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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. Doctordoom16
    They eventually get easier to connect and disconnect. First few times I couldn't get them disconnected. I was going to use my teeth if I had to! But a few times later and I got an easy click on and w a medium pull and slight twist a disconnect. I will say if u don't get the click on connect then they are not secure.
    I'm at around 200 hours burnin. I did a 24/7 burnin for 100 hours and been listening since. Don't hear a dramatic difference since around 150. They are smoother for sure from initial listen. And I got a Alo copper litz w 4.4 balanced and listen on my hiby r6 pro. Great combo.
  2. rutter
    So where do people who have experience with other iems, particularly top of the line ones, position these? I have owned the Solaris and IER-Z1R past 200 hours.

    Is there supposed to be vocal recessing with these? How dramatic are the burn-in effects from 0 to 150? Kitechaser is big on cables making a serious difference, to the point of accounting for some of the apparently strong criticism these have received.
  3. szore
    The cl2 scales well, you need a quality copper cable and a good source, tho. Quality cable is always a good Idea no matter the IEM.
  4. rutter
    What should I be expecting in terms of body and soundstage? Currently sounds rather thin and narrow.
  5. rutter
    This is interesting. I've been playing music through these for 15-20 hours and they are sounding significantly more engaging. Initially the sound was plain wonky. Vocals recessed, sort of a metallic quality somewhere, thin, narrow soundstage. Vocals are better now, don't seem to be as shrill either, more body, nice level of detail, considerable balance across the frequency spectrum. Soundstage not bad but not much to speak of, may still be on the narrow side even for iems. Just put them on after initially listening for around 15 minutes. Using the 2.5mm balanced cable with an iBasso DX220 and its default amp1. With the balanced copper cable I'm getting I'll be switching to amp8. The amp1 module itself is in the middle of burning in so that's a confounding factor.
  6. szore
    I enjoy wide, deep, layered soundstage with a cohesive presentation, and perfect timbre. What source, tips, and cable are you using, and how many hours are on the CL2?
  7. Bookutus
    Heard the new Volbeat Album with CL2. Vocals Sound a lot to bright for me. Artificial and squeezy... With CL2 I am torn between Love and Hate...
  8. joshnor713
    Pretty much sums up the general story with this IEM. I sold my CL2 but am hopeful for the CL3.
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  9. Tragic
    That’s definitely NOT the “general” story of this iem. Your personal story, yes but there are many who view these as endgame iems.
    Others believe graphs and parroted poor reviews.
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  10. rutter
    Hence the general story, love it or hate it.
  11. ANOpax
    ^^ This. EFA. Others misunderstood graphs and parroted poor reviews. .
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2019
  12. Bookutus
    Just to be clear: Mostly I love them!
    Are there rumors for CL3?
  13. gazzington
    This forum seems a bit toxic and I'm just saying that it needs to calm down.
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  14. McMadface
    How could you not believe the graphs? It's the FR that the measuring system picks up. You just happen to really like the FR of the CL2. Nothing wrong with that. That would be like telling someone they are wrong for liking spicy food. Own it.

    But, don't say that the graphs are wrong. The people that are critical of the CL2 just don't happen to like that FR. There's nothing wrong with them either. If everybody had to like the same thing, there would only be 1 headphone. Where's the fun in that?
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  15. joshnor713
    Um, read back in the thread. That's how many people feel about the CL2, not anywhere near just me.

    I'm glad you love the IEM. That's fantastic. But hard to ignore when there's a trend in what people are hearing.
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