ... Best customer Support in world!!!

    After 6 Months of reasearch i decided to buy RHA T20-i and Unfortunately that headphone is not available in My Country (Bangladesh). I contacted my cousin who lives in Malaysia and he bought it and bring it for me .. You know what it costs 250$ which is my 1 month sallary .. but i am a huge...
  7. FanaticSankey

    RHA CL2 2 Days Old.

    Selling a unused RHA CL2 purchased on 12-11-19. Has all accessories and original packaging. Please PM me for any details and price negotiations.


    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Hello Headfi... Need to sell off this great dac/amp because the bills never stop at this time of year. This is the rarely seen RHA Dacamp L1! It is literally a beast of an amp with 384kHz/32bit PCM and Quad DSD (11.2MHz, DSD256) capability! It has the power any can you...
  9. JoshG1217

    For sale FS Like New RHA CL2 Planar Magnetic IEM

    Like new RHA CL2. Comes with all the original items, except original packaging. Case was misplaced, but a new one is being sent. I can forward that one when it comes, or provide an alternative case that I have...
  10. RHA Team

    Introducing the T20 Wireless

    Good afternoon all, We're pretty excited to introduce an update to two of our most acclaimed headphones, the T20 and T20i, which we have imaginatively named the T20 Wireless. It's built around our original DualCoil driver, which uses an additional voice coil to create a sound signature that...
  11. Im2bz2p

    SOLD!! RHA T20i (Hardly used) - DualCoil Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones with Tuning Filters, Remote, & Mic

    Hello all, Up for sale is my gently used and maliciously cared for RHA T20i IEMs: DualCoil HiFi Noise Isolating Stainless Steel in-Ear Headphones with Tuning Filters, Remote, & Mic I purchased these new a little over a year ago, but they haven't had much usage due to my commute to work...
  12. Victorfabius

    [SOLD!] RHA CL1 $125

    Hello! I have the treblyst IEM on the planet (at least, that I'm aware of) for sale here. The RHA CL1. It's comfortable but requires EQ to tone down that treble to a more manageable level. The DACAMP L1 paired well with this IEM, but I haven't used it since I sold the L1. Without that treble...
  13. PlentyCoups

    Beyerdynamic Soul Byrd. Search for IEMs balanced sound, <$150

    New to the site but have been poking around the site for awhile now as I research new IEMs. I have never been able to afford a super expensive pair of IEMs I do have a old pair of Sennheiser HD 202 which I still love. I have about $150 saved up which is I think a ok amount for my venture into...
  14. Gatepc

    RHA CL1 for sale

    Selling RHA CL1 in ear headphones for $260 brand new unopened. Looking to put it towards planar magnetic headphones. Shipping is $10 for continental USA only. Total is $270 Here is a review from one of our own Head-Fiers: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/rha-cl1-ceramic.21739/reviews
  15. RHA Team

    CL2 Planar: CanJam code - 10% off

    Hi everyone, We're extending the CL2 Planar deal we were running at CanJam NYC to the wider Head-Fi community: 10% off the CL2 Planar on rha-audio.com until Sunday 3 March. Use code CANJAMCL2 at checkout. More info on the CL2 here in Head Gear and here in the forums. Feel free to message me...
  16. jwbrent

    FS: RHA DacAmp L1 - D/A - Balanced/SE Amplifier - Portable w/Tone Controls

    Hi all, For sale is the RHA DacAmp L1 (SRP $549). Great sounding and powerful portable DAC and amplifier. The RHA is unique in that it is a fully balanced design and will drive more difficult headphones such as the Sennheiser HD-650 or its variants with aplomb. The picture shows everything that...
  17. joshnor713

    [SOLD] RHA CL2 Planar In-Ears, Like-New

    Barely used, like-new condition of RHA's new planar in-ear flagship, the CL2. I got this pair directly from RHA. I only tested them out based on the rave reviews, for a couple weeks. So they haven't left my home and haven't been through any mishap whatsoever. No drops, spills, rough-playing...
  18. S

    Ear Tips for wide ear canals.

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum, but have been soaking up the advice here for a while. I have a pair of RHA MA750is, and whilst the sound is generally great, I sometimes find that the shallow insertion, coupled with my massive ear canals can make me struggle for a satisfactory seal. To make...
  19. Shotgunsingh

    RHA MA750

    RHA MA 750 update after 200 hrs I will start by saying that these are very full sounding IEMs Build: It's all rubber, thick rubber. Connectors, splitter and iem body is made of stainless steel. Very premium. Seems unbreakable. (not an invitation) Plus there is 3 years warranty. So sone...
  20. AEIOU9

    SOLD: RHA CL2 Mint Condition

    Lightly used, comes complete with all original accessories and the original packaging. Price includes PP fees and shipping within the US. I will consider shipping to other countries but there will be an extra charge, which will be determined based on the difference in cost of shipping to your...
  21. Smurfs2010

    RHA T10i - SOLD

    Brand new RHA T10i. PayPal and shipping within US included.
  22. Animagus

    FS: RHA MA750i

    I have a RHA MA750i for sale. This is a replacement pair through their outstanding warranty and is hardly 6 months old, in mint condition. I have the box, case and all accessories except one eartip (Flange, L). I will add 2 new foam eartips. I can ship to any part of the world using EMS speed...
  23. RHA TrueConnect

    RHA TrueConnect

    True wireless earbuds designed to keep you connected. The TrueConnect combines stylish, subtle design, excellent call and streaming quality, IPX5 sweat and weather resistance, and intuitive device and call control in noise isolating earbuds. 5+20 hours battery, with fast charging IPX5 sweat...
  24. RHA Team


    We recently launched the CL2 Planar, a planar magnetic in-ear headphone configured for both wired and wireless use. You can find initial impressions on the launch thread here: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/introducing-cl2-planar.887229/ We wanted to make these available for the community...
  25. RHA CL2 Planar

    RHA CL2 Planar

    RHA’s CL2 Planar is built around a revolutionary 10mm planar magnetic driver, usable for the first time in both wired and wireless configurations. Planar magnetic driver Detachable MMCX ceramic housings Supplied with 12-hour Bluetooth® neckband with aptX™ compatibility 3.5mm oxygen-free copper...