RHA TrueConnect

General Information

True wireless earbuds designed to keep you connected.
The TrueConnect combines stylish, subtle design, excellent call and streaming quality, IPX5 sweat and weather resistance, and intuitive device and call control in noise isolating earbuds.
  • 5+20 hours battery, with fast charging
  • IPX5 sweat, splash and weather resistance
  • Secure, comfortable fit; ideal for active use
  • Stem design maximises call quality
  • Full device and digital assistant touch control
  • Noise isolating, low profile design
  • Durable flip charging case carries 4 charges
  • Supplied with Comply™ and RHA TrueConnect tips
  • 3 year warranty

Latest reviews

Pros: Good design
Very good sound quality
Excellent build quality
Cons: Smudgy and slippery, grease and fingerprint magnet, mushy buttons
Connection issues and poor range
Unclear voice quality over mic

RHA’s first truly wireless in-ear headphone offering excels in sound quality, build quality, battery life and fails to serve the purpose of this kind of IEMs by having poor wireless connectivity. Poor wireless performance negates whatever positives its sound quality brings to the table.


RHA TrueConnect comes in a well-built case made of metal and plastic. Case is quite ergonomic and can be carried easily in pockets. Outer part of the case is made of aluminum and the body which holds the IEMs is made of plastic and is finished in soft touch matte black finish same as the IEMs themselves. The body swivels front to show the IEM compartment which also charges them through magnetic strips instead of wireless charging. The case has three LEDs on outside to indicate its charging levels. The IEMs are held together with nice magnetic force and won’t fall off even the opened case is turned upside down. IEMs come with buttons which need to be pressed rather than swiped. And those buttons are mushy and won’t exude confidence while using. Controls, like single press to pause/attend/disconnect, double press to increase volume and triple press to decrease are not that intuitive but can be get used to it. Microphones have been placed at the bottom of both the earpiece’s stems. Though it has excellent build quality, it is extremely smooth, slippery and catches grease and fingerprints quite easily. It has an average fit and isolation. For me, only the large size silicone tips and comply foam tips kept them from falling off my ears very often. Isolation too improved vastly with the provided Comply foam tips.


Sound quality out of 6 mm dynamic driver is very good. Has fun sound and is very enjoyable right out of the box. Bass gets prominence here, with good depth and slam. Even though bass is punchy, it spreads over headroom and slightly cloud the mids. Mids are sweet and clear. Resolution is good. Instrument separation and imaging are very good. Sound stage is spacious and big for a TWS IEM. It has got good width and depth. Treble is detailed, reserved and non-sibilant to a large extent, with certain spikes in upper treble region.


This is where this IEM falters big time. Wireless reliability is poor. Bluetooth range is mediocre and there are instances where I lost connection for a few seconds even if I am 5 meters away from my phone. I observed there are connectivity issues between the left and right earpieces too. Call quality is mediocre too, with both the caller and receiver sounding unnatural to each other. Being a true wireless IEM and failing in its main purpose is a disappointment. RHA, though, said to have rectified these issues in the latest batches, is a good thing. I rather wish they should have done it prior to release itself.


RHA claims good figures in battery life section and I found my real time usage almost matching those figures. RHA claims 5-hour battery life for the earpieces and 20-hour battery life for the case. I got 3 hours and 30 minutes out of it when I continuously played music through it and good 5 hour 30 minutes with mixed usage. That mixed usage consists of 40-minutes of each videos, music and phone calls. Mileage may vary with your usage though.


Samsung Galaxy Buds+:
Samsung's latest TWS IEM, Buds+ is a dual-driver IEM launched along with their latest flagship S20. It comes in an even smaller case than the TrueConnect and has a very pocket able design. Battery life is leaps and bounds better than the TrueConnect, with Buds+ surviving a handsome 11 hours on a single charge, whereas TrueConnect could only muster half of it in mixed usage and worse in continuous music playback. Sound-wise these sound balanced compared to the warm and fun tuned TrueConnect. Buds+ has got cleaner mids, slightly crispier treble than the TrueConnect. But TrueConnect pulls ahead in the bass section with its bass being more punchier than Buds+. Buds+ has less bass in quantity. Call quality and connectivity is definitely lot better in Buds+ as i could hear clear voices at the other end and connectivity is better with no latency whatsoever, whereas TrueConnect only managed to give me muffled voices during calls and pretty ordinary connectivity. At the end, choosing between these two just boil down to preferences. Buds+ is for those who are after balanced and clean sound signature, better call quality and connectivity and RHA TrueConnect is for those who prefer warm, fun sound, bass prominent and with good performance all over the spectrum. But it fails in the other prominent aspects of a TWS: calls and stable connectivity.


Even though I am very impressed with its very good sound quality and decent battery life, I cannot recommend this to any prospective buyer for the obvious glaring issues mentioned above. RHA lost a golden opportunity to score a winner. Can’t buy a true wireless IEM for just sound quality alone, it should also fare well where it’s needed.
Please note that it is a review unit sent for review by Headphone Zone.

RHA has been one of my favourite brands. I have used the famous RHA MA 390 and recommended it to a lot of my friends. I also have the RHA MA 750 wireless. RHA always have amazed me with their premium design, comfort, ease of use and sound. When the True Connect arrived for review, I was really excited to experience another RHA product.
So did the True Connect came up to my expectations? We will know that in some time.


The True Connect is the first truly wireless product by RHA. It features a Apple Airpods like stem design. But unlike Airpods, these have the nozzle like that of a usual in-ear design. My unit is a all matte-black colour including the charging case. The earphone and the case has a soft rubber coating. The earphone is controlled by the button on each earbud, they can be used to connect via bluetooth, play/pause, increase/decrease volume, disconnect call, activate google assistant. The control scheme is pretty minimalistic and I got used to it pretty easily. Both the earbuds have an led indicator which indicates if the earbuds are active or not.
The case features an unique swivel design and whenever opened shows the battery level on the 3 white LED lights present on the top right conrer of the case. The type-c charging port is present along the side of the case. The case is extemely well built with a coating of soft rubber.


The earphone fits really well in the ear. They felt pretty light and I didn't find anything bothering in regards to the weight. I have used it for 3-4 hours straight and they are really comfortable. As a truly wireless earbud one would have high expectations while using outdoors and True Connect are really impressive. I would use them frequently while commuting to work, which includes walking as well and never felt any compromise on the fit. They stay put on the ear and I never had to worry about them falling out. I am usually too lazy to go to a gym or go out for jogging, but since truly wireless also has the use case of listening to music while working out in a gym or while going for jogging, I did go for jogging to test them. They tend to stay put in this case too. So in terms of fit, they were good to go. The IPX5 active sweatproof rating makes them a perfect use case for any workout activities, however anything highly aggressive might still make them fall out of our ears.
The soft rubbery coating is another thing that makes sure the earphones sit comfortably in our ears without causing any irritation.


The True Connect comes with Bluetooth 5.0 which offers high bitrate audio streaming and better connectivity. It is backwards compatible with Bluetooth 4 devices as well. The pairing process is pretty easy, one just needs to click and hold the button on the right side of the earphone until it shows up on the unpaired devices list of your phone. Just choose RHA True Connect and it gets connected. As soon as we put them inside the charging case, they get disconnected easily and similarly when we bring them out of the case they get connected to the recently paired device. This feature is very convenient and leads to a great user experience. During my use, I didn't find any connectivity issues. At a certain situation where another device is connected to your phone via bluetooth gets disconnected automatically, the earphone also gets disconnected for a brief 2-3 seconds which I feel isn't the fault of the earphone. The range as marketed is 10 meters. But when I kept the phone in another room, then the earphone doesn't face any connectivity issue for atleast 15-20 feet (5-6 meters approx).


The True Connect features 6mm Dynamic drver which gives a rich detailed sound. I haven't tried much in the wireless category, but even in the standards of the wired counterparts, the True Connect does pretty well. The sound feels balanced with good extension on highs but not too bright. There's good amount of details. Bass is natural and is in appropriate amount, which might disappoint the bass lovers but I never felt the bass lacking in any form of music I tried. Mids are rich with slight emphasis towards the upper mids. The mids aren't forward neither recessed, makes them very natural sounding. Highs are well extended and very detailed. I was surprised to find such details in a pair of wireless earphone. I have used the RHA MA 750 wireless which was pretty brilliant but the True Connect retrieve details at another level. The soundstage isn't too wide though but I guess it wouldn't be fair to expect on the levels of wired earphones. Nevertheless, the soundstage and imaging are pretty decent for a pair of truly wireless and I am pretty satisfied with the quality of sound the True Connect offers. It connects via AAC codec which is pretty good and performs better than the usual SBC codec. However MA 750 wireless had Aptx enabled and I believe, in today's date Aptx HD on the True Connect would definitely push them to another levels.
I used it extensively to watch Netflix and didn't find any lag in the sound. Same goes for Youtube or any other video streaming as well as for offline videos.


As a pair of wireless earphone, call quality is another important factor. The call quality is pretty good, I never faced any issues while hearing on the earphones and neither realised any issue with the mic. The person on the other end was able to hear me clearly even in outdoor noisy situations. On video calls I didnt face any lag in the speech.


The earphones are rated at 5 hours of battery life and an additional 20 hours from the case. During my use the earphones did last 4-5 hours easily and the charging case charges the earphones 4-5 times atleast. Under normal uses, I had to put the case on charge on alternate days.


The True Connect comes with plethora of accessories in the box: One type-c charging cable, ear tip holder, 7 pairs of silicon eartips (S/M/L) and 3 pairs of Comply Foam TrueGrip Ear Tips. The multiple pairs of eartips are really helpful considering different people have different types of fit.


Well now we have arrived to the part where I can go ahead and say that these are easily recommended. I love the design approach of RHA and with True Connect they have done it again. While functionality wise they almost have it all, sound-wise too they did great! RHA offers a whopping 3 years warranty, not that you are going to need it but the procedure is hassle-free.

My Rating: 4/5
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Pros: Very enjoyable engaging sound
Strong bass/mids performance
Fantastic case design
Battery life on par with other TOTL options
Great isolation
USB C charging
Build quality
Cons: Treble could be more prominent
Stay away from silicone buds
Hello fellow Head-fiers

Just dropping by to share my thoughts on this product, the RHA Trueconnect, true wireless IEM.

I've always been curious about TWS since they first came about. The early attempts we can all admit were rather disappointing to say the least, with a few sparkly gems hidden in between the rough, I'm looking at you Apple.

I know the Airpods aren't like "audiophile" and they don't particularly sound amazing, but they still have a pleasant sound and they're definitely a step up over what you'd get free with your iPods. What they do excel in however is functionality, the call quality, battery life, ease of use and portability. It's probably worth mentioning that it's now widely accepted to wear oral hygiene accessories in your ears as a statement of superiority, or so people seem to think, we can all admit we've probably spent more than £159 on earphones at some point.

I've been using the Airpods for a while now, their compact size and somewhat pleasant warm sound had kept me ticking over on my short morning commute, up until recently when the RHA Trueconnect caught my eye.


I've had my eye on the TWS threads on here for a while, looking for something that might tick all the boxes of the Airpods with better isolation and sound quality. I'll admit, the Trueconnect have been on my list for a while, but reviews of horrendous connection issues have put me off for some time. I recently picked up the Bose Soundsport Free in hopes they'd offer me what I was looking for, they're great, at least in the sound department, but the lag during video was just unusable, luckily I bought them direct so I was able to return them on the Bose 30 day guarantee, hopefully their new Earbuds 500/700 will be better later this year.

Anyway, I ordered the RHA from Amazon UK. No risk really as Amazon have such a laxed returns policy, any issues and I could return them. With that in mind I decided to settle my curiosity and order a set.


The Trueconnect come in a solid cardboard box with various printed information and infographics. The box is laiden with a foam insert both top and bottom to keep the contents secure in transit. You're immediately greeted with the buds facing up, subtle RHA logo on both, and the charging case. Upon removal of the first layer you have two cardboard sections dividing the ear tips and a USB C cable to charge them back up. The usual spiel, paperwork and a packet of silica gel are also thrown in for good measure. Before anyone gets any bright ideas, you cannot eat the silica gel. The tips are all inserted into a steel credit card like board, there's a lot here so you'll never be short although I will talk about those later on.

The case:


The case is actually one of my favourite aspects of this product. It's very well built, the aluminium bar that sits across the top is very sturdy and rotates beautifully. There's something very satisfying about the case of the Airpods, the opening mechanism is very tactile and this is also very apparent in the Trueconnect. The case opens and closes both with magnetic assistance, so there's very little effort involved but it wouldn't openly swing by itself. It closes with a very solid click and it's super satisfying, I love it, great experience, 10/10 would recommend the case.

Other notable mentions are the USB C charging, it's 2019, everything should be made with USB C these days, I refuse to believe it adds enough cost to a product that companies are actively avoiding it and putting micro USB on TWS products these days, RHA I salute you for going the extra mile. Lastly there are 3 white LED's on the case which indicate the cases battery level and whether or not the buds are charging. I've not owned them long enough to have needed a recharge yet but I trust they'll hold out long enough that I'll not need to moan about it.

The Buds:


The buds are obviously the centrepiece of the Trueconnect, they support bluetooth 5.0 which is a massive must for TWS I believe. A lot of the chinese firms are claiming 5.0 these days and it's absolute garbage, glad to see that RHA have done right but us and given the genuine service. The thing is, you can really tell, the audio lag when watching videos is near nil and the connection is absolutely unbreakable. I was definitely put off when reading numerous reviews about the poor connectivity of these earphones but I've genuinely not had a single issue since I've had them. I did some distance tests to try and push these to their limits as my apartment is quite long, I placed the phone by the front door and went to the far back of the living room, it's a fair 10-13m away with numerous walls in between. I was shocked to see that there wasn't a single blip in the connection, they really stand up to their name of being truly connected. If anyones curious I use an iPhone XS Max, hence the Airpods, I'm not sure what other people were using but perhaps it's something to do with the phone, or perhaps the bluetooth chips in both devices just work very well together, either way, the connect was faultless in my case.

Each bud has a large circular button on the outside for playing and pausing music, holding the button gives you access to whatever assistant your phone uses. Overall the buds are nice, they aren't as stand out as Airpods, I wish apple made a matte black Airpod. These definitely don't stand out as much, and that's a good thing for sure.

The Sound:

I've never owned an RHA product before so I have no idea what their sound is like. I'm aware that a few companies such as Sennheiser, B&O ect have their own house sound, I assume RHA have a similar thing going on with their products. From what I can tell so far they're going for an engaging, fun, rich sound signature.

I mentioned that I'd touch back on the eartips again later. Basically I've tried the silicone ones and I've tried the included Comply ones. Wouldn't even give the silicone ones the time of day, they gave me a horrible feeling of a plunger in my ear, pulling my eardrum out of place and to be honest it really hurt, as if that wasn't bad enough they just don't sound anywhere near as good as the Comply ones do. The silicone tips sound like a whole lot of mud and that might have something to do with how tightly they sealed my ears but I'd stay well clear of those.

The Comply tips are fantastic, their foam allows some breathability to there was no suction and no agony, just a great seal and comfortable fit, not to mention the sound really came alive with these.


As I previously mentioned RHA definitely have a warmer signature so I guess that means their focus will be on a decent low end. It’s a very rich enjoyable sound, which I feel is great for commuting. I came to the realisation lately that having the most accurate sound reproduction isn’t always best, I was listening to my Flares Pro 2 HD and while I love them, sometimes I just found it a bit too accurate and some tracks just really aren’t for me. Anyway, the RHA do low end relatively well, they’re very enjoyable with anything upbeat and electrical. Certain songs have a real rumble to them and it’s well handled here. I do feel there’s some mixture between the mids and that’s sometimes okay but you’ll have to decide that for yourself. The bass isn’t massively tight and controlled but it’s good enough for the purpose of the product.


The midrange on the RHA is great, it’s just a pleasant experience and I’m completely satisfied with that they’re providing here. It’s detailed and does the job nicely, there’s great separation and vocals are very clearly depicted through these earphones. I spent a lot of time listening to Jamiroquai and London Grammar in order to give me a good idea of what I’m dealing with and the results were very pleasing, especially from London Grammar, very nice indeed.


The highs on these are decent, they definitely aren’t front and centre but they’re definitely there, I’d just say you’ll probably notice the lows and mids a bit more than the clarity of these earphones. I’ll touch on the fact that I don’t think they were designed to be the most analytical sounding. Me personally I’m not a fan of anything too high because I find it too piercing and I’ll always pick warmer sounding gear. I’d not say that I’m disappointed with the treble, because personally it’s exactly what I like, but others may not be massively blown away by the clarity as much as the lower end reproduction.

The conclusion:

Do I recommend the RHA Trueconnect? Absolutely!

They definitely tick all the boxes for someone like me who commutes and occasionally likes to walk around the house with my earplugs in without the hassle of wires. Connectivity through my iPhone was stellar, they paired within seconds of being removed from their case and stayed connected until I put them away.

RHA have taken all the great things about the Airpods that I loved and wrapped it in silky smooth delicious sound. Personally I really rate the sound quality of these earphones, they are rich and engaging, full of life with great bass and the seal with the Comply tips really puts the icing on the cake, just make sure you don't dislodge your brain with those toilet plunger silicone tips.

I genuinely think I've found my endgame TWS product, at least until RHA do something else spectacular.
Excellent review! Do you have any comparison to other true wireless in-ears?



Getting a pair of these, looks like just what I want for exercise. What is the consistency of connection like, this has been a problem I have had with other headphones while out running. Also do both headphones have to be in the charger for it to work?

Super excited for these .

Getting a pair of these, looks like just what I want for exercise. What is the consistency of connection like, this has been a problem I have had with other headphones while out running. Also do both headphones have to be in the charger for it to work?

Super excited for these .
Hi there,

That's excellent to hear, we are excited too! With the IPX5 rating, the TrueConnect are well suited for exercise.

The TrueConnect utilise a stem design and Bluetooth 5 to ensure a strong and stable connection and each earbud can be charged separately in the case. Also, the right earbud can be used on its own while the left bud is charging.

Kind regards,

I preordered as soon as I got the announcement to my email. Hope to have them in my hands within a week or two. :)

Getting a pair of these, looks like just what I want for exercise. What is the consistency of connection like, this has been a problem I have had with other headphones while out running. Also do both headphones have to be in the charger for it to work?

Super excited for these .
Just for clarification, does this mean that the right earbud is the primary i.e., the left earbud cannot be used by itself while the right is charging?
My initial excitement over these has been tempered because RHA chose not to include AAC or Aptx support. These are SBC only. They may still sound good but I'm waiting for reviews and impressions before diving in. They claim these are optimized for battery life and connection with sounds like it may be a trade off for SQ. Form factor looks nice. Looking forward to impressions here.
I bet these aren't cheap! No mention of APtX or any other codecs used on these.

Getting a pair of these, looks like just what I want for exercise. What is the consistency of connection like, this has been a problem I have had with other headphones while out running. Also do both headphones have to be in the charger for it to work?

Super excited for these .
@epidoc Yes, correct.
Feel like I'm missing something as a new guy, seems there hasn't been any updated review or even a mention of the revised RHA True Connect 2's. Seems some folk complained of battery life and call quality, but that RHA have revised those issues from the looks of it, wondering if anyone has tried them out or rates them at all.

Also if I'm missing something with regard to searching, apologies, would appreciate any advice.