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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Techfixation
    Anyone in the UK fancy a pair of Onkyo H500BT's? Few weeks old, boxed and in mint condition, looking for £90? If you read through the last few pages you'll see just how good these cans are! I'm only selling because of just purchasing the B&W P7's which are very similar sounding but have slightly better staging and are Over Ear.

    I've tested a lot of Bluetooth headphones and imo the only ones to best the Onkyo's have been the P7's....and they're significantly more expensive!
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Just a plug in support of this, the price is excellent for the sound quality the H500BT sports. I also feel the same, I have tested other nice BT headphones and while the P7 is top of the heap, the ONKYO really isn't that far off of the mark and it is actually the more portable, and some will find it more comfortable.
    Another factor in favour of the H500BT, and why I'm not at this point going to sell mine, is that they are the only headphone I could wear outside during the hot summer, in fact that is why I sold my Beoplay H7, the H7 was hot as the P7 is by the way, whereas the H500BT was much less so and had a very high sound quality and engaging sound signature.
    I can't imagine anybody not feeling completely satisfied getting the ONKYO for that price!
  3. Sound Eq
    man I have to say P7 wireless is a total new revelation in Bluetooth audio
    I rate this as one of the best things I bought in 2016
    I am now solely rocking P7 for 2 days now, and I can not think of anything that is more practical and enjoyable to listen to like the P7 wireless
    I am now an official B&W fan
    well done guys for your recommendation of this to me
    man this is such a great headphone
  4. Alfred74
    Hi guys, can anyone confirm if the Pendulumic Tach T1 supports AAC? On their website it just says aptx.
  5. erich6
    Another *plug* for the Onkyo H500BT is that if you choose to use it wired you can use any 3.5mm cable for it.  That's important for me as I always happen to somehow kink my headphone cables and end up only getting sound from one driver.  I'm not sure if you can use any 3.5mm cable with the B&W P7.
  6. 1wyseman
    If it's like the P5, they have a very unique connection to the headphone. (The 3.55mm source plug is conventional, but the other end is not.) You remove the earpad (magnets) and insert the little angled plug in a slot that curves--yeah, not universal.
    When I got my P5's, I bought a second cable from B&W just for that reason--in case the cat got it or something.
    Unless I'm wrong and the P7 is different than the P5...then pay no attention to me. [​IMG] 
  7. elektron
    Just to assist others with your frame of reference here, what other bluetooth headphones have you used prior to the P7?
  8. Sound Eq
    i auditioned momentum 2 BT, samsung level, Audio technica WS99BT, parrot zig 2 and some others
    i wish the the ear pads on the B&W p7 were bigger
    maybe 3rd parts pads will come up for it to off bigger ear pads 
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    P7 has the same internal connector at the cup.
  10. Zimmy68
    Yep.  I can verify.
    I took my original P5 v1 mic cable and tried them in my P7 Wireless.
    They don't have the bent corner but I did manage to get them to fit and close the ear cup comfortably.
    My poor P5s, the ear cups are a gluey mess, which causes small strips of leather to peel off.
    And my post on the left ear cup comes off leaving the that side dangling so I have to manually connect them.
    They still sound fine.
    Is there a service that can recondition them?
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I agree the styling is a little loud, I felt exactly the same, but I loved the sound signature and the volume it could get to while remaining clean sounding so I just had to have it. But I do feel a little silly with the stainless steel cage and personally feel the understated looking Beoplay H7 that I owned is a much more sophisticated looking headphone.
  12. apaar123
    Does aptx make a lot of difference?
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    As I have never owned a non-Apt x BT headphone and source I can't say, but I can say that it sounds extremely good.
  14. apaar123
  15. insertwordshere
    How is the jbl e50bt? Here in my country it's like 100 USD.
    I prefer over ear rather than on ear and this one fits my price range
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