1. xSwifty

    SP1000M APK Install Help

    Can someone please help me with installing spotify onto two sp1000m's. I've managed to install the apk file of Tidal onto one but not the other. When I drag the Spotify APK file into the Openservice folder then go to services on either sp1000m's, nothing shows up. I am downloading the apk files...
  2. L

    Help repairing DT990 PRO headphones stereo image not working properly

    I know this post should be in the DIY thread however I can't seem to post in there yet! Sorry If i'm posting this in the wrong place. I bought a pair of beyerdyamic DT990 Pros second hand from eBay. The guy said nothing was wrong with them but it's partly my fault for being that gulluble he...
  3. B

    Newbie Advice

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of closed back, wired headphones. I've been doing my research, but I keep seeing contradicting opinions and I'm kinda lost. I'm looking for and everyday pair that I can use for music and games. I'm looking to spend less than $300 USD and as I said above, I...
  4. J

    Help Us Out With A Survey!

    Hi everyone! My friend and I are Cornell undergrads starting up a HiFi company and we would really appreciate if you would spare a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. All of the questions are optional, so answer as many as you feel comfortable answering. Feel free to message me...
  5. M

    Syllable S101 Alternatives/Upgrades?

    While looking for a TWS to listen to music/podcasts while jogging I found the S101 and it seems like a decent one. My question is that if there's something better at the same price range since the S101 is kind of an 'old' model. If I had to rate what I prefer on a TWS it would be like: Sound...
  6. N

    Help: HD600 + Balanced cable + RHA DacAmp = Mono?

    Hi guys, I own a pair of HD600 that I am very happy with, I then decided it was time to treat the headphones with some new upgraded cable, and since my RHA DacAmp L1 have a balanced 4-pin mini xlr output, I went with a Mini-XLR cable that came with some adapters for other types of plugs. The...
  7. themidsizelebowski

    Need help with STAX SR-009S Setup

    I am going to buy the STAX SR-009S earspeaker, but am a novice in the high-end audio world, and need some advice selecting a full setup (amp + preamp) that won’t limit the performance of the SR-009S. My reason for this purchase is that I used to have a STAX SR-L500mk2 with an SRM-252ii amp...
  8. D

    Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone! super excited to be on here I just aquired a pair of hd800s recently and am loving them! Whats your guys favorite headphones?
  9. T

    AKG k371 good for first set of headphones?

    Hello! I’m looking at getting my first set of quality headphones. I’m after something that will suit a fairly eclectic taste in music, but a lot of rock, jazz and blues. budget is around $500AUD ($350USD/300EUR) but happy to go over if it’s really worth it. I’d like them to last quite some...
  10. Dancing Babamef

    Need for amp even if sound card (AE-5) can power 600ohm?

    I am starting to appreciate audio more and started recently listening to soundtracks of movies. My listening gear currently consists of a Sound BlasterX AE-5 and a GSP-600 (32Ω). I am thinking of buying the Beyer DT 990, the 600Ω one. Even though my sound card can drive 600Ω should I still...
  11. T


    I'm new to the whole audio world and I'm looking to buy a new paid of IEM's/Headphones. I've had Shure SE215's and they were great. I bought a paid of KS ZST's because they were cheap, but I find the highs a little too harsh. I've got around $200-$300 AUD to spend. I've been looking into buying...
  12. H

    Help on fixing a broken driver lead connector on a beyerdynamics DT770

    (wanted to post in DIY forum but can't because new member) so my cable connection to the driver lead broke and I decided to be louis rossmann for the day and solder it back together I've done it before on DT990 and it worked fine, what I ended up doing is soldering 2 leads and melting the one...
  13. M

    Help with headphones, dacs/amps

    I'm very new to all of this but have been doing a lot of reading on new headphones but can't decide what to buy. I don't have a DAC or amp. I will mostly use these headphones for gaming (often times competitive shooters like csgo) while on the call with friends and some light music listening or...
  14. M

    Monoprice Monolith MM-3 cuts out at low levels?

    Saw a review on amazon of someone complaining about it. Can someone confirm if this is true for these speakers? Or maybe this person just got a defective unit?
  15. M

    Which are the best drivers?

    As i was doing some research I came across a post (Which I can't seem to find again) where some people said uninstalling OEM drivers (If I remember correctly, in this case they were talking about the Audio Drivers that came with a Dell laptop) and just using Windows Audio Drivers gave them...
  16. DankAudio

    Tin t3 Balanced worth it?

    My audio setup consists of the tin t3 connected to the fiio M11. I was wondering whether spending money to buy a 4.4mmcx cable is worth it or not. Thanks!
  17. M

    Should I buy the HD 6XX? I'll be using no amp.

    So I have been reading that the HD 6XX works without an amp, (Source: A guy talking about that here on reddit), can some of the knowledgeable people from this forum confirm me this please? It is a big deal to me because I play rhythm games, so I need to avoid dac/amps to achieve the least...
  18. S

    Best DAP with Tidal // Google Play for CIEM use?

    I use CTM-500Elite CIEM’s and usually listen on my Pioneer XDP-100r which is great but there is a little noise floor that’s annoying at times, and I mostly use Tidal to stream especially in offline mode I want to upgrade new something new, I’ve looked at a lot of DAP’s out today’s and...
  19. Pinkomeno

    Aune X1S volume problem

    Hello, fellow readers! Did you ever had this sort of problem? "Windows Volume: 20%; AMP knob: 9 O' Clock; Volume pressure measured by a calibrated UMIK-1: 120 DBs" Like *** I can't listen to it at all, it's so loud I think I'm going stupid here. All my previous listening was by listening...
  20. S

    Need help with choosing some Bluetooth headphones

    So I was looking at kz s1, qcy qs2, mpwo flame 2 or mpow h7. I need them to be wireless bc my phone's jack broke and no store will repair it. I could get a micro USB to jack but that's too much of. Hassle for me. I could also buy a cheap mp3 off of AliExpress but I need your guidance. I'm no...
  21. zato23

    NEED HELP from Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 owners

    I am trying to repair my Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 and i need the board scheme I asked company to give it to me but they told me that they cant provide me such informations If someone who own this headphones can open them (it is very easy ,remove the earpads and then 4 screws on each side)...
  22. TFaile

    Balanced output issue with HIFIMAN Sundara

    I recently purchased a Shanling M6 to try out and it is my first DAP that has a 4.4mm balanced output. Shortly after receiving It I also purchsed a 4.4mm trrs to dual 3.5mm cable for my HIFIMAN Sundara. I have tried contacting customer support and no one has been super helpful whether it be...
  23. NA Blur

    Where did the "Unanswered" link go?

    Just curious if the "Unanswered" link was removed on purpose of was it missed when the site was revamped? It is a great way for those of us with some experience to answer new questions.
  24. M

    Hello there quick question about a good choice of amp/dac

    Hello everybody, So i wanted to but the dt 770 80 ohms but i've no idea what amp/dac i should buy alongside with it. I dont really know lot's about this stuff, i've searched online but couldn't find a clear answer, thanks in advance. my budget is tops 80 euros.
  25. Tail

    Sennheiser IE8/IE80/IE80s vs Sennheiser IE40 Pro

    I know it may sound weird due to price difference and Sennhsier's own naming of the products and all, but I am genuinely interested in comparison between these two. Recently I've found out about the world chi-fi and after hearing friend's 40$ earphone basically being on par with my 300$ Senn...