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Sennheiser IE80 vs Fender FXA5 Pro vs RHA MA750

  1. Meetite
    Hello all,
    I am currently going through the process of deciding on my next IEM (see this thread) and I'm having trouble making a decision between the Sennheiser IE80s and the Fender FXA5 Pros, mainly because there's nowhere for me to demo the Fenders and there aren't very many reviews out there of them.
    I currently own and use a pair of RHA MA750s (I love these things, they're my babies) and most of what I compare headphones/IEMs will be relative to them. I have demo'd the IE80s before in store, so I know what they sound like. While I know what the MA750s and the IE80s sound like, I have little idea what the FXA5 Pros sound like.
    If anyone has any thoughts on the FXA5s relative to the IE80s or MA750s your input would be VERY greatly appreciated.

  2. mymail0808
    I have a quick listen of IE80 and FXA5 sometime before; own 750
    to me, IE80 already a different signature with 750. IE80 is more natural and cool and 750 is more on warm side
    Fender even more cool, natural and wide

    hope help.
  3. Meetite
    Thanks for the response
    In your opinion, what was bass response and overall Fidelity like?
    Also, what exactly do you mean when you say the FXA5s are "wide"?
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  4. mymail0808
    Bass anyway seems IE80 to be the best, especially that has the dial to tune suit your need.
    the sound stage of FXA5 sound the most wide open.
    maybe the 750's warm sound affecting the listening to be more narrow and congest

    did you ever consider RHA T20 as straight upgrade, this one also has different filters to suit your taste.
  5. Meetite
    I considered the T20, but from what I've read about the T10s I'm worried it will have significantly more bass and that it'll be kind of overbearing. The MA750s are perfect for me, bass-wise, any more would be too much but I can't have too little or it'll be boring.
    Thanks for the great advice though!
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
  6. mymail0808
    If that is your only worry and you better try that,
    The filters are reference, bass and treble; unless the treble still giving you too much.
  7. Meetite
    Thanks! I'll definitely consider it as an option.
  8. Meetite
    I decided to go with the Sennheisers and see how they do long term. Depending how they sound after being burnt in I'll either keep them or sell them and buy a different pair.
    Thanks everyone for all your advice.
  9. mymail0808
    How's your IE80?
  10. Meetite
    They're good but only slightly better than my RHAs.
    In the end I decided to sell them and stick with my RHAs, thanks to everyone who helped, though.

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