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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. apaar123
    can anyone tell how is the sound quality of parrot zik 2 and 3?
  2. Sound Eq
    anyone have heard those
  3. apaar123
    did anyone tried sony mdr 1000x. Can anyone describe their sound quality?
  4. Jerryberry
  5. Sound Eq
    do u guys think the new Bluedio UFO U plus is a good BT Headphone
  6. apaar123
    Guys i want a Bluetooth headphone with the following features. Can anyone help me out?
    1. Noise cancelling
    2. Comfort
    3. Decent audio
    4. Good build quality
  7. Zimmy68
    Bose QC35 all day and every day.
    I would say it has better then decent audio.
    The huge plus for me is the functionality.  You can switch between multiple devices with ease with the mobile app.
    So add functionality and awesome battery life for more pluses.
    BTW, I also own Backbeat Pros and Beats Studio for NC and B&W P7 for wireless.
  8. bladefd

    I dunno man. From everything I have read, QC35 has average sound quality. Not in the same stratosphere as B&W P7.

    Of course, if noise-canceling is #1 need then the only options are QC35 and Sony 1000x.
    Noise Cancelling is close but 1000x wins. Comfort-wise, QC35 wins. Audio-wise, 1000x wins. Build-quality is close but QC35 wins. You can try both, apaar123, and choose the 1 you like more.

    I'm in the process of buying both B&W P7 and B&O H7 to compare and keeping 1/returning other. Neither have NC so no good if noise-canceling is #1 need.
  9. kurochin
    The QC35 sounds pretty average, I agree. Not in the same planet as the P7 in terms of sound quality. Heck, it's not even in the same league as the ATH-WS99BT which the guy who started this thread rated highly (and I concur). What the Bose does have is very good Noise Canceling though, which the other two headphones don't offer. I auditioned the new Sony 1000x alongside the QC35 recently and rate the Sony for audio quality as well (it's not even a close fight, really), and also agree with you about the Bose being more comfy. Didn't have either headphone long enough to determine which one offered better noise canceling, but they both seem "good enough" in that department.
    My 2 cents.
  10. apaar123
    how does backbeat pros sound?
  11. apaar123

    yes I Ned noise canceling because for good audio I have wired headphones
  12. apaar123
    Btw has anyone tried parrot zik3,pxc550 and 1000x??
  13. kcaccamise
    I've been away from this thread for awhile as reading it makes me go into debt. And i've been enjoying my m2bt and backbeat pros. 
    I think i enjoy the sound of the backbeat pros a little better but they are so big i can't use them for my daily commute (I walk to work). 
    Anyway the reason i'm really here, while i love my m2bt, for the last year or so it has become harder and harder to get them to connect to my phone (iphone SE). My backbeat pros connect everytime to both my phone and my ipad.
    The latest issue is the phone shows they are connected but doesn't see them as a audio output.  Many times i have to put my apple watch into airplane mode so the m2bt can connect. 
    So my question is has anyone else had these issues with either the m2bt or other headphones? maybe it's just my pair, as i said my bb pros connect every time i turn them on.
    And for those of you out there who also have iphones what headphones do you use that sound great and connect every time?
  14. Zimmy68
    Re: the Backbeat Pros...
    They sound great, but going by the criteria in the post, the noise cancelling isn't as good and are not the most comfortable (at least the version I have).
    I always thought the QC25 sounded mediocre, not so with the QC35.  I urge you to go demo them.
    I know they aren't in the same league as the P7s, but those aren't NC which is what they were asking about.
  15. apaar123
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