1. estrada505

    Deciding between Massdrop AKG k7xx vs Sennheiser pc38x

    Hello! The final piece to my gaming set up would be a good set of headphones and I need your help! I made the grate mistake of thinking that because it’s 2020 technology should allow me to buy an amazing sounding headset for 100 dollars so I pulled the trigger and bought some Corsair VOID RGB...
  2. A

    help me decide Akg k7xx, drop + dan clark aeon x, sennheiser hd 58x or hifiman ananda

    hi, can you guys give me your opinion of which one i should buy i am new to audiophile headphones and i am wanting to get one, i am looking for the most comfortable one as i have a very easily irritable head when wearing headphones. if you could just let me know your opinion on their comfort or...
  3. Meetite

    Sennheiser IE80 vs Fender FXA5 Pro vs RHA MA750

    Hello all, I am currently going through the process of deciding on my next IEM (see this thread) and I'm having trouble making a decision between the Sennheiser IE80s and the Fender FXA5 Pros, mainly because there's nowhere for me to demo the Fenders and there aren't very many reviews out there...
  4. wantmyf1

    Hifiman HM901, AK380 or Lotoo Paw Gold...Help me decide

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a new high end dap and have so far narrowed it down to the three listed in the thread title. Though I'm open to be convinced if there's another equal choice out there. I tend to like more of an analytical sound over a warm signature. The dap doesn't have to have...