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Introducing CL2 Planar (Impressions Thread)

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  1. 518013
    Thank you, appreciate your input.
    I mostly listen to Speakers, and have never been a fan of Plated cables, I think they color the sound a bit too much. I would like to try out both Pure Copper and Silver, but most people here think copper works best, so I am probably going to stick with that.
    What differences are you hearing in the 8 core vs 16 core?
  2. adeeb
    Has anyone compared the CL2 to the Dunu DK4001? Original prices are very similar but CL2 is now clearly going for significantly less. They are completely different designs, but as they have both attracted me for their own reasons, I'd love to hear any comparative comments.

    I am looking for a neutral and uncolored (as much as that is possible -- and for all types of music) IEM with great timing for under $1,000 to use with a Fiio Q5s with THX amp module through 4.4 balanced.
  3. ANOpax
    The CL2 is exactly that.
    It’s not to everyone’s taste, but if you’re fed up with coloured headphones with ‘loudness’ built in (which seems to be the majority of the market) then look no further.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  4. jbr1971
    They do have pure copper and pure silver versions of the ISN 16 core I have. They are extremely well built and I highly recommend, especially given the price (roughly $50 each).

    The 8 core I have is really well built as well so I am not hearing as big of a difference between it and the 16 as I thought I would. To my ears the 16 core has a little bit more weight/depth, but they both do a good job of representing the frequency spectrum. I enjoy them both a lot. The 8 is usually for portable and the 16 for desktop, but I have been using the 16 the past week with my new portable setup and really getting into the sound.
  5. 518013
    It's been about 48 hours of High volume Burn in like others have suggested, and I haven't listened to them since the first hour or so.
    And WOW!! These sound like speakers alright, bass has filled in quite nicely, and the textures are some of the best I have heard. The presentation is almost 3 Dimensional, and sound stage is deceptively wide. Sound is very clear, with no distortion.
    Bass never muddies up the mids, separation is very surprising, the CL2 just handles everything I have thrown at it so far.
    Personally I think Mids are the star of the show here.Vocals sound like the singer is right there in front of me, and guitars sound very real, outside of Full size speakers this is best recreation of the electric guitar I have heard in an in ear monitor.
    As far as treble goes, I am not hearing anything Metallic, everything sounds very natural and non fatiguing.

    I'll add in more impressions as I get more time with these, but as it stands.... two thumbs up.
    Need to order a good cable now, these are keepers :)
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  6. szore
    There was some nut named kiteman, or something who bought a $2000 copper cable, he swore by it, it may be too pricey tho...
  7. Doctordoom16
    Welcome to Cl2 ownership. I have owned for 3 months and over 300 hours. Sony Kimber 4.4 cable and Sony zx300 and hiby r6pro. Selling all my other iems and my over ear closed.
    Congrats. The Sony Kimber on Amazon for $150. Great cable at great price. Had campfire audio copper litz. Thin but not in same league as Sony and ca cable was $100.
    I love the cl2 so much got a second pair on Amazon for $450. Amazing deal.
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  8. Tragic
    Really glad you’re loving them.
    I’ve had mine since the pre-order and they continue to amaze.
    Null Audio has some nice cables in all price ranges and they’re good to deal with.
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  9. 518013
    Have a look at these. https://designeraudiovideo.com/product/audioquest-wel-signature-speaker-cables-pair/

    Just listened to a few Jazz albums, and I am simply floored, at this price I can see why you would buy a 2nd pair :)

    Thank you, I am looking at the Han Sound audio Zen 8 wire cable, its on sale for $250. It's either that or the PW Audio Limited cable that I am debating over.
    The Sony Kimber cable and Null Audio cables look good though, I need a 4.4mm cable, right now I am using a 4.4mm to 3.5mm plus-sound adapter.

    I'll chime after I have had a few more days with these, but I am very impressed with what I am hearing, I didn't think Monitors could sound like this, and I am still kind of taken by surprise here.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
  10. stereonerd
    Love my CL2’s... Now I just need a good portable Dac/Amp or MQA solution for tidal :)
  11. Doctordoom16
    New hiby r5 looks promising. I love my r6pro but if r5 does 90%of r6 pro at half weight and 1/3 smaller. I pre-ordered as it's $399
  12. 518013
    I have been doing some reading on this thread, and came across some of the back and forth between the two opposing camps arguing about measurements and whatnot.
    This video was released today, and I though it was rather applicable in this scenario.
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  13. jbr1971
    I had been really wanting to give Tidal MQA a try, and I really needed a new phone, so I picked up a LG G7+ a little over a week ago.

    I am really enjoying the sound quality I get out of it after "tricking" it into the higher output mode. With the resolution capabilities of the CL2's I am hearing things in the MQA files I have not heard before. It has been fun re-discovering some of the music I have been listening to for years.
  14. Doctordoom16
    Can the LG G7 drive the cl2 ? The cl2 is pretty inefficient so I've found they need more power to sound best. The hiby r6pro w 4.4 balanced I usually play between 40-55 depending on album. Sony zx300 in balaii was t around 100-110 w no headroom.
    W g7 what %of volume do you do in the high gain mode?
  15. stereonerd
    I’m running mine straight out of my MBP Using Amarra Luxe until I find a good Dac/Amp combo - laptops are noisy although the 2018 MBP DAC isn’t horrible.

    Considering the AQ Cobalt although from what I’m reading the dac might be a little shouty and forward, which would be a bad combination for the CL2... What do you guys think, should I be looking for a Tidal DAP (with EQ, MQA, Storage all in one) or look for something like a Mojo (Is the mojo still a great value? It’s end of life cycle for sure)
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