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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. Duncan Moderator
    So, after a hiatus from the CL2 love, taking me to the Sony WH1000XM3, then the Sennheiser Momentum TW, and finally to the Sony WI1000X, I'm back in the fold...

    I must admit for now that I'm slightly lost - either craving the WI1000X treble in the CL2 or the CL2 midrange in the WI1000X...

    The venerable CL2 keeps the music playing at its best overall though :)
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  2. Victorfabius
    This is quite excellent news!
  3. Ocelitgol
    So...eh.....is it a crime to run CL2 on BT? lol

    Genuine question though: I'm thinking of getting it myself from a brief demo (thanks @szore) and since I'm a student, I like to keep my collection as minimalistic as possible. How's the stock BT cable compare to stock cables (both of them)? I'm aware there might be some loss but just want to know how much.
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  4. Aeskualpio
    You don’t have LDAC on the RHA BT cable, just APTX and APTX-HD. I find the BT cable to be very good, perhaps 80ish% of the CL2s when wired.
    The SQ is quite good, but not as much power, soundstage feels narrower. Still very good. And with the right tips and proper insertion excellent passive isolation.
    Hope that helps, let me know if you need any other detail
  5. cj3209
    I don't believe it has aptX HD, just aptX.
  6. Ocelitgol
    Yeah it's only AptX. IDK if I can tell a difference between them anyway. Although, I was hoping for like 90% of cable sound.

    Have you tried running it with other BT modules like Fiio BTR3 or Radsone ES100 or Shanling M0? I read that CL2 scale with the source, but again, I'd like to keep my inventory small for school :)
  7. McCol
    You won't get 90% of the cable sound. I used to quite like the bluetooth option but it's probably around 50% at best of the wired sound. You lose quite a bit of detail in the mids and highs, the bass is present but not as refined when using wired.
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  8. cj3209
    If it had aptX HD, it would sound better than just aptX and I would probably use it more, TBHWY.
  9. Ocelitgol
    Interesting, I would never expect it to be that low. I still have hope for new tech so I guess I'll test it myself when I get it :)
    I do hope for my sake that you're wrong though :frowning2:

    Can you specify how much is the difference between those two? I'm still under the impression that it wouldn't be that different between AAC, AptX, and LDAC. Again, I'd test it myself further when I pull the trigger :)
  10. szore
    A certain member was banned from this forum, and I'm posting this message to protest. NOT RIGHT
  11. cj3209
    AptX HD is clearly better sounding than aptX. More of everything. It's almost as good as LDAC.
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  12. Victorfabius
    Agreed. Admittedly, it took me some time and much testing to figure out for myself. One of the things I noticed in my own, personal usage, is that AptX-HD maintained a more stable connection than LDAC. I do find AptX as listenable as AAC as a codec. It's been working ok for me with the Flares Pro as a jogging IEM. I don't know that AptX really allows the CL2 to shine. I would be particularly interested in an RHA Bluetooth adapter that utilized AptX-HD or LDAC. Would this be an appropriate time too nudge @RHA Team do you think?

    I know that with LDAC, Sony tends to require that codec to take priority over all other codecs where available. I do not think Qualcomm requires this from those who implement AptX-HD.
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  13. Ocelitgol
    How would you compare between wired vs LDAC?

    On Android BT settings, we can turn off LDAC so the next highest will play (AptX HD or AptX)
  14. szore
    Why aren't you reading Nietzsche?
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  15. marcusd
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