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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. Doctordoom16
    Anyone hear a rumor of the cl2 replacement being released soon?
  2. joshnor713
    I think burn-in in the physical space is reasonable; it'd be sad if people were getting bashed for that. However, I've seen few claiming burn-in of digital components and that's kinda where I draw the line.

    That said, I haven't seen night and day burn-in effects in my experience (I'm betting most of those claims are mental burn-in). With the CL2, tried it out of the box and it was way too metallic/dry between the upper mids/lower treble (everything else sounded fantastic though). But to give the benefit of the doubt, I burned-it in for 400-ish hours and paired with a pure copper cable. It was better but no way "night and day" - I could still hear the problem.

    Really hope RHA fixes this with the CL3. I was really impressed with everything outside of this flaw; it's a shame really.
  3. szore
    What flaw?
  4. joshnor713
    "too metallic/dry between the upper mids/lower treble"
  5. szore
    I don't hear that at all.
  6. joshnor713
    That's good then! I wish I didn't.

    Actually, when I first demoed the CL2 at IFA last year I was blown away. Impressed me more than the IER-Z1R. Didn't notice any flaws then, but really it was only a 10-minute impression. When I got a retail pair was taken aback. Didn't quite sound like what I demoed (because of this flaw). Thought it could be burn-in, but I tried that. Or maybe it was the tracks they had me sample. Or maybe there's a variance between units. Who knows. I just couldn't live with the flaw. A/B'ing with my pair of IE800S, and it was night and day in this upper mid/lower treble region. IE800S sounds way more natural.
  7. szore
    Could be your source or your cable or your tips. The CL2 is super revealing...
  8. joshnor713
    Trust me, I tried lots of configs. Source was Mojo, iFi Micro iDSD BL, Fiio M9, and LG V40. Lots of tips. And like I said, pure copper cable. The flaw in this region is not something that just goes away in my experience. Resolve is a separate point though. Don't disagree that the CL2 is super revealing. The tuning is a bit off IMO. RHA said themselves they wanted to push the driver to its limit - think they pushed it a bit too far, or maybe to a point where tolerance pushes it over the edge for some models.
  9. 518013
    Out for Delivery :) :) :) :)
  10. 518013
    Out of the box they were a bit bass shy, I did not hear any metallic tones in the treble, so that's good.
    These have to be the clearest monitors I have ever listened to, I can hear everything, and unless I am mistaken, they remind me of speakers, and do not really sound like other iems I have listened to,. The pair I have has already changed a lot in the hour that I have had them, so I will let them burn in for a few more days.
    Pretty impressive so far.

    Cables are extra long and uncomfortable, the Cl2 themselves are a phenomenal fit. .
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  11. szore
    Let us know what you think of the treble once they are burned in a little...
  12. Doctordoom16
    All copper Sony Kimber 4.4 cable. $150 on eBay. The perfect cable and the improvement is notable over stock. The quality of the cable is top notch. And the 45 degree angled 4.4 connection is the bomb
  13. deafenears
    Might be why they are heavily discounted on Amazon. Also, no RHA official store, who used to sell them on Amazon as well.
  14. 518013
    Thank you, I am definitely going to need a new cable for these. The Hooks pull the CL2 out of my ears if I turn my head too quickly.

    I am hoping the bass opens up a bit more with burn in like others have said on this forum.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  15. jbr1971
    If you search this thread for "ourart" you will find posts where I provided links to a couple of SPC cables (8-core & 16-core) that I purchased and enjoy immensely. The 2 cables cost me $118 shipped. They sound great from nice deep low end to beautiful highs.

    You do not need to buy super expensive cables to get amazing sound out of the CL2's. If you have the budget for higher end cables knock yourself out. Just saying though.
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