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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. Tragic
  2. szore
    So, where is sound stage in a graph? Please point to it. Where is timbre, layering, space between the notes? Coherencey? Please post the graph to your favorite IEM and point to where these elements are shown, I would love to be educated!
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  3. Tragic
    Graphs clearly *hear* music better than you.
    Just accept that and carry on.
    "Resistance is futile" a wise Borg once said.
  4. szore
    Ohhh, OK. Thanks for educating me...

  5. McMadface
    I never said that soundstage, resolution or other technicalities can be read on a FR graph. You can keep your words in your mouth and out of mine. The FR graph only shows the FR of a whatever is being measured. The graph doesn't lie. It's just a depiction of the data.

    The FR of an IEM is the main component of the overall sound signature of the IEM. If I don't like the way something is tuned, I'm not really going to care about how wide it sounds or how coherent it is. The people that hate the CL2 hate it because the FR is really far from anything else on the market. The people that love it just happen to love that FR. I'm just pointing out how stupid it is for anyone to claim that someone from the other group is wrong. People have different preferences. I accept that. Why can't you?
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  6. joshnor713
    Just to chime in, because I don't see this being addressed. My problem (and a lot of others) was not particularly the FR but the metallic, unnatural sound at high mids/low treble region. I was disheartened, because I loved everything else about the CL2's reproduction.

    Even those who love it say a copper cable is a must. If you need to use a copper cable for an IEM to be excellent, then it's a flawed IEM. RHA messed up if so many people are saying the same thing.
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  7. szore
    Who cares.
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  8. rutter
    So where in the frequency range is the CL2 deviant? What does that sound like? If a cable changes this shouldn't there be multiple frequency range graphs?
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  9. McMadface
    You're the one getting all szore about it. You could just ignore me if you didn't care.
  10. McMadface
    It's mostly in the 15 dB rise from 1K to 2.5K and 20 dB drop from 4K to 5K. For the most part, such steep swings don't sound good to a lot of people. Some people love it. You just gotta find what works for you.
  11. pstickne
    There are ‘reasons’ why one doesn’t find FR graphs for cables.. while different cables may alter perception, well, they are generally not doing a whole bunch on graphs.

    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  12. rutter
    You've already demonstrated you aren't very thoughtful. I'm awaiting more responses. For instance, Kitechaser has apparently either been banned or suspended from this thread but he claims this:


    It's hard for me to judge. Suffice it to say I've heard a bunch of headphones and a few iems and as also appears to be popularly understood the sound is far from defined by a frequency response graph. You could probably get headphones and even iems from disparate tiers, especially headphones as the ceiling is higher and differences are bigger, with similar frequency response graphs that would sound a lot differently. Thus the term "objectivist" here is an insult, and you appear to be an unapologetic one. Guys like you can sound smart but as soon as you retreat from what you deem to be a knowledge base as Aminus demonstrated a couple nights ago you quickly show your colors. Dude came in huffed up and quickly got smacked around on basic logic. It's a shame mods delete posts. The world would be a lot more interesting of a place without them.
  13. pstickne
    It if it’s not on the FR graph, it seems dubious that the “tonality” is physically changed. Perception (as subjective to ones desires and mind-trickery), perhaps. Maybe pick qualities of sound presentation that are “outside” a FR graph..

    Like, timbre. Just say you like the timbre better; or soundstage; or decay. Nothing about tonality or FR graphs in that case.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  14. rutter
    I'd say I like timbre better if I knew what the hell it is as distinct from frequency response and tonality. Even none of these things may explain why the HD800S has a far more defined bass than the Audeze LCD-X for instance. Even the link I provided states there's confusion with tonality and timbre. The one thing that's fairly obvious is that there is much more to sound beside a frequency response graph.
  15. gazzington
    Without spending a fortune, can anybody provide me with a link to a copper cable I can use with these iems?
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